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This wiki is designed to be an informative outreach to young women and girls who think that they have to be skin and bones to be accepted. Do you starve yourself? Do you find yourself constantly staring at your image in the mirror wishing you could just lose a little more weight? Do you ever skip meals, only to gorge yourself later and then purge? If so you may have an eating disorder, and need to speak to someone who can help you. Or maybe you don't have the problem, maybe you know someone who does. There are so many dangers that come with eating disorders. Death being one of them. We must fight this epidemic ladies. Lets stop perpetuating the vicious cycle.

Another wiki point of interest on Eating Disorders is:
eating disorders

If you need to talk to someone or just chat about any questions or concerns, there is a live chat at that you can go to.


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2005-06-04 [Daisy le Fleur]: It got so bad that I would spend every night doing 120 sit ups and crunches until I felt like my stomach was thin or "cut" enough...(By the way...I did have some kickin abs when it was all said and done! I miss them lol)

2005-06-05 [Oh! Its a Riot xx]: i really dont know what it was for me .. i t hink both . but when it got to the point i wanted to be skinny like all the other girls .. i realized . i lost control over myself ..and i tol dmyself that would never happen ..

2005-06-05 [Daisy le Fleur]: I at some point tried to starve myself...*That lasted for about a day* The hunger pains got to me..and I realized that I couldn't do that to myself/ my body. I was afraid of what it might physically do to me...Permanent damage..then Ithought "If I do this, they'll put me in a mental house or psychiatry place...I don't need that...just to be skinny"

2005-06-05 [Oh! Its a Riot xx]: well . i went vegatarian for a while . so i had an excuse to knock out half the food i normally ate . ( i did it for the animals to , dont get me wrong ) .. but i got to the point where i was blacking out in p.e , at school .thats when i finally realized what i was doing to myself . so i got a lil better . trying to eat atleast one small meal a day .. but it always seems to be junk food ..

2005-06-05 [Daisy le Fleur]: I am not sure how well this wiki will do....I tried to be informative when I made it...put up links and facts and statistics...but this is the most convo..I've had in here since it was created. I hope it will get more attention and others will/can contribute...Any help is welcome...

2005-06-05 [Oh! Its a Riot xx]: well no tmany people here have ed's or are open with them i guess

2005-06-08 [Crimson]: Either not open or in denial...and I'm not in denial, so don't even say it.

2005-06-08 [Oh! Its a Riot xx]: yeah

2005-06-18 [morphyguy]: i have an eatign disorder i think... i'm quite thin, and i never have an appetite.

2005-06-18 [Daisy le Fleur]: Do you obsess over your weight? Or your appearance?

2005-06-23 [morphyguy]: no, not really... i never really took note of it until somebody mentioned that i only had ramen noodles in my cabinet.

2005-06-23 [Daisy le Fleur]: I'm not a doctor, nor am I a trained person in the area of eating disorders...but if you aren't obsessing about your weight..or deliberately trying to lose weight through self starvation or probably don't have an eating disorder. Food may just not be a priority for you..Theres a saying "I eat to live, not live to eat." I do think you should probably pay more attention to your nutrition though.

2005-06-24 [morphyguy]: yeah, smoking doesn't exactly count as food, either.

2005-06-24 [Daisy le Fleur]: I've understood that smoking curbs your apetite...You should start out with a good might feel better.

2005-06-25 [morphyguy]: it does... i never eat breakfast. it would probably explain a lot.

2005-07-11 [IzzyKSK]: Um... maybe you should take the list of pro-non eating down... I mean it's good that you wan't to show hoe sad and disturbing soem things are, but this could alsom be a list of reasons for people who don't think it's sad and disturbing... And use it, as a list for themselfes.

2005-07-11 [Daisy le Fleur]: You may be right, I thought about could be a trigger for some people...thanks..

2005-07-12 [morphyguy]: anything could be trigger for some people, though.

2005-07-12 [IzzyKSK]: True, but there could be people,, who read that and are ont the thin line between anorexic or not, and this could push them over the line...

2005-07-12 [Daisy le Fleur]: That's why I took it down..thank you...

2005-07-12 [IzzyKSK]: No problem...

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