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Starboard Crisis Roster


Roster Example

Here is an example of a character sheet. Everything up to "Character Description" is required. Ship assignment is only required if you are,

(A.) Creating a ship in which you are the captain of, or
(B.) Have contacted a captain of an already established ship, and were given the OK to create a character as a member of their crew.

Character Name:
Character Description:
Ship assigned (if applicable):



Travis Night




Elena Harlock


Elfie Leigh

Major General Jonah Harrow


avandra Hardwick

Vance Kader

Divina Kader


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2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: lol, im just kidding, although i generally do end up with the most characters... i get ideas. they turn into characters, and... i go character crazy most times... im gonna try to control that this time though..

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: I was about to say, that's a lot to keep track of. ^^" I should know... Nevy and I have been RP-ing together for almost 10 years, and one RP we have together has survived that long. We each must have about 15 characters.... It's hard to keep track sometimes!

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: ive been rping a very long time myself..roughly 12 maybe 13 years? idk..lost track of all my characters... ive only kept a really close track of my couple favorites like my character named Wind... prolly my oldest, and most developed character. Most characters i start over depending on the rp...his story, i continued to build on and developed him with multiple different RP partners

2014-07-30 [Nevermore.]: Fuck we have way more than 15 each I think! In fact, imma count....

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Lol, good luck with that!

2014-07-30 [Nevermore.]: I have probably missed loads but I have you down as 37 and me as 49 since we started. I know there is more than that, but I cant think =P (Thats including minor role people too

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Jesus!! Lol Go us!

2014-07-31 [crowfeather]: Wow what in the world did I miss? O_o

2014-12-02 [~Valkyrie~]: I have a couple questions. As far as race goes, is it pretty open to imagination? Also, if I create a character without any affiliation to a ship could she join a crew later?

2014-12-03 [Asdroth]: hmm...

2014-12-03 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Yes, race is pretty open to imagination, but we request that your race have logical and reasonable strengths and weaknesses. ^^

As for the crew part, yes, they could join a crew later, if that's what you want, but no they don't have to be affiliated with one right away.

2014-12-03 [Asdroth]: intresting!

2014-12-04 [~Valkyrie~]: Yay!
...Now what? lol

2014-12-04 [dead~spirit]: Pick a place and start playing.

2014-12-04 [~Valkyrie~]: Ok :)

2014-12-07 [snowwolfsa]: Sorry, been a little pre occupied the last few days, welcome to the rp [Asdroth] and [~Valkyrie~].

Also [Asdroth] I have made The Spirit Fire its own ship page like the rest of the active ships, its in the omega quadrant, direct link is Aboard the Spirit of Fire, it is for you and your crew, visitors to your ship, ship hails, etc etc.. a play area for your ship. Nice ship btw.

2014-12-07 [dead~spirit]: not going to lie, I really want that to be the ship we all end up on! lol

2014-12-07 [~Valkyrie~]: That would be so cool! :)

2014-12-07 [dead~spirit]: I will be more active today, reading 30 pages of Industrial Geology at my computer, so ill check in every 3 pages or so.

2014-12-07 [~Valkyrie~]: Industrial Geology, wow. Well, Asdroth and I shouldn't have much going on today, so I'll be around.

2014-12-07 [snowwolfsa]: 2 captains on one ship, i foresee a conflict of interest lol

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