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2005-11-03 15:01:28
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Welcome to Spam Lovers Unite!

I'm not talking about the crap in your e-mail "spam". I'm talking about the processed canned meat "Spam"!

This is the place to show how much you love Spam, or if you just want to respect it.

The spam-mobile! Yesssss!

1. [wyldemannx] If Spam only came sex-falvored... (SPAM President)
2. [FalseReality] If only sex came spam-flavored...(SPAM Vice President)
3. [whoknows10]
4. [†Forgotten Agony†]he told me to join *points to [wyldemannx]*
5. [Shadow_Thief] yeah he told me to join too...or rather he asked...spam sounds nasty though...
6. [wyldemannx] i joined twice....
7. [bubblesxerotica] i've never tried SPAM in my entire life but i guess there must be something good about it if [wyldemannx] says so =P
8. [Flippantly] Eh, Spam is alright... I guess, but spamming in First-Person Shooters has saved my ass many times!!! (When I was a noob at Halo XD)
9. [Gray Fox] i like spam spam is goood lol

10.[lifeless corspe of a love torn teen] SPAM!!!

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2005-07-20 [Shadow_Thief]: why's it called spam anyway?

2005-07-20 [wyldemannx]: because "maps" was already taken

2005-07-20 [Shadow_Thief]: very funny

2005-07-20 [wyldemannx]: i know :)

2005-07-22 [Art squall]: I like spam...

2005-07-22 [Art squall]: spam, spam,spam,spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM!

2005-07-22 [wyldemannx]: yes! we're lost though. i need some spam right now *leaves for the store at 2:30 am*

2005-07-22 [Art squall]: lol

2005-07-22 [FalseReality]: SPAM ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF (and then back on)

2005-07-23 [Flippantly]: Quiana, Quit Spamming Spam!!!

2005-07-23 [wyldemannx]: i need to pants you again and shove some spam up your.........

2005-07-25 [Shadow_Thief]: guys, guys, -shifty eyes- conversation...

2005-07-26 [wyldemannx]: i know him from school, and i used to always pants him in the hallway or outside. funny times

2005-07-26 [Shadow_Thief]: i see...its still

2005-07-27 [FalseReality]: would spam's arch rival be vienna sausage?

2005-07-27 [Shadow_Thief]: what the hell is vienna sausage?-feels out of the loop-

2005-07-27 [FalseReality]: haha its those tiny little hot dogs that arent really hot dogs. they come in a tin can. you can eat them cold or warm.

2005-07-27 [Shadow_Thief]: disgusting! this all sounds so nasty. i eat real meat, not canned fako stuff

2005-07-27 [wyldemannx]: i like vienna sausage sandwiches. hot sex

2005-08-02 [Art squall]: trust me, its spam in a different form

2005-08-02 [Art squall]: ...never mind, spam is better ^_^

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