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This page is for the staff of the Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena. Here will be posted updates and news that pertain to the staff members. The general public are welcome to come and read this news, to see what's up with the staff, but keep in mind that here will be posted general problems, news, and other updates that are relevant mostly only to staff members.
Staff members, feel free to ask questions and make relevant comments in the comment board below. Irrelevant questions and/or comments will be removed, and the commenter will be directed to a more appropriate page and/or person.


February 20, 2006:
Sorry, guys, I've been slacking in my duties (if you haven't noticed already, there are submissions yet unreviewed), however I do have an excellent reason. I'd have told y'all sooner, but I quite forgot about this page (sorry!), as it's new, and I'm not used to using it.

I am in the process of moving to a new apartment, and do not know when I will be able to regularly access the 'net again. Staff members, I would truly appreciate it if some of you would volunteer to do more than one category temporarily, and I need a volunteer to read through the submissions as well, and move them to the appropriate queue, again temporarily. If you volunteer for either job, I expect it to be done, else I will give the job to someone else. I'm not disappearing completely.

This applies to updating the category you're in charge of, as well. If you regularly neglect to update your category without giving a good reason (and trust me, that's not a hard thing to do. I will accept most excuses) for five consecutive weeks, I will give your category to someone else. If you return and your category has been given to another staff member, and you have a good reason for your absence, your category will be returned to you.


February 5, 2006:
Great work, staff members! We've had minimal problems so far. I've already had to cover for a few people, and only once because I wasn't informed. That was this week. Which brings me to the problem that prompted me to creat this page, and to separate an "Arena Admin Only" helper house. This house ([Ergraf]) was generously donated by one [Moorn], who has helped in the arena before, when I was talking to him about my current problem, which I will get to shortly. It will be the owner of all of the Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena's pages, so that my heart doesn't stop again, as it did tonight.

The problem that occurred, that I keep bringing up, is that I found myself unable to sign in to one of the helper houses ([To Make You Think]), and suspect that the staff member in charge of To Make You Think ... was responsible for this change in the password. Staff members, please do not, ever, change any of the passwords on any pages and/or Houses associated with the Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena. The House in question is the current owner of all of the Arena's wiki pages, and tonight, my heart about leaped out of my chest, as I was afraid that perhaps the staff member had changed some of the wiki passwords, as well. My fears appear to have been in vain, fortunately, but this showed me that there may be need for a separate House to hold ownership of all of the pages. One with restricted access.

I know this is a long bit of news, but I felt the need to explain thoroughly our situation. And remember, staff members, do not change the passwords to these wikis and the Houses.


April 3, 2006:
I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now, off and on, and I think it may be time to expand the Arena a little bit, and add another category to begin dueling. Right now, there are a lot (relatively) of poems queued in Dark, so I was thinking that we would split it up, and re-make the Sad category, which was closed and combined with Dark before the Arena was re-opened.

Also, I've noticed a few poems that would fit better in the Fantasy category, which was closed completely, rather than combined with another category, before the Arena re-opened. Should I add that instead? Should I add both?

If I do re-open either of them, would I have a staff member or two willing to take up a second category (even if I don't re-open Sad or Fantasy, you can take up a second category if you like, as there are still two open: Jovial and To Make You Think ...)? If not, do you think it would be a good idea anyway? I'm perfectly capable of heading three or four categories, if you think that Sad and/or Fantasy would get good results, but you're too committed to other things to head a second category. However, keep in mind that as more categories are added, I will have to require more commitment from you, the staff. Tell me what you think, please.


April 18, 2006:
Staff and friends, I had a really nice, long excuse typed out for all of you that I lost about two seconds ago because I forgot to enter the password to the page. I think you deserve the nice, long explanation, but this will have to suffice, because I really don't feel like typing it all out again.

I'm really terribly sorry about the lag in the updates on my end this week, but, as all of you know, it was a holiday. And, as not all of you know, I went home. That's about eight or nine hours by train and bus (with some sitting at a station included) to get there, and the same amount of time back. Thus, I didn't have much time for updating (a poor excuse, as I did have an hour or two on Sunday that I could have used).

Again, I'm sorry. I don't make it a habit to forget updates here, as those of you actually watching this page probably know. I promise that, by the end of today (Monday) everything will be finished. Cheers! And a happy Easter, everyone.


July 14, 2006:
Sorry about missing so much, mates. I get too tired after work to update everything Sundays, and have no time in the mornings. I'm thinking of moving the date we update the Arena to Saturdays, instead of Sundays, because then I'll have both the time and the energy. Thoughts? Objections? Questions?


August 19, 2006:
Alright, I have a minor problem. I know I've mentioned moving, but I never said a specific date. Well, now I have a specific date (mostly). Unless things change, I will be leaving on the 26th, and driving. Which means that I will miss updating Love... next weekend. Do I have any volunteers to cover for me just for the 26th? I'd really appreciate it!


2006, October 2nd
Ok. I have seen that this has been lax of late. I, [KainVM] Will be taking over administratively until the Mods can coordinate to keep this operation running appropriately. I will also be asking for volunteers that know the rules by heart to review poems submitted, and will make, personally, a House dedicated account for Poetry approval. Those of you with thoughts please message me, or simply post your thoughts here. I don't think anyone aside from [Askoga] reads this so this may fall on deaf ears but at least she will know someone's been doing their part. Thank you and be well. Clear skies to you all.


2006, October 2nd
On another note. Please remember to clean your categories out if they do not have a duel happening. Its crisp and lets users know there isn't a duel happening. Sorry lol thanks for everything everyone.


2006, October 5th
As I have seen this is a reoccuring issue I would like to straighten some things out. There are personal reasons as to why I do not inform Askoga of what is happening. What I will not say unless asked to do so in private. I would rather not deface someone publically. If forced to do so I will. And I will let you know now I will not be polite or as kind as I have been about the subject. As for handing over the Arena to someone else. I would love to, however I would RATHER, keyword, get to know the person that I am to hand it over to. Personal reasons yet again, however for very legitimate reasons. Again if this displeases you, voice, we shall talk and settle things, but I will not simply hand it over because you think it is unfair that I am doing this behind Askoga's back. First off, I was retired with out consent, AFTER being one of the most active staff members, and I might add I quite enjoyed being a staff member. THAT has been one of the reasons I have not spoken with Askoga. And again, since I am the only one that knows the [Ergraf] house password, and she had entrusted it to me in the past, I should think that if I was trustworthy then I should still be trustworthy now. Even if done wrong by the person that trusted me. Yes I am spiteful, yes I am angry, but I am not about to stand by and watch the EWPDA start falling appart because of her absence and her failure to inform the others in her staff that she did NOT forcefully retire, that she will be inept to use Internet. For X amount of time.

However again I do apologize for this, and my attitude towards those of you that are probably reading this just to keep informed. Also, I apologize for constantly repeating myself but it seems that some things I am saying are just simply not sinking in.

Thank you all for your voices, I appreciate them and respect them, Also Acorna, should you still wish to attempt helping the wiki, Pick a category and you may supervise it and do approvals from that house should I fail to do so myself. Agreed?

I also apologize for my total butchery of the english language that I had likely done in this little snippet. Grammar was something I had not completely grasped. Which is why, I had asked you all if you would help me in my attempt to run the Arena.


2006, October 12th
Allright. I've spoken with Askoga recently. Actually today infact. I told her I stepped in and took admin of the Arena. She gave no obvious objections to this. So, unless any of you wish to voice objections, I will retain Ergraf until she is fully able to return and take this stead with consistancy. Also I do apologize for how I have been acting before now. Thank you all for your patience, I hope that things can once again run smoothly.


2006, October 21st
Hi everyone! I've noticed that not every one can keep up with the Saturday updates. Who of you on my staff and those offering to help would like updates changed back to the original Sundays? I know last week I was moments before SeLoCeS on updating, and really I would like to prevent rush updating for being late again. So tell me your thoughts on comments! Please note however I will not commit any changes until I hear from EVERYONE! So... be patient on the change and keep an eye out for my announcement.


2006, November 19th
Allright time for another fun time of, RANDOM POETRY DISCUSSION CORNER! All staff members I would like to run the random Idea that was proposed by one of our newest little contestants that could in the Arena. She suggested a Ballad, or Philosophical category. I personally thing the Ballad one falls under love, and Phil under To make you think. Your thoughts on that? If you all agree I can announce that Ballads and Philosophical themed poems can now be submitted to those categories! Please note, [SeLoCeS] is fine. The psycho didn't attempt killing her. Her stunt double sprained her ankle but she'll be out of the hospital in two weeks.


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2006-10-31 [Blaithin]: Ok, lets get some clarification going since it's not sinking in. I apologize in advance to anyone who thinks I may be yelling or taking this to excession but it seems that caps and bold is needed to convey this message. THERE IS NO FINGER POINTING GOING ON!! It accomplishes nothing for us to go around fixing your mistakes for you since then you wouldn't realize that you were missing an essential part of the system. It isn't our job to fix your errors, it's our job to update our categories if and when we can. If you think we're pointing fingers at you fine, but that still doesn't change anything. If you want I can find the link for the directions on how to renew duels and that way you can't try playing the guilt card on us.

Now, as for calling us 'your staff'. If you're going to do that you're going to have to realize some key points. One being that if we're your staff then you're our boss meaning we bring to you problems and point out errors. It's up to you to handle them, not turn on us. Being the boss means more responsibility, if you can't handle a little heat then tell us now. It's not our job nor inclination to make you feel good and all powerful, it's our job to run this wiki smoothly when we are able. Considering we haven't had time to do that lately and it's been left to you it then falls to us to point out pieces that need alteration or fixing. That's what a team does. Take it or leave it.

2006-11-01 [SeLoCeS]: good points i believe are very true and matey yes you sent me a message but no you didnt wait for a reply and therefor the communication was not waited for eg if you dont wait for a reply then that isnt communication. Had you waited you and i would not have any problems to talk about instead realistic would be running smoothly. Now i am willing to admit that i use my main account to change things over but hello i have a life too just like you pointed out about yourself not a few comments ago sometimes it is quicker. But i will try not to break that rule again. and please wait for replies to your messages before you act otherwise the wrong result will happen and people get upset. cheers

2006-11-01 [Kitara Softpaw]: Blaith, you took the words right out of my mouth, thank you. And even 'skoga sometimes updated from her main account. Sometimes you don't have the time neccessary to log in and out of accounts.

2006-11-02 [crowdel]: here here and another thing kain I dont intend to annoy you but the facts presented by blaith are right and furthermore you need to stop holding the "i asked you if you wanted to change the day to update cats to sunday" card on us it is old and i am sick of it. You apparently did not even wait for everyones response to the question before you made a decision and i still believe that my idea of a list of cats and admins to those cats is a phenomenal idea. its as blaith said we are YOUR staff and as such WE need to report to YOU so if you are feeling you are having trouble with a cat then you will be able to talk to "your staff" where we can correct the problems. we all have lives and we try to get here asap on the weekend to update cats but it is not always easy. calm down about it and let "your staff" do the work that they volunteered for.

2006-11-03 [Moorn]: Ohh... cats, now I get it. Categories. 

People, bickering is bad for business. Trust me, few people know more about wiki-fighting than me and I know from vast experience that it never helps anyone. So, as an impartial, uh, party, allow me to make a few suggestions.

1. Eliminate the title of administrator and retire my old [Ergraf] house. Yup, I donated it, because way back in the day a worker changed one of the house passwords, and it was thought that a master house was needed. Now that it's divisive, I suggest you do away with it and each person considers hirself equal. No more boss, no more problems. Each person picks up the responsibility of cat management in equal measure.

2. Change the update day from Saturday to "The Weekend" (Saturday/Sunday) to allow two days for potential updating. Do not interfere with someone else's category until Sunday night in your time zone.

3. Have each person familiarized with updating procedures and do not deviate from it. When I joined, Tari Nenharma (who was boss at the time) took about two hours out of her schedule to train me and talk to me about the way things work and I never did it wrong. 

4. Poetry houses could be optional. Yes they are there for a reason, but sometimes its just a hassle to use them. In my opinion they ought to be kept, but making the work easier on the workers is probably the best way to increase productivity. Well, short of paying them.

5. Politeness. Nobody HAS to be here. Everyone here is a volunteer, giving their time and energy for a communal purpose. Treat them as such.

I love the arena, personally. I don't want to see it die, and infighting will kill it. So let's all agree to agree. Savvy?

2006-11-03 [KainVM]: If you all want. It's fine with me. The choice is yours, not mine.

2006-11-08 [Moorn]: For anyone who's interested, I've been chatting up some of the people over at WritersCo about possibly creating a spin-off poetry arena over there, to use the same format as this one. You're all welcome to have a looksie, or bug me about it, if you want. I'll be pimping the bejeezus out of this Elftown Arena there, too. Just thought you'd like to know!

2006-11-17 [KainVM]: Oh, on another note. I might be late to update tomorrow, so any staffers willing to update To Make You Think ...Love..., and Dark Please do at around ...Errr... well its a bit much but please wait till 9 PM PST, (Pacific Time, GTM -08:00) Please? Thanks. Got family things going on and I really don't wanna miss updating, but if I get to it before you do, you'll know.

2006-11-18 [crowdel]: kain we are to put this simply the musketeers. all for one and one for all. Everyone understands that everyone else has other things to do and that is just fine. this is one of the things that makes me love being an admin more than anything else we look out for one another if one has a family thing go do it most of us dont mind picking up a little extra every now and then because chances are we will need someone else to do a little extra work for us in the future. dont sorry about it we are all comrades and bretheren of this wiki and we look out for each other i can pick up love... this week

2006-11-18 [KainVM]: Thank ye much Crowdel. I'll see if I can pick up what isn't chosen from my friends house where I'm currently staying for the weekend. I'm not sure I can, but in the rare event I can I will update. Thanks for the understanding. At least I didn't wait until the day OF updates eh? Just a day before lol

2006-11-18 [KainVM]: Or ehh, you can catch it before I do. That's cool too! Hah Heh ^_^; Wow.. that's embarrassing. Thank you SeLoCeS and Crowdel!

2006-11-19 [crowdel]: I think that Philisophical is covered in the to make you think cat as for ballad it could be covered however instead of calling it ballad make it sound more generic possibly such as simply music. of coarse if we were to intoduce a new cat it should be voted on first by the members and then have a test trial time of around a month or two just to be assured that it will be something that would be good to add to the site. i know that askoga wanted to add a few cats but due to lost interest they were disbanded and they appeared to be cats that would be highly interesting fantasy for example. Knowing this i dont thing we should rush into it it should be a longer process. And since i am writing i would like to thank seloces i am assuming if it was anybody else thank you but thanks to whoever did all the cats this week

2006-11-20 [SeLoCeS]: lol no thanks needed guys we all put in when we can :)

2006-11-22 [KainVM]: Yeah yeah. I think though Ballad and Phil are covered already though. Though it does turn gears again! Anyway... I KNOW for a fact I will be updating this weekend so! FEAR NOT! I will be here unless someone steals me again... I'll send you guys notice day of.

2006-11-25 [Ergraf]: I was stolen again @_@. I'll be updating right now though.

2006-11-28 [SeLoCeS]: sorry guys that i didnt update this weekend ive been really unwell and not online thankyou to whom ever did Realistic for me cheers

2006-11-29 [KainVM]: Sok SeLoCeS. You had my back when I was gone. I got yours. Askoga will be back relatively soon. By the start of next year. So... I'm announcing now. When she's back full time. I'm retiring and leaving entirely.

2006-12-02 [SeLoCeS]: hey guys i should let you know for the next four or five weeks i will be working in the real world for about 50 - 60 hrs a week i dont know how much time i will get to be here though i will try, so if anyone see's that i havent updated for a week please just jump on in and do it for me. well anyways cheers and thanks to those who help me out in the next few weeks.

2006-12-02 [SeLoCeS]: KainVM sorry to hear you will be leaving us again

2007-12-21 [KainVM]: OK... so since I'm not leaving... Here's some updates that are much needed, wow it's been a year since anyone's posted here... anyway. Updates. [Citrine] is our new staffer. welcome her to our estranged little family. She'll be doing anything possible to help us when she can. Updates will be changed to Sundays again, if there are any objections, concerns or complaints please voice. I don't want to make this change until those present give consent.

2007-12-24 [KainVM]: Crow... because of my work schedule... I can not, at all make updates on time. Lest I do them in the mornings, but at that time I'm too exhausted from work to do them.  And normally I'm dead asleep by then. So therein lies the problem. I only have availability at random times.

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