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2011-07-27 03:46:42
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<img200*0:stuff/z/153213/Stephen%2527s%2520Miscellaneous%2520Pictures%2520/Kallio%20Rd%20%2803-19-09%29.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/z/153213/Stephen%2527s%2520Miscellaneous%2520Pictures%2520/Kallio%20Rd%20%282%29%20%2803-19-09%29.jpg>

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2011-07-27 [Stephen]: I found these on my phone.. (about 10 minutes ago)
It's only two pictures, so yeah. *shrug*

2011-07-27 [Mortified Penguin]: I come across a lot of interesting looking sunsets while I'm too busy driving somewhere to take pictures. That's apparently the only time the sun decides to set, because it's a jerk and it hates me for some reason.

2011-07-27 [Stephen]: xD
Yeah, I generally notice the sunset when I'm driving as well. Also, my only camera happens to be my phone, so it's not really ideal for scenery photos. x)

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