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In an age long in the future, where space travel is possible, there lies a galaxy of merchants, pirates, bounty hunters, thieves, and assassins. But the most deadly threat out of all the forces that patrol these sets of stars, there is the Federation. The Federation was established long ago to maintain order, but it has been corrupted, turned into a fleet of misguided zealots, hell-bent on meeting their masters' needs, and their masters... they follow the orders of the Corporations. No longer is the Federation anything that it once was. Greed and power now run through the veins of all the Federation leaders.

There is, however, still hope; A Rebel faction known as the Republic Eclipse has managed to take over and control a few of the Federation's solar systems. After multiple attempts to reclaim these solar systems, the Federation left these territories altogether, abandoning its inhabitants to the barbarity and ruthlessness of the Republic's law. In these solar systems, they live by much harsher rules: live or die. But in these solar systems, some also find the opportunity to flourish by manipulating their skills. There is opportunity for all who look hard enough...

Will you be one to answer the call? Who will you be? Will you write the future of destiny for these galaxies, save the people from the iron fist of the Federation, or perhaps save them from the filth of the Republic? Certainly a young spirit such as yours has some sort of skills they can put forth towards a profession in this age, and there is always work to be done.

Perhaps a good place to start would be the Twilight Tavern in Omega Quadrant. Go, and seek your destiny!

(Character roster is in Omega Quadrant, please go there for character creation after reading Starboard Rules)

Any ideas, concepts, plans in progress, bitches, gripes, complaints, or any other form of input you have, please put it here. Starboard Engineering


From the founders of Crying Destiney, and A New Hope

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2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Whatever you say, boss! I'll work on it in the morning. Right now I'm just doing a 4am feeding. :P

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: well if it makes you feel better it was almost 4 am when I got off last night! :)

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: I finished the return to home page buttons on all the extensions. im going to log off for now, ill be on later tonight.

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Alright, I've invited 3 people whom I've been RP-ing with for like the last 10 years. They're fantastic roleplayers, and I know that if they join, they'll help make this RP very interesting. :)

2014-07-29 [Nevermore.]: *flexes muscles and cracks knuckles* Gunneh assume you mean me as one of those, hmmmmm??? *wiggles eyebrows*

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: Excellent, and welcome!

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: I just came across a new issue, while editing the roster, it said the wiki was becoming too big, we might need to make a "page1,2,3,4,5" etc...

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Actually, you can very easily fix that by giving each character their own wiki, then just posting the links to them on the roster page. :) (though to be honest, it'll always say the wiki is getting too big, but trust me, it can fit WAY more than that on it. You should see the page sizes that Nevy and I get on our other RP!)

And yes, Nevy, of course I meant you as one of them!! <3

2014-07-29 [Nevermore.]: ...i pretty much ignore that warning until it doesnt let me post anymore. It usually lets you go on for thousands and thousands of words before it cuts you off =P

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: ok, well maybe we will go with the character wiki links and just cut and past them to their own individual wikis then. sounds like a good idea.

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Okie dokie!

2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: So are you gonna make a character, Nevy? Are ya? Huh? Huh??? *pokes*

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: I whipped up some rules for the rp, Starboard rules please any input on it would be nice. I dont wanna make to many rules, but, i feel we need a few to keep this enjoyable

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: Psssttt... Guess who's back

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: Woot!!!

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: Sno summoned me *salutes* so reporting for duty!

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Yay, another person! *claps*

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: ^__~V

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: Nice a federation character. Nice touch, and crow ill get your character added in a moment

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: You like my federation character? ^^ Nevy also says she'll make one too. We figured we needed some antagonists up in here. XD Nevy will most likely make her character tomorrow since she's already gone to bed.

2014-07-30 [crowfeather]: Alrighty and thanks!

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