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2011-06-06 16:24:24
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2011-02-15 [Goma]: But that is separating our characters from the other scene.

2011-02-15 [Iruvielle]: What other scene?!
The Madelaine/Icene scene has NOTHING to do with the scene your guy and the other two are in. >.<

2011-02-15 [Goma]: If you say so.

2011-02-15 [Iruvielle]: -.-

2011-02-15 [Goma]: :T

2011-02-15 [Goma]: Le-Gasp Vampire shoplifter?

2011-02-15 [Goma]: Now I really want to stop them >.>

2011-02-15 [Iruvielle]: XD Jump in, if you so wish.

2011-02-15 [Goma]: Also your running this now right? I wanna talk to you about Ridan o.o

2011-02-15 [Iruvielle]: And... wow... is Icene ever wrong on that... XD
Madelaine is SO interested... else she woulda walked away already... XD

Huh, Goma?? *confused*

2011-02-15 [Goma]: Weeeeeell Ridan was either expelled or dropped out,and I'd like to discuss o.o

2011-02-15 [Iruvielle]: discuss what?

2011-02-15 [Goma]: DON'T GO HE'S GONNA EAT YOU! D;

2011-02-15 [Iruvielle]: Gimme a few minutes to think of something. X.x
Brain's not working right today. =\

2011-02-18 [Goma]: Is the person I'm rping with coming back?

2011-02-18 [Iruvielle]: *pokes the main page of the rp* ... Made an "announcement" there... XD

2011-02-18 [Iruvielle]: *giggle* Poor Icene... >.>
I'mma make a new page for this... is gettin' too huge. HAHA!

2011-02-22 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Hmm,People Should Really Pay Attention to The Main Page.And Yeah Im Gonna Need To Talk to You About what the hell is going on.

2011-02-23 [Iruvielle]: Me?! O.o

2011-02-24 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: yes you

2011-02-24 [Iruvielle]: well, i's on msn... talk! :3 XD

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