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VS. match

Steelheart sat in the vally waiting for Eileen.

Elieen came in, twirling her daggers lightly, for practice.

"Welcome, ladies first" Steelheart bowed not trieng to sound cocky.

Elieen bowed back, and made her move. She jupmed into the air, and flipped, landing behind Steelheart. She lifted her foot to boot him in the back.

Steelheart treid to soften the blow by rolled foward,drawing his chain and forming a long katana.

Elieen pulled out her two long daggers, and twirled them, waiting.

Steelheart dashed foward beheading daises.

Elieen jumped up into the air, pulling her knees in, as to protect her belly.

Forming a bat before contact Steelheart swung with all his might.

Elieen almost seemed to land on the bat, and propelled herself off of it. She tossed her dagger at Steelheart.

Lossing his balence Steelheart fell. The dagger sank into the ground next to him.

Elieen took out another dagger to replace the one she had lost.

Steelheart dashed toward Eillen brandashing the sword.

Elieen moved her arms in front of her. "Do we have to only use our weapons?" She hated fighting only like that.

Steelheart formed the sword back into his chain "very well then". He threw the first punch with an uppercut.

Elieen's daggers quickly went into thier pockets, just in time for her to take the hit lightly. She flipped behind him, and swept her leg at the ground, as to knock him over.

Cutting a cartwheel at the blow Steelheart grabbed her foot as to throw Eileen.

Elieen flipped in mid-air, and landed softly on the ground.

Steelheart got down in a three point stance and took off to takcle her.

Elieen smirked. When he got close enough, she placed her hands on his shoulders, and used them to flip. She added some extra force to throw him to the ground.

Steelheart swung his foot around after he hit the ground to trip Eileen.

Elieen backed up alittle. "I felt the wind on that one."

steelheart got back up and into an irish fighting position, and threw a right hook followed by superfast medium power punches.

Elieen did what came natural to her, she lept away, and landed on her feet. "My turn." She sent six daggers, in every direction that he could go.

Steelheart grabbed two daggers as one sank into his arm, staalheart grunted and took a small peice of metal and it covered the wound and set into healing. Steelheart threw one dagger back.

Elieen caught it, atrickle of brood running down her arm. She didnt not flinch. She only ran towards him.

Steelheart doged nimbly aside amd threw the other dagger at her back.

Elieen by now had landed, and she whirled around and caught it betwwn her fingers.

Steelheart was surprised by the elf. Grabbing his chain he formed two metal boxing gloves.(Eye of the tiger started playing in the back ground)Steelheart threw a left, right, left jab combo.

Elieen dodged, took one it, and kicked him in the chest.

Steelheart went flying, he went soo hi he used a wind current to blow him back. Steelheart covered himsalf in a layer of metal, and dove at Eileen"Steel meteor!!!"

ELieen looked afraid, but remained still. A thivk layer of blackness covered her.

The two powers collided and dust went every where.

Elieen had her arms crossed in front of her, and wind was blowing around her. a few small scratched were over her.

The dust creared and steelheart toke the splite second to wipe blodd from his arm. then he formed a sling shot and flung debris at Eillen.

Elieen put up the black forcefield again, and pushed the debris back at Steelheart.

Trying to look as suave as possible, Steelheart dogded the debri, but not before he was hit square in the face.

Elieen watched, and waited. "So.....why are we doing this again?"

Steelheart rubbed his nose"you challenged me remember?"

"Yes, but we seem to be at a standstill."

"Agreed....truce?" Steelhaeat stuck out his hand.

Eileen took and shook it. "Truce."

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2005-08-24 [twitchboy]: gtg

2005-08-24 [Akayume]: k, bye

2005-09-01 [twitchboy]: add a link to your house for fantasy fighter

2005-09-04 [Akayume]: *rolls eyes* its not like anyone reads my description anyway.

2005-09-06 [twitchboy]: hehe soo do you want to end this

2005-09-06 [Akayume]: its pointless...well.......

2005-09-06 [twitchboy]: well...........

2005-09-06 [Akayume]: well, we could continue, if you want

2005-09-06 [twitchboy]: it doesnt matter this site is dead (never lived :( )

2005-09-06 [Akayume]: aaww....i liked it. you just have to bug all your friends so that they will join. (thats what i do) Uprising oh, oh! go here

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