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2009-03-26 21:50:29
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Our destination may be heaven or hell, but as long as we are together for all I care, the world can burn. Moonlight reflects off of your face, your eyes illuminate the dark woods. Kay you are my night angel, and with you being my night angel, I am the darkness that shields you from the light. I am the fog that obscures you from their sight, I will be with you throughout the ages. I am you shadow.
Warning, this is very special to me and I will be very upset if anyone took this for there own and put it on their houses. This was written by my husband to me, hence why it is on this shrine dedicated to him.

Fog fills the woods as a slow breeze blows through the trees. Suddenly a speck of rain falls to the ground, followed shortly by its brothers and sisters, dampening the hard ground. A quick, blinding flash fills the dim sky, a loud crash of thunder echoes throughout the woods. These are the calling cards for the master assassin, Kal-Desh.

As the fires burn the world around me, I can't help but smile at their screams; smoke filling their lungs as they breathe their last breath. I have always seen the fire when no one else did, but now that nasty fire you hold inside is turning to consume you slowly, picking the skin off your bones, leaving you as nothing more than a memory. So I wander, searching for others like me, that have escaped the flames. Ozone fills the air, the lightning will come soon with its strikes of sheer destruction, its dance across the sky is a beautiful yet destuctive one.

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