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2006-06-17 13:08:09
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I would like to know what you think of the travellers! I write primarily because it's damn good, clean fun, but you, the noble reader is in a very close second. So if you have any queries, suggestions, boasts, love letters or fan fiction (ha!) send it to me! I love to hear that you love me! I should reply to all messages within 48 hours, but if I don't the following are the possible reasons/solutions:

1. I haven't been on, check if I haven't been on in a while, if I haven't then wait. I'll get to it.

2. I'm on holiday/Dead. If I haven't been on for a week, then I probably on holiday, just wait I'm never away for more than a week or two. If I'm dead... cry. Then talk to Josh.

3. I've blocked you previously. Send a message to Josh or put up a comment for me on the travellers. And I'll unblock you.

4. I'm igoring you. Your idea/question was so dumb that I couldn't be bothered to answer. Nothing. Life's tough. Josh might be more helpful.

Also, if you think you've spotted some trouble with the stories, I.E. Matt's bleeding then he suddenly isn't, tell us! We will always try to adapt to make our stories as true to real life as we can in a story about four time-travelling drunkards.

Now, what I really want to get from you is messages saying 'How does this work?' or 'wouldn't that cause a paradox?' 'cos then I get to make up some sciency stuff. So please, any questions or suggestions, then send them all to me via elftown @ [Mitsuharu], Josh [Little Victories] will probably take your messages too. Or you can e-mail us with your comments to

Yours hopefully,


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