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Important announcements!!

Watch this page for important updates! (and because I, for some reason, can't access the original Announcements page... XD)

I Would Also like to announce,My intent to Rekindle the Roleplay,Please Invite any freinds you have that you think will enrich the roleplaying experience.

You may Post your characters,But -wait- to begin any Actual roleplay until the opening of Silver Wind High is Officially Announced!

Cookies!!!*coughs*No No...This Is for Serious Announcements only *smacks His own Hand*[Announcement:]On The Character Bio Pages (Silver Wind Student Bios and Silver Wind Teacher Bios we Have Added A New Segment To The Format,Two Actuallly,namely Race And Powers.And By Race we Mean human/vampire/werewolf/Lobster.If you are a Vampire/werewolf/or lobster There Will be No Need to Specify your powers,as the powers of theese races are common knowledge.(Lobster super pinch power HOO!!) Unlessyou have a special power that is unique to your character as a member of one of theese races(Say if your a werewolf,Who also has super minty breath!)
Note:I know It Will Take A small amount of time to append your Characters Bio,And I apologize for this inconvenience and Thank you for your time.
Second Note:Lobsters Are Not an acceptable Race For This Rp,I apologize If my comments were misleading in any way and apologize to those of you who were looking foreward to playing a crustacean

Another Announcement!!! This One Is Mostly a request,since I dont feel comfortable making official rules in my capacity as Second In command.In addition to the 'Godmoddiing rule' I would humbly ask that you dont make a character that is invincible,and all powerful,I would appreciate it if you limited the effectiveness and scope of your characters powers,It is fine to have a strong character and make them difficult to defeat (God knows Raife was an Example of strength and amazing power)Im just saying,Please let your charachter get beat up a tiny bit at the very least in an epic fight,assuming they will happen this time around,dont have them dodging every-single-move or just laughing off a shotgun blow to the face!
Note:Even tough I dont feel comforatable making this rule,i would like to have it implemented,and am making this my official request

If Anyone Feels Artistic,I know there are some Artists out there,I am Adding A New Page To The Wiki Called Silver Wind Fan Art.The name is -probably- self explanatory,but you may have noticed I have a thing for overwording things for no other reason than I like the click-clickity-click sound of the keyboard beneath my fingers BwahahahahaThis page will be for any Drawings,Manips,Songs,Poems,sonnets,macaroni art,sculptures,etchings,sketchings,photographs...Or anything artistic you can come up with regarding the Rp silver wind high It would be awesome If someone would like to draw their own renditions of the characters and put them there,but any creative project you can think of would be welcome,we support creativity here!(A Scale model of silver wind high would be awesome!!!hahah)

Announcement of vital importance:My previous request about no overpowered characters is now an official rule,since ive been given permission to make rules.*shows his other badge of rule making* so,now,read that suggestion over again,only this time treat it as an official rule,that I will enforce =) but in a nice way,of course...unless you continue to break it,in which case ill mountyour head above my fireplace...*Evil laugh*

Also,You will notice on the main page that the time and day is added,do -not- rp outside of this boundry,do -not- rp that it is dark out if the time period is -morning- or so forth

The Maximum Number Of Characters Has Been Raised To Five!

Added a new rule,regarding posting,Please read the rules

A new and very Helpful Page that will be good to watch,Silver Wind Activity it will keep track of Rp pages that are being used for Current RP
[a couple of the pages are getting rather full,they have been promptly seperated into numerous pages.]
Just a friendly reminder...No one has broken this or anything,just making sure its known..actually Ill put it as an official rule as well..But,Your Charachter cannot know things they werent around to witness,or would have no way of knowing,no matter what you as the player know..Unless your character has telepathy,or some other sort of sense,they canot know for a fact that say,Bob is a vampire,or that Bob murdered his family.unless they somehow find this info out IC,no matter hat you know OOC Ic= In charachter OOC= Out of character

silver wind high

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