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In an age long in the future, where space travel is possible, there lies a galaxy of merchants, pirates, bounty hunters, thieves, and assassins. But the most deadly threat out of all the forces that patrol these sets of stars, there is the Federation. The Federation was established long ago to maintain order, but it has been corrupted, turned into a fleet of misguided zealots, hell-bent on meeting their masters' needs, and their masters... they follow the orders of the Corporations. No longer is the Federation anything that it once was. Greed and power now run through the veins of all the Federation leaders.

There is, however, still hope; A Rebel faction known as the Republic Eclipse has managed to take over and control a few of the Federation's solar systems. After multiple attempts to reclaim these solar systems, the Federation left these territories altogether, abandoning its inhabitants to the barbarity and ruthlessness of the Republic's law. In these solar systems, they live by much harsher rules: live or die. But in these solar systems, some also find the opportunity to flourish by manipulating their skills. There is opportunity for all who look hard enough...

Will you be one to answer the call? Who will you be? Will you write the future of destiny for these galaxies, save the people from the iron fist of the Federation, or perhaps save them from the filth of the Republic? Certainly a young spirit such as yours has some sort of skills they can put forth towards a profession in this age, and there is always work to be done.

Perhaps a good place to start would be the Twilight Tavern in Omega Quadrant. Go, and seek your destiny!

(Character roster is in Omega Quadrant, please go there for character creation after reading Starboard Rules)

Any ideas, concepts, plans in progress, bitches, gripes, complaints, or any other form of input you have, please put it here. Starboard Engineering


From the founders of Crying Destiney, and A New Hope

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2014-07-29 [Kbird]: I'm in alot of games right now, so I'll have to think about it.

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: As you can see we are still in the construction phase, but we should be fully operational in a few days at the rate this is going. :) We look forward RP'ing with you if you choose to do so.

2014-07-29 [snowwolfsa]: Take your time, submit a character whenever you like...this will be a casual rp for the most part, alot of our schedules are all over the we can work with someone who cant post every day, if that helps your decision any

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: We need a portrait...

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: I love the banner! Awesome! :D

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: I cleaned up some spelling and grammatical errors, as well as centered everything to make it look a little cleaner. Is that okay?

2014-07-29 [snowwolfsa]: I approve

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Thanks! ^^ I did the same to the Omega Quadrant and the character pages... I'll fix up the other pages tomorrow, if you'd like. For now, me and my baby boy are heading off to bed. Good night!

2014-07-29 [snowwolfsa]: Alright, looks really good, thank you.

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: The extended pages need a little love. I uploaded pics, and centered the title, but a few need a avid description, and most of them still need borders. Good job on this page!

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: The extended pages could also use a return link at bottom too Omega Quadrant. Considering this seems like it would be more of a questions and welcoming page, I thing Omega would be a better home page.

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Whatever you say, boss! I'll work on it in the morning. Right now I'm just doing a 4am feeding. :P

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: well if it makes you feel better it was almost 4 am when I got off last night! :)

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: I finished the return to home page buttons on all the extensions. im going to log off for now, ill be on later tonight.

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Alright, I've invited 3 people whom I've been RP-ing with for like the last 10 years. They're fantastic roleplayers, and I know that if they join, they'll help make this RP very interesting. :)

2014-07-29 [Nevermore.]: *flexes muscles and cracks knuckles* Gunneh assume you mean me as one of those, hmmmmm??? *wiggles eyebrows*

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: Excellent, and welcome!

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: I just came across a new issue, while editing the roster, it said the wiki was becoming too big, we might need to make a "page1,2,3,4,5" etc...

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Actually, you can very easily fix that by giving each character their own wiki, then just posting the links to them on the roster page. :) (though to be honest, it'll always say the wiki is getting too big, but trust me, it can fit WAY more than that on it. You should see the page sizes that Nevy and I get on our other RP!)

And yes, Nevy, of course I meant you as one of them!! <3

2014-07-29 [Nevermore.]: ...i pretty much ignore that warning until it doesnt let me post anymore. It usually lets you go on for thousands and thousands of words before it cuts you off =P

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: ok, well maybe we will go with the character wiki links and just cut and past them to their own individual wikis then. sounds like a good idea.

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Okie dokie!

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: So are you gonna make a character, Nevy? Are ya? Huh? Huh??? *pokes*

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: I whipped up some rules for the rp, Starboard rules please any input on it would be nice. I dont wanna make to many rules, but, i feel we need a few to keep this enjoyable

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: Psssttt... Guess who's back

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: Woot!!!

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: Sno summoned me *salutes* so reporting for duty!

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Yay, another person! *claps*

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: ^__~V

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: Nice a federation character. Nice touch, and crow ill get your character added in a moment

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: You like my federation character? ^^ Nevy also says she'll make one too. We figured we needed some antagonists up in here. XD Nevy will most likely make her character tomorrow since she's already gone to bed.

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: Alrighty and thanks!

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: Yes i do, i was gonna play some random federation ships hunting Rui... but, this works out better i think. I prefer more player to player interaction then anything else

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: I agree. It's much more fun when it's player interaction rather than NPC's.

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: I go with the flow... of course I've been in their previous RPs so at least I know what I'm getting myself into.

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: crow, I got your character up, umm Cat if you wouldnt mind looking at it, i messed up a little bit in the centering code, cant figure out what i missed, prolly somthing simple

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: there, i think i fixed it lol

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: Beware for I've had ice cream so I'm a little wired at the moment

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: Lol!!!

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: Dude I can't wait for this too start!!

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Same! I'm uber excited!

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: Well I'm here at least lol

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: Yea, its gonna be fun.

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: I think we might have a bigger turn out rate then we expected.

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: Well unfortunately i have jury duty in the morning. I have got nothing really else to add to the wiki before start. So, looking forward to tomorrow, see ya all then.

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Good night then! Have fun with jury duty!!

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: Hang em!!

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: Drink coffee!

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: Or red bulls!

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: *bounces around excitedly*

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: Right?!?

2014-07-31 [crowfeather]: I shall sit in a corner and nibble salad

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: so what I was going to say about the ship issue was to have a dungeon master set up for comms between ships. something like *your ship suddenly receives a hail from the Nebula, do you respond?* could be a third party moderator for communications or something or just worked out between the two captains..

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: i figured it just be worked out between the two captain.. the captain hailing the ship would post a defualt message in the other captains ship page.. like "miss fortune is sending your ship a hail", and you can choose to respond or ignore it...i figured this could be handled by the captain, or if you have an assighned communications officer, or you play a defult communications npc

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: ok

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: wish we could use EVE to perform our bad ass ship battles lol.

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: lol yea

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: ALRIGHT!, where to begin...always the hardest part

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: *points at the meteor fields* Cough cough

2014-07-31 [crowfeather]: Sooooo I get to see you two in action once more!

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: yea well dont expect much at first lol, i am really rusty

2014-07-31 [crowfeather]: lol oh this is going to be entertaining!

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: Cat, this is how we have always RP'ed, its pretty common *Actions* "talking" (hints)

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: it has been a while tho... maybe its changed? or maybe we always did it wrong lol >.<

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: If we been doing it wrong then so have the majority of Elftown back in the day

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: by the way snow I posted on your ship since this is where it is happening correct?

2014-07-31 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Might I suggest an alternative?

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: sure im open to suggestions

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: Lets see it Cat.

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: please keep in mind it has been a long time since we rped like this on elftown..8 years to be exact apparently.. 2006 was our last serious rp...if things have changed, then by all meens fill us in.. i want this rp to work out. and if there is a better way to do it, im all ears

2014-07-31 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Well, like I told Dead via gmail, the way you guys are rp-ing in the comments boxes is both obsolete and clunky. The asterisks and the quotation marks together make it look unorganized and over time, posts in the comments boxes are lost when the boxes get too full. That makes it harder to reference previous posts, or even read back just for fun. So I'm going to use the posts you guys have already made, and I'll show you how we have been roleplaying, and hopefully it'll be easier for you guys to grasp. :)

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: i think i already know where your going with it. ive been wondering why you have left a blank spot between the banner banners on the wiki pages.

2014-07-31 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Yeah. The large blank spot is the play area.

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: yea, i kinda figured after you spoke. and im ok with doing it like this, but may i ask tho.. why we wouldnt still put our character name like this


is there a reason why? i think that would indicate who is posting.

2014-07-31 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Because you mention their name in the post. Typing it like this makes it read more like a book rather than a screen play. It just flows a little better.

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: Alright, im old school, so im gonna go along with this begrudgingly lol... just cause i hate change, but ill get use to it lol

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: I feel like a dinosaur...

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: me to

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: I really miss the 90's T.T

2014-07-31 [crowfeather]: It'll be okay!

2014-07-31 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: I made my first post in the tavern... feel free to read and tell me what you think. :)

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: I just read it, and like it.. honestly kind of intimidating lol even at my peak i had a hard time with huge posts unless im playing multiple characters in one post lol

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: I loved it!

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: Alright, well it was kind of weird, but im already use to this new play style.. so not as bad as i thought, unfortunately tho, i have to go to bed. jury duty still. because we haven't gotten very far into it yet, im not gonna do anything involving closed door rule. ill just respond when i can... using my phone during lunch and such if i can

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: alright, night Snow

2014-07-31 [crowfeather]: Sleep well!

2014-07-31 [crowfeather]: So DS should we just wait until he's able to get back one before continuing?

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: for that part yes, its his post. but other characters we can continue to play in other areas like the tavern and such, im just waiting for cat to respond to my post on there.

2014-07-31 [crowfeather]: Ah kk guess it's back to working on projects for me then before they multiply like the rabbits they seem to be T___T

2014-07-31 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Sorry I disappeared for a bit there... had to take care of my boy and eat dinner.

2014-07-31 [Nevermore.]: I didnt realize rping in the comments box was a thing o.0

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: Yes, last time i rped on elftown that is how it was done, we apologize for the confusing start, had we realized there was a different way, we would of discussed it with you both before we started

2014-07-31 [Nevermore.]: its all good, I didnt even see any of it, I was just catching up on the comments discussion on it! =]

2014-08-01 [dead~spirit]: Sooooo we going to continue? I been checking in all day waiting for someone to post! Don't make me start rp'ing with myself!!!

2014-08-01 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Sorry, my baby had a doctor's appointment and we slept in late. We're on our way home right now, then I'll post.

2014-08-01 [dead~spirit]: A hhh your a phone browser like me lol

2014-08-01 [crowfeather]: I'm here! *waves hand from shadowy closet*

2014-08-01 [dead~spirit]: Lol let's continue on the ship

2014-08-01 [crowfeather]: lol Well it's Snow's post I think

2014-08-01 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Nevy, I posted for us on Nebula Five.

2014-08-01 [dead~spirit]: So I'm going to have the same issue tonight and tomorrow night, I will need someone too copy and paste my post.

2014-08-01 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: No biggie.

2014-08-02 [snowwolfsa]: i will do it for you, for 50 cents a post!

2014-08-02 [crowfeather]: I melted *flops over*

2014-08-02 [snowwolfsa]: lol

2014-08-02 [crowfeather]: Well been outside most of the day and it looks like it hit 106 so that's like day 6 of consecutive 100+ temp. days x___x

2014-08-02 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Where do you live, Crow?

2014-08-02 [crowfeather]: In Northern California

2014-08-02 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Ah. Lol. I'm from Arizona... Tucson hits temps of 110-120 degrees F during the summer.

2014-08-02 [crowfeather]: lol I have a couple of friends in Arizona. Been watching your sand storms and told one of them that your state must have pissed off some ancient deity since the sand is trying to reclaim it.

2014-08-02 [dead~spirit]: My God, I got the worst hang over in history, and drinking a beer at 12pm really did make it go away, that's crazy!

2014-08-02 [snowwolfsa]: lol

2014-08-05 [dead~spirit]: Who loves being frozen in the middle of a stratosphere jump? This guy!!!

2014-08-05 [dead~spirit]: man I really want to play EVE now...

2014-08-05 [dead~spirit]: responses are taking a while, im going to go on League of Legends, will someone copy and paste my post for me?

2014-08-05 [snowwolfsa]: jury duty starts up again tomorrow, ill actualy be going to bed soon

2014-08-05 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Sorry, I'm trying to feed my baby. Just keep posting a few more times, I'm almost done.

2014-08-05 [snowwolfsa]: its cool, we all have RL stuff, and takeing care of your child certainly priorities over an rp post lol, and unless a character is unconscious or indicated as not there, we can wait for post, rule number 4! lol...anyways.. this is however it for me tonight...i need to get to sleep, i will try to post during lunch break, but my phone is stupid at the court house sometimes, so we will see what happens, otherwise ill post when i can.

2014-08-05 [snowwolfsa]: well I am not sure whos post it is in the current areas I am involved in, but, I will probably be taking a break today. I am completely exhausted and probably wont be making it much longer then a hour or two before i crash, just figured Id let you all know. I'll continue posting tomorrow.

2014-08-05 [dead~spirit]: It's cats at the planet, crows on Rui's ship, and never mores on the nebula last time I checked.

2014-09-27 [snowwolfsa]: *Cricket, cricket* lol, seems this rp has come to a grinding hault

2014-09-28 [dead~spirit]: she told me she was trying to figure out what to reply too mine, but that was a very long time ago, what should we do?

2014-11-19 [Diiwica]: I'll keep note of this and get back to you tomorrow [dead~spirit]. I've just finished with Fire academy and need to get ready for my 12 Mendon shift tomorrow AM.

2014-11-21 [snowwolfsa]: lol, good, i see the RP is going again, as i am now jobless, this is a pleasant sight, I will start posting again tomorrow then. Stuff to do today.

2014-11-23 [Diiwica]: I'm still working on character stuff. It would seem that the ER takes of my time lately.

2014-12-08 [Asdroth]: Oh gods I just cant wait until I'm a sheriffs deputy. I'm sure I'm just going to have all kinds of free time. >_<

2014-12-09 [crowfeather]: I'm still alive! T__T I'm so sorry for not posting as regularly as I should have been but sadly December is my busiest month at the moment. Currently working on 3 different projects in the last 2 days alone. So I'll go ahead and read what's going on or ask [snowwolfsa] for the cliff notes.

2014-12-09 [dead~spirit]: Ok glad your back Crow. :)

2014-12-09 [crowfeather]: lol Yeah I'm still alive. Just the customer orders have been insane this year so I'm trying to tackle the backlog and get things taken care of before the end of the year. Wishing there were more hours in the day to get everything done. And more coffee... lots more coffee.

2014-12-21 [dead~spirit]: Well everyone, as you can see i been hitting the coffee pretty hard today, there is a lot of construction going on all around the RP, feel free to pretty up the work i been doing, adding the blue graphic bars and putting in a description for a battleship class if you want. Also in the Alpha Quadrant, feel free to add more places, and maybe make yourself's a few more characters for the different factions. feel free to invite your friends, and have a good time. last thing, please note the drop box type wiki above this comment section, I urge everyone to use it, as I like to see what kind of ideas are rolling around in all your heads. Well have fun and Type on my little friendlies!

2014-12-21 [dead~spirit]: Last note, Alpha Quadrant is off limits for RP at this time, I will unlock it at a later time, but for now i feel we don't have enough players and we haven't fully played the Omega quadrant to my satisfaction yet.

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