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2011-06-06 16:29:50
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Silver Wind Forest

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2011-02-20 [~Crimson Angel~]: I can't rp anymore, the guy I was rping with hasn't been on in 8 days. :-(

2011-02-21 [Iruvielle]: if you would READ the changes on the main page, i've been giving updates about that!

2011-02-22 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Yeah,What She said.But Im Back.

2011-02-24 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: 0-o

2011-02-26 [Araglas]: WEEEEE

2011-02-27 [Iruvielle]: WOOOO!!! :D

2011-03-01 [Araglas]: ^_^ boop

2011-03-03 [Iruvielle]: We was a fire truck. >.>

BOP! :3

2011-03-03 [Araglas]: hehehe Weeeooooooo weeeeeooooo weeeeeeoooo SMASH crash crunch blam crack!

2011-03-03 [Iruvielle]: O.o
*panics and dials 911* ... O.o

2011-03-04 [Araglas]: *line picks up* Hello this is 911 what is your emergency?

2011-03-04 [Iruvielle]: O.o ....
I didn't know crashed firetrucks could answer phones... O.o

2011-03-04 [Araglas]: *transform into a cybernetic being from Cybertron* I am an Autobot..

2011-03-04 [Iruvielle]: O_o
*hangs up and hides under the desk*
Apocalypse, much?

2011-03-05 [Araglas]: ....*picks up desk* I'm a good sentiant being..the Deceptacons are the bad ones...

2011-03-05 [Iruvielle]: Uhh.. yes? *doesn't exactly know what you're talking about*

2011-03-05 [Araglas]: *turns into a bunny* This better? ^_^ lol

2011-03-05 [Iruvielle]: BUNNY!!! *ear piercing shriek and huggles happily* >.>

2011-03-07 [Araglas]: O.O *is squished* EEP!

2011-03-07 [Iruvielle]: *laughs* Oops. Sorry. Didn't mean to squish you. *un-squishes*

2011-03-07 [Araglas]: Thats better...Im a magical talking bunny! *cute ear twitch*

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