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Rules for Starboard Crisis


Welcome to Starboard Crisis! I just wanted to take a moment to go over the rules laid out for this RP. There won't be many, but I feel that it will help this game be more enjoyable. -[snowwolfsa]



1.) Respect.
This is a basic, common sense rule. This is a game meant to be fun, so let's try to keep it that way. We will have various members of different skill levels, along with members who are rusty, and members with different RP styles--be it para, multi-para, or just simple style posts. ALL OF THESE are welcome here, no one should be harassed for such. Let's keep this an enjoyable experience for all of us.

2.) No God Modding.
Fights in this RP are turn-based, and you may NOT kill another person's character with out his or her permission to do so. Additionally, your character is not invincible. Be realistic with injuries, attacks. You can't dodge them all. Sorry if this rule feels like it should just be implied, but I have had issues with this in other RP's.

3.) The "Closed Door" Rule.
This rule has multiple uses, but I'm just going to list the 2 specific ones:

specific use 1: Sex. This is an RP, and let's face it, in most RP's characters get close. Even players get close. So intimate sessions are to be expected. This rule is to be applied before your characters engage in an intimate situation (not applying to minor PDA). Characters go into a room and close the door, then continue the intimate session in private with each other via messenger, ET message, separate wiki, etc. Anyone who was a fan of or has just read our Crying Destiney RP know that I, myself ([snowwolfsa]), and another player are horribly guilty of public display. This time around, let's for the most part keep it as private as possible.

Specific use 2: At the end of the day, we all have lives; stuff to do, real life, jobs, sleep, babies, etc. This rule is a good way to indicate you're done for the night. Retreat to your room and close the door. If a Captain of a ship does this, you may not attack or destroy their ship, since you may not kill another player without their permission. However, his player-based crew is still free to RP on the ship, and the ship's crew may engage in scuffles, but avoid serious battles when not all members of a ship's crew are present. This can be done by having everyone online at the same time for a multi-post session, or can be started and finished in a turn-based order. As long as every crew member is aware it's going on, and gets the chance to have their character interact in the serious fight.

4.) Give Everyone a Turn.
Should someone have to disappear suddenly, or forget to close the door for the night, try not to start a posting typhoon and leave anyone behind. I'm sure we're all guilty of this somehow. Be patient, and wait for their return.

Edit to Rule: After starting the rp, it has become apparent that a posting order needed to be established. So look to the bottom of the each currently active RP page to see whose character's post it is, in each active stage of that page. Stages are divided by lines in the play area. If there is a elftown account name instead of a character name, its a rper whose is playing a npc, or a unimportant character. Those types of characters are used for a variety of reasons.

There is another edit to this rule, that i am making a rule of its own, see below.

5.) Time Limit
While we dont want to leave everyone behind, there is a time limit now, this has been an issue that has come up, where its been a character's post for a month or more, with out a post. so posts now have a predetermined time limit. You have 24 hours to respond to a post, this is enough time, where if a person disapears suddenly, they wont come back the next day to a typhoon of posts, but also gives other rpers the option to move on, if a player dissapears with out word, for longer then 24 hours.

Exception to this rule: Notification, If we are notified that you will not be able to post for said amount of time, the option to pause the session, will be available. However if the predetermined time is longer then a few days, we will prolly try discuss a work around. So other rpers are not locked in waiting till your available again.


That is all for now. Wasn't too painful, I hope. Thanks for taking the time to read the rules, and please try to stick to them.

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2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Makes sense. *nods* Though for the record, both Nevermore and myself are seasoned roleplayers, and we do not have any stipulations against character relations in the open. :P Just to put that out there.

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: I would just like too say again...your awesome!

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: lol well its more of a guide line then anything else i guess... if the session allows for it to happen privately i guess.. i dont wanna ruin the rp experience, so there are exceptions to the if a moment gets intimate and theres not a room around to retreat to...not much you can do about there lol

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Lol! Why, because I'm not afraid of sex? We're all adults here, and I think it's nothing to be ashamed of.

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: I think the closed door idea is a option that can be used though.

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: I'm not disagreeing. Lol.

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: I think it should be left up too the individuals for the most part. *looks at Cat and smirks*

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: *smiles as innocently as possible*

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: Hahaha!! This is going to be an amazing group.

2014-07-30 [snowwolfsa]: Rule 4 who ever came up with it. Nice!, i was trying to think of how to word somthing similar

2014-07-30 [dead~spirit]: ever wonder where characters go when they shut the door?

2014-07-30 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: *bows* Glad I could help! ^^"

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