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Player - [Blood Raven]
Name - Shune'ria Zachaeia
Race - Planetarii
Sub-race - Hydran
Class - Shadow Warrior
Trade - Spy
Allegiance - None
Appearance - "A fair blue skinned lady, whose wavy yellow locks of hair will be the downfall of this here crew one day." is how her foster father described her once. He was right about two things, and wrong on two more. The right parts were her blue skin, and her being the downfall of her first crew. The two things on which he was wrong were her being a lady, and it being her wavy yellow locks which would cause that downfall. Also, though he was right about it at the time, her wavy yellow locks have now been replaced with thick yellow dreads, decorated with wooden figurines, coral, beads and strings, reaching well over her shoulders and onto her back.
Shune has a fair face, although it looks very much like that of a child, mostly because in Planetarii standards, she still is a child. Her skin is a bright sky blue, and her eyes are an emerald green. She stands slightly over 5 feet high, and would be easily overlooked, if not for the fact that she likes to be in the center of attention. Unlike her childly face, she already has a more 'womanly' body, with average hips and breasts. She is somewhat muscled, having worked on a ship all her life, and is in good shape.
Her body is adorned with tattoos and piercings, which also attributes to her standing out in company. She has a lip piercing in the middle of her lower lip, an eyebrow piercing above her left eye, a nose piercing in her left nostril, a piercing in her belly button, and a piercing in her right nipple, which for obvious reason isn't very obvious to see. The piercings are all made of bone or metal, although her lip piercing has a small coral bal attached to it. Her belly button piercing has a small bone figurine hanging from it, depicting a skull wearing a captains hat.
Furthermore, on her left wrist she has a gothic 'P' tattooed, meaning "Pirate". On her right hip is a tattoo of an octopus, and on her right shoulder a rams head, with one stripe underneath it. This was a mark indicating her being a member of her former crew, and the stripe indicated her status. Finally she has a horizontal tribal adorning her lower back, just above her butt. In the center of the tribal is a Jolly Roger.
Shune's clothing is light-weight and made for mobility. Shune likes being able to run and jump and swim whenever she wishes too, and doesn't appreciate clothing which would hamper her in this. She wears a pair of wide short pants, reaching just over her knees. These green pants have a lot of pockets and belts, enabling her to drag a lot of stuff along in her pants alone. Her top is tight, as she found that loose tops gave her breasts too much freedom while running around, and this drew unwanted masculin attention. Her top is black, as she soon found that white wasn't a good choice when you went swimming in clothing, for this also proved to draw unwanted masculin attention. Around her elbows and knees she wrapped bandages, to provide some support and protection when she'd find herself falling, crawling, or tumbling around. Shune walks barefoot, giving her fins some freedom.
Even though her appearance is quite extravagant, Shune manages to become fairly unnoticable when she wants too. She both knows how to get attention, and how to get attention away from her.
Age - 22
Personality - Impulsive, inventive, rude, energetic. These words cover a lot of Shune's personality. She's a trouble child, always getting herself into some kind of problem, if only for the challenge of getting herself out again. Although her Planetarii blood does give her some sense of ethics, most other Planetarii would probably deem her an outcast. Having grown up with a bunch of roughnecks pirates, Shune has little respect for other beings or authority, unless they've earned it. She sees no problems in stealing, raiding and killing, in healthy amounts. She certainly isn't a saint, but she isn't a psychopath either. On top of that, she has a vocabulary which could put full grown men to shame, and she isn't afraid to use it.
Nevertheless, Shune is an easy-going, spontaneous, and happy girl most of the time, who loves to have fun and keeps herself busy with all sorts of physical activities. She especially likes swimming, and teasing men. Mostly a curious girl, she gets bored quickly if things don't intrigue her within a minute and she dislikes puzzles and most other things requiring patience. The big exception in this case would be sneaking around places she shouldn't be, because sneaking requires patience, but it certainly gets your adrenaline pumping too. Shune likes pumping adrenaline, and is therefor a great fan of adventures, and an admirer of any great adventurer who has come before her. She is quite the daredevil at times, although she can be prudent when sneaking requires her to be.
Shune isn't religious, though she's willing to aknowledge Hydra. She believes in taking action, and not in prayer. Although she is ashamed of some of the things she's done, she also believes that what's done is done, and she should see it as a lesson for the future. Mostly though, Shune regrets nothing, finding that she probably did what she thought was best at the moment she did it.
History - Her parents were travelling people. Visiting cities all across the continent, they had seen many places, and experienced many things. Her mother, name of Era’nal, was a merchant, and her father a mercenary. Originally, her mother had hired her father to keep her safe on one of her journeys, but they got along very well, and established a more lasting contract. Eventually, her father, Kei’dah, travelled with her no longer because of the money, but because of friendship. Within a few years, a romance developed between the two of them, and they became life partners. During the many years of travel, Shune’ria was eventually born. Her mother and father were very happy to have her, although they found that raising a child on the road did present its difficulties. For example, it would be hard to find Shune’ria good friends, because they didn’t stay in one place long enough for her to make any lasting friends. For the moment though, Shune’ria was still young, and she was content to be with her parents all the time. She had no need for others of her age yet.
Ironically, her parents were never to worry about that. The time would never come. On a sunny spring day, Era’nal and Kei’dah were travelling overseas, aboard a merchant vessel named “The Golden Horn”. The journey to Vetlo had been profitable and pleasant, and they were on their way to the mainland again. The days on board had been great, and the weather had been perfect. However, disaster struck near the evening, when the sun was about to set. Disaster in this case was called “The Rams Head”, an infamous pirate vessel, captained by a fearless and merciless Tiger named Aigar the Rage. The ship was boarded by the Ram’s crew, and the sailors and passengers were all slaughtered. Her parents gave a good fight, but were eventually overcome by the experienced fighters of Aigar’s crew. Shune’ria had been crawling around on the lower deck, as her curiosity for forbidden places had been alive even at that young age. She was found by the pirate raiders, who came to plunder the hull, and initially they meant to kill her. However, one of the pirates intervened, saying that no one, not even a pirate, should have the heart to kill an innocent child.
This pirate, a Ravillan who had sailed the seas for over thirty years by the name of “Yan”, which probably wasn’t his real name, would become Shune’ria’s foster father, as she was so young she forgot about her real parents within a few years. He commanded a certain level of respect from the pirates, as he was forty-five, an impressive age for any sailor, and still did all his chores. Even though those chores didn’t include scrubbing the decks anymore. Yan was in charge of the steering wheel, and had been for ten years already. He knew the waters between Lochmore and Vetlo like the back of his hand, and it was rumoured he knew hideouts and waters even local fishermen knew nothing of. All this gave him enough respect among the crew to have Aigar shrug his shoulders, which basically meant: “I don’t care if she lives or dies, just keep her out of my way.”
And so Yan took it upon himself to raise Shune’ria. Although he had children, he never raised any of them himself. Since he never really got married, he figured all of them were bastards, and most of them sons or daughters of some whore he’d done in some obscure harbour. Now, at forty-five, he hoped he could teach at least one kid what he’d learned through the years. And Yan had learned quite a lot. Yan also had, in spite of, or perhaps because of his many years of pirating, a sense of moral ethics. Unlike his captain, he thought that nobody should be ruthlessly murdered. He told Shune’ria that if one had the chance, one shouldn’t kill, or steal from the poor. Only if one’s own life was at stake should another’s be risked for it.
Of course, Shune’ria in her young years, had little use for this message. She grew up among killers, rapists, robbers and scum. Rough talk was all she knew. Killing and stealing was something you did everyday, almost. And although she didn’t participate in the fights, she witnessed most of them, and eventually got used to the gore and mercilessness.
And so she grew up on a ship. It wasn’t until puberty that she got to understand the hurt pirates invoked. There were cats on the ship, mainly to take care of mice and rats. One day, her favourite cat had littered, and ten young cats were crawling around in a dark and shadowy corner of the lower deck. Shune’ria was ecstatic, but she knew that the kittens couldn’t stay. However, she didn’t tell anybody about the kittens. After a while, the kittens began to stray from the nest, and eventually one of the deck mates found Shune’ria petting one of the kittens. He told Aigar, and Aigar then forced Shune’ria to drown the kittens she had come to love during the last few weeks. Then she got a semblance of how people must feel when they lost others dear to them.
The other event which changed her vision about the pirating was the losing of her virginity. Being on a ship with a crew consisting mainly of men, she’d been used to remarks. Some of the men had been patting her butt ever since she was twelve. When her breasts began to form, one of the men even groped her. She told Yan about it, and the ship hadn’t seen a more severe beating in years, when Yan rained down the Cat o’ Nine Tails upon the sailor’s back. Still, even though she had never actually been allowed to watch, she knew what it was the sailors did with the whores when they docked in a harbour and the crew got a few days off. And at the age of sixteen she lost her own virginity to some Ravillan street boy she’d fallen for all too easily, when they’d docked in a harbour for a little longer than usual, something she’d regret later. She now knew a semblance of what it must feel like to be raped. But she also got to know the sweet taste of vengeance as she kicked the boy half unconscious when he’d had his go. She was as angry as she would ever be, and afterwards she doubted if the boy could ever have any offspring (she hoped not). Since then, she has been a lot more selective in the boys she liked, and a lot more dangerous to any men who thought they could shamelessly grope her, just because they were bigger.
The training Yan had given her especially was of use. Yan thought her how to use all kinds of exotic weaponry, and swords, and how to pick locks. He himself had quite some experience with getting into places he shouldn’t have been, although he’d never stolen from his own crew. Yan also taught her where to hit people to maximize the amount of hurt, and how to set and disable traps.
Over the years, Shune’ria had quite grown to love Yan, as much as any daughter would love her father, despite his many flaws. Yan and Aigar however, clashed more and more as the years went by. Yan grew tired of Aigar’s seemingly mindless killing. It appeared to Yan that they sometimes attacked ships just for the sake of killing. Vessels with no or little loot, such as fishing ships, were boarded all the same, and their entire crews slaughtered. Aigar found that Yan shouldn’t question his authority, and especially not around the men, which Yan had taken to do around the time Shune’ria became eighteen.
It was winter when it finally came to a bloody ending. Shune had only recently turned twenty-one, when Aigar would have no more of Yan’s complaints. Yan, by now an aged man more than sixty years in age, who hadn’t handled the wheel in waters that weren’t calm in eight years, as his arms became to weak. He stood no chance against the menacing Aigar, who even at the age of forty was still a force to be reckoned with. Shune watched her father die brutally and slowly at the hands of a captain that hadn’t seen her as a full person ever since she set foot on the deck of the Ram’s Head.
That night, she immediately plotted her revenge. The next time the Rams Head docked, she pretended not to be interested in the harbour city they’d laid anchor in. Every night, she was on board the ship, by day she occasionally went swimming. When the Rams Head sailed out, they made it to the end of the shallow bay, and there the ship sunk like a brick. Shune’ria was nowhere to be found. She had used her night-time activities to sabotage the ship from the inside, and during her day-time swimming she sabotaged the ship from the outside. Drilling holes, weakening the wood, cutting important ropes, cutting the rudder loose from the wheel, she’d done it all. The Rams Head would never be capable of sailing again.
Shune fled the island port, and has been island hopping ever since. She’s heard captain Aigar has survived the wreck, and has made a vow to find the bitch who sunk his ship. Rumour has it he bought a new ship, far less impressive than his first, but his Rage is all the greater for it.
Shune has decided to keep out of his way, and started looking for a new crew and new trouble on every island she visited.
Weapon of Choice - Boomerang
Others - Keeps a pet cat, which was the ship's cat of her old crew. She knew it since it was a kitten, and has always regarded it as 'her cat'. It's called "Mew". Because that what it calls itself, Shune says.


Trade - Spy

Pirate Traits -
Local Hero – This character does not boast about her deeds, she gets others to do it for her. (+2 Reputation)
Drunkard – This character cannot hold her alcohol. (Increased stat loss when drunk)
Vegetarian – This character cannot eat meat

Pirate Reputation - 7

Level - 6

Experience/To next level - 2610/3010

Equipment -
Blade Boomerang (Obsidian gem)(7 Atk, -2 Def, 5 Rng, 4 Wgt) (Deals blue magic damage)
Rapier (3 Atk, 1 Def, 1 Spd, 3 Wgt)
Tanto (3 Atk, 1 Def, 3 Wgt)

Stetson (2 Cha, 1 Mag, 1 Spd, 1 Wgt) (+2 vs. Sun Magic)
Tribal Necklace+5 (5 Atk, 4 Dex, 1 Cha, 3 Wgt)
Bracers of Archery (2 Wgt)(+3 damage on ranged attacks)
Winged Boots (3 Spd, 2 Wgt)
Stylish Belt (2 Cha, 2 Wgt)

Thief Tools (2 Wgt)

5 GP

HP - 19/19
MP - 15/18
Str - 5
Con - 6
Mag – 6
Int - 8
Dex - 5
Cha - 8

CC - 20/36

Skills – Handle Exotic Weapons, Handle Swords, Lockpick, Magic resistance (Hydran), Minor Cold Resistance (Hydran), Disable Trap, Stealth Attack, Set Traps, Two-Weapon Fighting
Skill Points - 1

Level 1 Spells - Mirage,

Special Skills
Cloaking - When the shadow warrior hides, she is almost invisible. +5 to hide and move silently.

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