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001: Name: Gregory
002: Nickname: Freddy or Spletje or Ernie
003: Country of living: Belgium
004: Birth date: 2 september 1986
005: Height: 185 cm
006: Eye color: blue
007: Shoe size: 42
008: School/work: work (teacher)
009: You smoke: yep
010: Hobby's: a whole lot
011: Brothers/Sisters: one sister
012: Relationship: nope
013: Piercing(s): one
014: Tattoo: at last two, but soon to become 3
015: Favourite country to go to: dunno
016: Are there people you won't reply to? nope
017: Nicest people you met this year: I start to wonder if nice people exist...
018: Person you rather not have met this year: a whole damn lot
019: Who would you like to meet: a member of metallica...
020: Who do you admire most: people who stand up for what they believe in
021: Most sexy person(s): dunno
022: Favourite Pyjamas: don't wear any
023: Favourite Car: dyane'kes
024: Favourite Movie(s): the crow, underworld, boondock saints, requiem for a dream..etc...
026: Favourite City(s): kortrijk?
027: Favourite Plush: none
028: Favourite Perfume: hugo boss
029: Favourite Magazine: none
030: Favourite sound: guess :P
031: Favourite TV-series: none
032: Favourite Writer: jotie 't hooft
033: Favourite Nickname: spletje
034: What is on your mouse pad: don't have one :p
035: What is under your bed: wouldn't you like to know ;)
036: Favourite colour: Black
037: Favourite Song ever: sound of silence
038: Favourite song at this moment: question of heaven, .45, sound of silence
039: Favourite food: bicky freek burgers :D
040: Favourite class in school: The ones I teach :p
041: Favourite drink: beer (bockor)
042: Lucky number: euhm, 194754930284
043: What do you think is greatest about yourself: my stupidity :)
044: What deodorant do you use: axe
045: Favourite shoes: combat boots
046: What time do you go to bed on weekdays: very late
047: What words do you use most: verbs :)
048: Most romantic moment in your life: none
049: Most embarassing moment in your life: none
050: You spend your time rather inside or outside: outside
051: What do you do in the weekends: a lot of things
052: What class in school do/did you dislike most: History, definitly!
053: Your Breakfast: nothing
054: What do you really really dislike to eat: crap
055: Pets: 1 dog, used to have more though :(
056: Laugh or dream: dream
057: Serious or funny: serious, funny at times
058: Fast or slow: slow
059: You prefer being alone or have a relationship? : depends on my mood
060: Simple or complicated?: complicated
061: Cremate or Buried when dead: i'll live ethernally
062: Sex or alcohol: first alcohol, then sex (or vice versa, depends on the person :P)
063: Stay up late or go to bed early: stay up late
064: Light or dark? : dark
065: Speak or Silence: silence
066: Tall or small man/woman: all the same
067: News paper: hu? :S
068: Hug or kiss: both
069: Happy or Sad: mostly sad
070: Life or Death: death, definitly
071: Gig or Disco: gig
072: Left or Right: left
073: Sausages on top, or on the side: on top of what?! :S
074: Dark/ red/ Blonde: all the same
075: What would you ask God if you could ask him one single question: why did he fucked up so badly if he can do anything?
076: You believe in reincarnation: dunno
077: You believe in Aliens: why not?
078: When you die, what will be your last words? : AAAAaaaagh...hh...h... *gorgel*
079: Does true love exist?: yep; but almost impossible to find, and even harder to hold on to
080: How many kids would you like to have: that are things for later
081: What is the one thing you can't stand: people who think they are better than others
082: Best feeling: sarcasm
083: Worst feeling in the world: joyfullness
084: What are you afraid of?: my feelings
085: Are you an emotional person: depends
086: Do you ever cry during a movie: Depends on the movie
087: Your goal in life: to accept myself
088: What was the promise you made to yourself at New Year's Eve: to come up with promises for the next year
089: Favorite art-artist: Luis Royo
090: As what animal would you like to reincarnate: a mousquito
091: What is the most beautiful part on the female and male body: depends if it's a female or a male body
092: Most original place to ask your love to marry you: on a funeral
093: What do you think of Elftown?: fun
094: Is there something you miss about elftown: nope
095: Your PC: a portable that won't work properly most of the times
096: Star sign: Virgo
097: Favourite animal: bats
098: Whats the most annoying thing that people ask you?: depends of the person
099: Do you get in trouble alot: yep
100: Is there a question you missed in this all: not really :P

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