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Star RPs

This page is dedicated to the wonderful text adventures I am currently (or once was) a part of.

Tooth and Talon
This roleplay is a war between species, mostly the rest against one species. If you're totally into fantasy and ancient magics, this roleplay is for you!
I play Fyrae Maredra in this one.

Masked Morality
This roleplay is based on interaction between superheroes and their lives. This is not only a behind-the-scenes look at the way the save the world, but also a reflection on how twisted the world is to need them.
I play Alice Madison in this one.

Magic Simplicity
Magi are not born with necessary knowledge to keep the balance of the world, they must learn it. With all things, schools are created to house these magi to teach them their magics.
I play Rabellor Diater and Mimoza Eick in this one.


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