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Without further ado, here is a listing of the poetry made by the maddest poets in town...not that we're really all that mad-looking, but the name fit quite nicely.

These poems are of any kind; they may have a set rhythm, they may not; they may rhyme, or may not; they may have meter, or not; they may just be blurbs of paragraphical text, if we so please.

Now Serving Up [31] poets and [366] works

If you'd like to have YOUR poetry showcased here, please message [Elysian], [Leftshoulder], [Half-Mad Poet] or [Linderel] and one of them will set you up.

Solemn Lines Weekly Poetry Feature

Heart Encased

He tries to scale a wall of brick
That stands tall in front of him
Looking for a crack or hole
Some way that he can get in

A chink appears before him
Just right for his hand to fit
Loose mortar makes another one
As he moves it around a bit

Scaling slowly upwards now
His confidence does increase
The prize he sees in his minds eye
As he picks up his climbing pace

His hands he places on the top
Pulling up with all his might
On leg he throws up on the wall
The next follows close behind

His happiness is overwhelming
His joy grows by leaps and bounds
He finally looks down at the prize
Only to see a heart incased in ice

by Viperess

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2006-11-06 [Junko987]: hello! I guess I'm kinda new to the crowd!

2006-11-06 [Elysian]: Hello! Would you like to join our humble group?

2006-11-13 [Half-Mad Poet]: heya, i should be able to start doing things after this week. papers to write and the like.

2006-11-13 [Elysian]: I saw that on the diary...I should start updating too, once these papers resolve themselves as well. :D

2006-11-16 [Elysian]: I'm assuming Archange Luttant isn't joining...

Anywho. I've put some stuff on the forums for Solemn Lines, mostly along the lines of information to get some of our work published. Please join and see the forum to get more information!

2006-11-16 [Half-Mad Poet]: no worries, she will be. i just need to do a few things first.

2006-12-01 [Half-Mad Poet]: Hello All, the workshoping page is up and ready. i may be bold enought to annoy the hell outta you in the privacy (or not so privacy) of your elftown homes to inform you. hope all is well!


2006-12-01 [Leftshoulder]: wow! ok, go patric!

2006-12-01 [Elysian]: :D huzzah!!!

2006-12-02 [Elysian]: The forum has a Workshop in it for all who are interested.

2006-12-04 [Linderel]: Oh dear me, I feel so lazy. Must work for this, too. ._.

2006-12-08 [Elysian]: Just letting everyone know that Half-Mad Poet requires a poem to workshop. JOIN THE FORUM AND GET IN ON THE FUN!!! :)

2006-12-08 [Half-Mad Poet]: Excelent, we have blasphemy/morithin thats up for workshop! i'll get in my comments right away, a bit busy. its in the forums, there is a link in the workshop page.

2006-12-08 [Leftshoulder]: yeah, anyone interested in helping out my poem is a ballad with particular attention to beginning alliteration, in regular ABAB ballad format, 28 lines

2006-12-12 [Elysian]: Looks like I'm going to have start sending out the MESSAGES...<evil laugh>

2006-12-18 [Elysian]: message time, all ye not-checking...children...of an unsavory tart!


All works will be kept up for storage purposes. If anyone would like to continue working with Solemn Lines to get it back off the ground, I am open to suggestions. Otherwise, it's been fun...enjoy reading through what we have.

2007-06-13 [Akayume]: Whoa O.o Haven't been here in a while ^^''

2008-05-07 [NukleaЯ EveЯgloW™]: dead O_o...
revival i say >.>

2008-12-04 [Leftshoulder]: a new person wanted to join so if anyone is interested I will maintain and operate this site again

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