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2007-06-16 18:38:44
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Based on some things happening on a Star Wars RP here in ET, this is my Twi'lek, Lheru'nae in her wild tangent to screw up the entire trilogy and beyond:







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2005-12-24 [Lerune]: And yes, I know that Boba was technically killed by me earlier, but...well, I offer no explanation! >:)

2005-12-26 [Yuriona]: ROFLFMAO! It just adds to the humour. ;) Keep it up! I love 'em!

2005-12-26 [Lerune]: Glad you like 'em. ;o)

2005-12-26 [Calico Tiger]: *stalks the page* No wait.... I mean *watches the page*

2005-12-26 [runnybabbit]: Same with Master [Yuriona] -curls up like a cat by her feet- ROFLMAO.

2005-12-26 [Lothuriel]: Poor Boba....

2005-12-26 [Lerune]: He'll never be rid of me. >:) OOOh! People watching the page! Now I have to make more! ;o)

2005-12-26 [Calico Tiger]: Damn right, you have to make more! They're funny, adorable, and well done :D

2005-12-26 [Calico Tiger]: Btw, Rob was laughing his ass off at them too ;) He walked behind me while I was looking at them and stopped to read

2005-12-26 [Lerune]:'re making me blush. =oP Now that I have had some practice drawing Vader, I can finish the one Runey/Cali comic. ;o)

2005-12-26 [Yuriona]: Doncha mean 'Vader-Tater'?? ROFL!

2005-12-26 [Lothuriel]: ^_______^

2005-12-27 [Lerune]: Oh yeah, Vader Tater. ;o)

2005-12-29 [Kileaiya]: Hehe! The new one on your page is awesome :D

2005-12-29 [Lerune]: Thank you. ;o) I need to add it here. 

2005-12-29 [Doc_D]: Poor Boba, I hope he and his father can resolve their issues, lol

2005-12-29 [Lerune]: It's hard, with Runey causing so much trouble in Boba's life. ;o)

2005-12-29 [Lothuriel]: They can discuss their problems over a spam sammich....

2005-12-29 [Lothuriel]: and a cup of tea.

2005-12-29 [Lerune]: =oP I still want to attempt the wedding comic. =oP

2005-12-29 [Lothuriel]: Do it *uses the force*

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