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2011-06-06 16:14:56
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2011-02-09 [Iruvielle]: For boredom/interest sake, Maddie SHOULD follow him. >:3

2011-02-09 [Talos Cyrion]: go for it.

2011-02-09 [Talos Cyrion]: I'll have him pull out a guitar an play Disturbed as she walks in lol

2011-02-09 [Iruvielle]: YAY... *giggle* >:3

2011-02-09 [Talos Cyrion]: I'm listening to Disturbed right now lol....damn they are awesome...but i think i listen to them to much 0.o

2011-02-09 [Iruvielle]: There's no such thing as listening to music too much. <3 Especially if it's a band you REALLY enjoy/...
Like me and my insatiable love for the Beatles. *shifty eyes*

2011-02-09 [Iruvielle]: Oh, and if I write something wrong about any of the music... XD I don't know some of the bands you listen to. XD

2011-02-09 [Talos Cyrion]: That's part of the reason why i put the title up in case you wanted to listen to it

2011-02-09 [Iruvielle]: I shalls.
When youtube works. -_-'

2011-02-09 [Talos Cyrion]: He's wearing only a tank top and black jeans now that he's removed his leather jacket

2011-02-09 [Iruvielle]: Are you trying to kill Maddie?!

2011-02-10 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Disturbed FTW!!!

2011-02-10 [Talos Cyrion]: lol. No i'm not trying to kill Maddie...that's just how Icene is ;p.

Yes Disturbed is awesome, now go proclaime it to all you know

2011-02-10 [Iruvielle]: HAHA!
Hmm, I wonder if youtube's working yet... *goes to try*

2011-02-10 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Oh I commonly do proclaim things to all I know,Proclaiming Is one of my all time favorite activities!

2011-02-10 [Iruvielle]: I know that to be true. O.o *nods*

2011-02-10 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: *Grins*

2011-02-10 [Iruvielle]: You've proclaimed MANY a thing to me...
Many times. >.>

2011-02-10 [Iruvielle]: Oi, I think I need to go back to bed. X.x
I felt like yelling something about Christmas time because Icene's eyes are green and Maddie's are red. *snickers*

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