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Sketchy Characters Competition

In the shadows and dark alleys lurk these characters of dark backgrounds and mysterious motives. These rogues, these freedom fighters, these mercenaires and assassins (whether good or evil) captivate our imaginations. They fuel the stories and keep us turning the pages.

What better way to portray these "sketchy characters" then by sketching them? In graphite, charcoal, or ink, show me these mysterious characters in black and white. They can be male or female, good or evil, and any race you could possible come up with.
(I use the term "sketch" loosely because I would like to see nice shading and depth, however backgrounds and small details are completly optional. Might help when it come to the voting though.)


-Own art only
-Medium: Graphite, Charcoal, or Ink (any questions concerning <similar medium, ask me [Kuehne]
-Maximum of two entries per person
-Nudity is ok as long as it is tasteful.
-have fun, the most important rule of all.

Contest Voting Closes 15 Sep!!!

The Awards




Wonderful work.. all of you!!!

The Sequel


SCC II: Sorrow

Entries:(please remember to put your name, a description of the piece, and a title if you have one)

1. [Angelic nightmares]
"One of Many"
I've always liked Jack the Ripper. He was mysterious, and yet charming. Where most people cant stand killers, Jack's my favorite. Its the first time I actually attempted shading, and I know in certain places it could have been better, I like it the way it is.

2. [moira hawthorne]
'bend sinister' or the coffee assassin
it didnt stick too baddly to the scanner glass & the only thing not painted in coffee is my signature.
its fun but weird to paint with coffee... like a cross between watercolour or ink and GLUE!


3. [Yuriona]
"The King of Thieves"
I knew watching all of the Aladdin movies by Disney would come in handy! XD


4. [Perplexity]

5. [Zardra]
a ninja. I borrowed Naruto universe to get started, but this could really be anyone. I hope it's sketchy enough, this is how I sketch with ink. The white is done with a too-dry white ink that I found. *fingers itch to finish this* ^^;

6. [nathie]

The Master Won´t Listen.
Work in progress, sketching phase.
Nightwing led the young man, who is kneeling at his feet, to his last station of his life where he will die soon, brutally slaughtered at the stone altar.
He´ll die by his masters hand.
See, Nightwing, the master, is cruel. His eyes are cold, his face is like stone. I´m sure he´ll kill this young man without hesitation soon, and the man knows that.
But what nobody knows: the night before, as he held his lover tight in his arms he whispered to him: "Die like a man. You know it has to be done. But never forget, I´ll love you through all aeons of time. It will be me who has to suffer."

Full view, please.

7. [Kyrinn]

Camthalion the hunter
Nicknamed Goldie becuase he is actually a Golden Dragon hiding among the mortals. He's not a nice guy. Hee hee..

8. [Yoruno]

This is Edhed, an assassine I often use in my Vampire chronicles... what can be best than an undead killer, without fear to bullets, knifes or even hard weapons?

9. [*Leric*]
One of my darling demon slaves. Watch it, he bites, HARD. *snickers*


10. [Lady of Lore]
An assasin learned too late the perils of wearing a cloak given by a gypsy.

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2006-09-16 [Kyrinn]: Congradulations to all the winners! 

2006-09-17 [Kuehne]: i don't really know how to give the awards to these persons for thier houses.

2006-09-17 [moira hawthorne]: message them?

2006-09-17 [Kuehne]: lol.. at first i read "massage them".. although they might like it, I don't know that it will work

2006-09-17 [moira hawthorne]: lol! hehehehe....

2006-09-17 [nathie]: i´d love to have a proper massage, kuehne! XD

2006-09-17 [jsun]: oo oo add me to the massage list!  arg! I didn't win or even enter but I've cheered from the sidelines AND I'm a good buddy of Mr. Ninja Nathie!

2006-09-18 [nathie]: hahaha - thats a good idea! see, kuehne, you should open a massage studio or something. all people here who are coloring digital are permanently stiffed (i mean the shoulders/neck XD) and, yes, give cheerleader jsun a massage too! ^_^

2006-09-18 [moira hawthorne]: just dug my way out of photoshop... im very stiff... and not in a good way

2006-09-18 [Kuehne]: well.. it's more fun when males massage females and females massage males.. don't you think? ;)

2006-09-18 [moira hawthorne]: I dont care.. Im BI... anyone with strong hands will do...

2006-09-18 [Cia_mar]: please change status at art contest

2006-09-18 [Kuehne]: ok.. ty Cia_mar

2006-09-23 [nathie]: btw - i´m not curious. XD what will happen now? no message, no poll results at all?

2006-09-23 [moira hawthorne]: you didnt notice the top of the page?

2006-09-23 [Kyrinn]: You won, nathie!! *hugs*

2006-09-23 [nathie]: *wipes away the tomatoes of my eyes* yes, err - thanks. ^_^
*blush and hides*

2006-09-24 [Kuehne]: i guess i should msg the winners with a congrats msg, huh? lol

2006-09-24 [moira hawthorne]: I thought you did...
what did you get distracted and forget?

2006-09-24 [Kuehne]: lol.. yes, actually

2006-09-24 [moira hawthorne]: *stares at the pile of laundry the cat is sitting on* yah... I know... I got about 100 photos to sort thru and 30 WIPs and sheets of to do list...

goood news got to go art supply shopping... I got this lovely black paper... just got to keep it away from little hands... and his sissors of doom!

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