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St. Patrick's Day Festival




This contest is for all of you St. Patrick's Day lovers!
The clovers, the Leprechauns, the gold at the end of a rainbow,
what else is involved with St. Patrick's Day? You tell us!
You can tell us with art, poetry, photography
and even your very own description
of what you believe St. Patrick's Day to be in your own words!

About St. Patrick's Day:


St. Patrick's Day competition rules

A. Theme: The theme for the competitions of this year is 'Leprechauns' gold'.

B. Amount: The amount of entries a contestant may submit is 2.

C. Deadline: The deadline is set on 2011-03-07

D. Winners: There will be 2 winners picked for the art and poem contest
and 1 winner for the description contest.

E. Judging: The winners will be selected by a public poll. Don't vote for yourself!


General Entry Rules

These rules can be found at: Festival Competition Rules#Contestants



The best entries of the contest will be featured on this page.

The reward for this competition will be a shiny badge you can put in your house!

For all the participants:


For the first place winners:

<img:stuff/SPDbadge-1stArt.gif> <img:stuff/SPDbadge-1stPoetry.gif> <img:stuff/SPDbadge-1stDescription.gif>

For the second place winners:

<img:stuff/SPDbadge-2ndArt.gif> <img:stuff/SPDbadge-2ndPoetry.gif>


SPD Art Contest 2011 Open
SPD Poetry Contest 2011 Open
SPD Description Contest 2011 Open


Winners of the St. Patrick's Art, Poetry and Description competition 2009:

Leprechaun's Gold

People searched far and wide,
Looking for something they can't find.
“At the end of the rainbow!” They would say,
But trudged unhappily home at the end of the day.
People grew untrustworthy and greedy,
Trying to find something that was ugly and beady.
Things grew violent, malicious and angry,
Children grew sick, faded and hungry.
Wanting their parents love and support,
But they turned their back, cross their arms and snort.
So the children ran away,
A place where its safe to play.
A place where the angry people can't find,
A place where they can run and hide.
A place far away from the Leprechaun's Gold,
A place far away from the sinister cold.
A place in their head,
every time they pray and go to bed.

by: [Breathe_Angel]



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2008-01-02 [nehirwen]: new badges! ^__^

2008-01-02 [Sunrose]: Cuuuute! ^^
Hmm what if you put the text underneath (right side) the clover? Without using 'place', just write 1st/2nd/3rd Poetry/Art?
lol sorry, just think the clover is so cute and should be on its own..

I tried to make an example of what I mean, but I don't have your cute font (I think) :p

2008-01-02 [nehirwen]: ^^ thank you, I've put the text next to the clover :)
the cute font is Cooper std, isn't that a standard font?

2008-01-02 [Sunrose]: Wow that looks awesome! :D :D

Hmm I don't have that one and don't think I've heard of it before.. :)

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