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2004-07-17 22:36:53
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welcome to

stickmen killing

this is for people who like to see stickmen die [freakgurlie8] gave me idea never knew her until she sent me a pic well what u do is put pictures up of stickmen dieing or stickmen killing other stickmen.


not many rules but have to follow them as someone will get mad
1. don't copy or take anyone elses idea
2. it has to be stickmen
3. it can`t be anyone u know or u want to kill
(told u there wasn't many)

so this is where u put the pic just put your use name and then the pic yes this is passworded so ask me [woohoo] before putting anything on it if u want to join just go to stickmen killing members and put your user name under mine

these are a few what i [woohoo] did




this was from [freakgurlie8] she sent it me and she was the one who gave me the idea of doing this wiki

[-----] did this one she is cool

[PlueOfDoom] did this i like this one more as it is more 3D although i like the 2D ones

Username (or number or email):


2004-07-17 [-----]: cool , you got a wiki, i'm gonna join YAY

2004-07-17 [fuck the fuckin username rules FUCK IT]: haha dead!! YAY!

2004-07-17 [4gauged]: you guys are morons (except for woohoo)

2004-07-17 [woohoo]: ok cool an argument

2004-07-17 [4gauged]: lol

2004-07-17 [woohoo]: yeah

2004-07-17 [-----]: [kate] wow! killing wiki this rules

2004-07-17 [PlueOfDoom]: wweeeeee!!!! die stickmen die!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!

2004-07-17 [woohoo]: lol

2004-07-18 [Xaero]: sad bastard

2004-07-18 [Zacks Pixie Bitch]: LMAO i love to see stick men die...imma go see if i can make one half as good...(probly not but at least im tryin ..right?)

2004-07-18 [woohoo]: yeah thats all what it is about its not that hard

2004-07-24 [4gauged]: im back from camp

2005-06-07 [woohoo]: i am back woo

2005-08-07 [4gauged]: woot yah

2005-08-08 [woohoo]: i think i am going to be delieteing this site

2005-08-09 [4gauged]: lol

2005-08-09 [woohoo]: yeah no one goes on it ur the frist person on it for ages

2005-11-11 [I am no longer existant]: ha thats funny. Theres a site kinda like this.

2005-12-09 [woohoo]: yeah that is funny i cant get mine to move

2006-01-11 [lucetgirl]: Dude! Check out this sight! Get paid for surfing the net!

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