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Welcome to:

Stories of the Bell

This is my place for writing. It's a collection of all my favorite works I've written, including my trilogy in-progress, my fanfictions, my poetry, and my odds and ends. I don't expect my works to amaze you but I hope they can entertain you and hopefully you may even find them interesting and worthwhile to continue.

So enter the world of [~Saraneth~] and possibly enjoy what you may find here. But be warned, I don't guarantee anything.


The Legends of Serene

Not much done here and it's not not moving quickly but it's worth checking out I think. I'm spending most of my time on my InuFic right now.

Grab a a comfy chair and sit down a while to hear the story about adventure, love, fantasy, magic, betrayal, revenge and the good-ole battle of good versus evil. With many side-changes, plot twists, and magic, I hope to entertain and captivate you all. 

[I would have to rate this story PG-13 because of violence, gore, and sexual innuendo later in the story.]


Broken and Confused

An Inuyasha Fanfiction

This is a story of love and romance and takes place after the battle with Naraku. The story is centered on the pairing of Inu/Kag and possibly a side story line about San/Mir pairing. I'm not sure exactly how the story will pan out from here. I'll stop my intro for the here and now and let the story wisk you away to the Fuedal Era of Japan once more. Enjoy!

Warnings: [Rated R. Click link to wiki for more information.]

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, or any of it's delicious characters and I never will.  *le sigh*


Odds and Ends

My randomocity, poetry, prompts, and just miscellaneous in general.

the ways of sleeping
A prompt taken from the idea of Ron Carlson's "The Twenty-Seventh Rain"


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[~Saraneth~]: I still have no readers! *cries*

[treefrog]: Oh, wait. The prolouge is the intro on this page right? If not then I'm changing my vote. :) Sorry, it's getting late, and I'm not always the brightest person.

[~Saraneth~]: Nopers the Prolouge is on Prolouge 2

[Zab]: ..what happened on prolouge1? (actualy, not trying to be lame this time, just wonder..)

[~Saraneth~]: oh the two at the end of all the chapters means that it is part of the second book. The second book is where you should start by the way. Prolouge 1 would mean it would be form the First book, etc. Does that help you?

[Zab]: yeah, it does.... why not start at the first book? Oo

[~Saraneth~]: Um . . . because the First book was never written yet. The 2nd and 3rd have, but they are under haevy editting. These 2 books have taken 3 years. And I am finally posting them in their pretty much final form. To tell you the truth there was only suppose to be 2 books, but there were so many problems with the motives for characters to act upon. This is how we end up with a childhoodless villain and many other twisted backgrounds of the other characters. The Great War made it all fit. 

[~Saraneth~]: In actuality when I first started writing, I had started with the third book, which was at that time the 2nd. This wasn't well thought out at the beginning unfortuately, so now I am forced to worked backward.

[Zab]: oh...ok...complicated^_^

[~Saraneth~]: lol ^_^U sorry . . . . But the point is I am not waiting to write a whole other book to hear what ppl think. So you liked it (the poll says so but I wnana kno what you liked so i can keep it up in my editting) ?

[Zab]: hmm...actualy I havn't read it yet..but I will..and then I'll check the voting again..

[~Saraneth~]: ok then. I'm satisfied with that answer.

[Zab]: ^_^good.

[~Saraneth~]: Chapter 1 is done.

[~Saraneth~]: I will start wrinting again statring today everyone ^_^!

[~Saraneth~]: Yay! New poll (finally ^^) and some Appendixes to explian about the actual 'Legends of Serene' ^^ Enjoy!

[Randirianna]: Hello? Where's the first book? I wanna read that first! ^^ Hi Saraneth-chan!

[~Saraneth~]: The first has not even been written yet. . . So read the second! Just as good, ^_^ *nods* just second not first. 

[Randirianna]: Okies. I will when I have the uber-amounts of time I need...

[~Saraneth~]: Lol okay. Sorry to everyone who's been reading or was: My school work lately had made me neglct my story. But! There are 2 new sections added to Chapter Two if you wish to read more . . . ^^U

[~Saraneth~]: Chapter 2 is done w00t! Lots and lots of good stuffs in there. Like what Gondrake is planning!

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