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2007-01-28 16:21:37
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[x]1-100 soup members[x]
[x]Members 101 onwards:[x]
101. [Mira Ravenheart]
102. [Charity Mariah "Willow" Garcia] Welcome to my world!!
103. [~Legato~] It's simple, I am NOT a soup can!! (Yes I know, how original ^-^)
104. [Fortune Orange] no, also no orange soup, look, i really dont wanna bother u but is it fine if u just call me a girl? maybe even a HUMAN girl?
105.[SILLY..(BETH)] dont label me for being me
106.[//.failure by designer jeans] people always ask me "are you a goth or a greebo" im like " im neither, im me" so dont fucking label me.
108. [Delilah]
109.[~angel from your nightmares~]
111. [PROFILE DELETED] the truth of this wiki!
112. [R_H_SDrummer]
113.[//:All Dressed Up With No Place To Go://] tis true!! to everyone
114. [Nienna Calaelen]
115.[the missed]
116. [Im gone.. ha]
117. [Mortaltirant]
118. [forsakenangels]
119. [Pink_Pixie] I've got no room to talk cause I sumtimes myself use labels(such as "jock" or "prepps")But I for one am sick and tired of clickish fools that consider it a rule that everyone has their own little group.
120. [Acceber]
121. [The Spud Man]
122. [Lola S.] although i do not like people who label me personally, i also VERY much dislike people who label themselves. it's pathetic. people are people. yes, we're all different. but in some ways, aren't we all the same?
123. [saraaa.] I believe theres been enough said on this topic, therefore I do not have to say much.

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