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2006-01-24 21:32:31
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 Wel welcome t' mutton the best pub in the world......
fequented by all the wantage crew...

[!?!WARNING!?!] to all you loud people out quiet during lock ins or the police will come, resulting in us all being barred and meeko being pissy!

sit down buy a beverage.... time to get mullered!!!!



The mutton online..... the official website

soon to be photos of many drunken experditions to the mutton.... hey might even figure out how to make this a page of the wantage wiki.... hrmmm damn computers... anyway just a little note to say more features coming this way including price list, links to the most famous song heard on the mutton dukebox and of course some piccies of the kick ass staff!!
[Miss Demeanours]

Thought of the day
Caz: strongbow and guiness and black please
Lyn: what?
caz: ester's usual and my usual....
Lyn: ahhh yes.....that makes it easier when you say it like that...
Caz: can i pay one with this*hold up fiver* and one with this *hols up bank card*
Lyn; yours is the one on the card right..
Caz: erm.. yes.... oh dear....

hehehehe Mutton Guinness, hey we all like to get a little creative on a night out... (Pinched from [veritatis]'s page :))

Opening times:
Mon-Thurs: 12.00-11.00
Friday: 12.00-02.00
Saturday: 12.00-12.00
sunday: 12.00-5.30 7.00-11.00
Closing times are approx. as although the mutton has no late license and should always close at 11pm, it tends to close when it rus out of customers IE in the small hours in the morning...also meeko gets pissed and forgrets to call last orders!

Price list (all prices in UKĀ£)
Beer prices have recently risen due to shitty suppliers...

Special offers:
Double vodka and redbull(or kick/blue bolt..)2.00
Bottle of red wine 5.00

guinness(and black)2.80
strongbow 2.60
stella 2.80
fosters/carling 2.60
all real ale incl. landlord, buttcombe and guest ales 2.20

normal red wine 10.00 per bottle 3.00 per lrg. glass
white wine see red wine
port 1.60 per sml. glass

all house spirits & mixer 2.00 for a double
brand name spirits & mixer 2.00 for a single
the green stuff(vodka,lemon&lime) 2.10
TVR 4.00

The staff...
Meeko: The landlord<img:>
Bev: his wife<img:>
steve: the bartender<img:>
Lynne: friday bar staff<img:>
Guy: covers when steve is on holiday<img:>
bonny & pippin : bev's dogs(what????)


(promised them didnt i... well i stole this one from Wantage wiki but hey the thoughts there!!) more to come! [Miss Demeanours]

Jenny being her lovely self at her 17th (shhh) at the Mutton

Brad and marky have a heated,,,I mean drunk conversation
Beccy looking spaced as usual
Esti catching 40 winks...
Tom Is sure he will win the Quiz next week
Jenny just has to ask If Tom Is Gay...
Caz get's into the swing of things...
Pete appears to have found his muse...
Beccy getting way into the summer trampy look...

taken by caz using special party mode on new camera... ohhhhhh blurry artistic... esther, robin, sazzle, and jenny....

Fed up of the Inside???? then go to The beer patio

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2005-09-24 [*daisyfreak*]: still no pictures ofme, im not impresed :P last night was good though, and sneaking out of the bak was tre fun!!

2005-09-24 [Miss Demeanours]: heheh indeedy

2005-09-24 [lady sybil]: doesn't amy have a piccie of sarah???? I'm sure I took one...

2005-09-24 [Black cherry]: nope sry hun.. none of sazzle directly!

2005-09-25 [lady sybil]: yeah but she was in them....

2005-09-25 [Black cherry]: like... half her head...

2005-09-26 [lady sybil]: stop splitting hairs...

2005-09-28 [veritatis]: i might have a piccie of sazzle..i shall looksy later poppet..

2005-10-04 [Daemeon Arkenyon Zane]: The shoulder of mutton...brought to you in part by: Drunkards like you!!! :P

2005-10-04 [Black cherry]: GOTTA LOVE THE MUTTON! THANK YEE MEEKO!!!!!

2005-10-05 [veritatis]: *praise The Mutton!* Woop!

2005-10-06 [lady sybil]: All laud the mutton...

2005-10-29 [veritatis]: Y'ARGH. man I should stop the drinkage. eeew.

2005-12-06 [Miss Demeanours]: we want estis birthday pictures!!! we want estis birthday pcitures!

2006-01-07 [lady sybil]: well do you have a scanner?????

2006-01-07 [*daisyfreak*]: im sooo hung over...

2006-01-13 [Black cherry]: I HAVE A SCANNER!!!!! :D

2006-01-25 [*daisyfreak*]: ooh, im liking it cazzles...

2006-01-26 [Miss Demeanours]: y thankies... i love my new camera

2006-02-12 [lady sybil]: what's with the new piccie?????

2006-03-14 [Mr Sniper]: you know, its funny after a year and a bit i still miss wantage just as much as when i left it. And its conclusive, the beer is always better on the other side of the border. Newbury sucks, they water down all their drinks! Anyway hope you guys are having a good time!

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