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2004-03-18 02:29:55
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Sorry believe it or not this is actually a made up anime so.... i'll tell the story.

   Long ago there was this wonderful peaceful floating village named Heo, and had a beatiful and great princess and a 2 year old named Heo (me and [Japanime] are thinking about the name) was also peaceful.
12 years later
A war crash landed to The Village Heo and destroyed the king (her father), after that her life changed forever.

  Now ever since The Village Heo was destroyed, great princess Heo landed on this misterious place on Earth where scientist study misterious people, they where impressed by her speed, she never knew she had that power. She was even faster then the speed of light.

Look who's faster now Sonic!

Table of contents
How the legend began
Chapter one, Princess in training


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2004-03-02 [Japanime]: great wiki page Brandon i like it

2004-03-18 [Shadowed Tidus]: i don't see the sneak peek anywhere!

2004-03-18 [Kaito The Ramen Bandit]: it's at my house in my description

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