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This page is a complement for the Elftown, Suggestions forum.

How to make a suggestion:

Step one: Read through this page and the elftown_factory to see if it has already been suggested. If it has, you don't have to suggest it again.

Step two: Always post your suggestion in the Elftown, Suggestions forum <forum:Elftown, Suggestions> (except for suggestions for new fantasy races, those you write here directly). Keep it short and specific, don't ramble about how you are a newbie and very sorry if you are doing something wrong. That way, you may even get a response from Mayor [Hedda] :-)

Step Three: Write down your suggestion on the new suggestions page, so that others can see that it has been suggested. Again, keep it short and specific.

If you get feedback on your suggestion, for example if it gets rejected or implemented, you should come back and edit your suggestion and move it to the appropriate page.

Serious suggestions only, please!


New fantasy races

There have been many requests for new "fantasy race personalities". This page was getting full of them, so they have been moved to a new page: race suggestions. Go there if you want to suggest more races.



Is your language missing from the list of choosable languages in Your House? Add it to the languages page!


Competition Ideas

Suggestions for competitions that could be officially held can be added to the Elftown Competition Ideas.


-To enter a new suggestion, see new suggestions
-To view old and rejected suggestsions, see old or rejected suggestions


Implemented suggestions

Old suggestions that now are implemented are moved here.

Elftown Clock
I think it would be a good idea to have a clock on the main page, it could be decided by the higher beings of elftown to decide what time the clock goes by, but then people from other sides of the world can decide to meet on 'Elftown Time" which could simplfliy things for people, if this is possible that it.
Update: Hedda has done some of his magic again! There is now a clock on main street.

Elftown Academy
Place where someone like me could learn for example Quenya, or whatever it was, or other foreign languages, "History" of fantasy races, drawing etc.
Comment from [peura]: I think the Wiki would be an excellent place for that, so that everyone can help with adding to the knowledge. There is already a "artistic tips" section on the wiki, btw.
Update: There now is an Elftown Academy wiki page.

Diary improvement?
Diaries- Should we make private diaries that only that person has the choice to write in or view?
Update: This is now possible. You can set diary entries to be private, viewable by only your friends, or viewable by anyone.

Go To Wiki-Page
The go to wiki button currently only appears in the wiki itself, but it would be very convenient for people who spend a lot of time in the wiki or who have wiki-pages themselves to be able to use it from their house. Maybe a permanent "go to wiki-page" button beside the "enter username" and "mood" slots?
Update: Found below the Online Friends.

Private polls/diary visitors log?
Something so you can see what people have been voting in your polls and visiting your diary.
Update: You can make wiki-polls that allow you to keep track of voters using the <voting> tag.

"Roll Dice" when Editing
If it were possible to create some kind of engine that randomly chooses a number when you write a post, then we could enhance our Text Adventures and bring them even closer to traditional roleplaying, by using these numbers as the Dice. To explain better, someone edits a Wikipage, they need to roll a dice to see if their attack connects, how much damage they take, et cetera. THey hit "Edit this Wiki Page, they make their changes, and then they have the choice of hitting "Submit" and "Roll Dice." Hitting the Roll Dice button gives them a random number, and submits their changes. So even if they don't like their number, the only way they could cheat is if they deleted their post and wrote it again. Too specific? I know nothing about programming, but it would be great...
Update: We've had the D20 dice for a while, so this is being moved to done. See the wiki-page info box to view the generated number, after editing.

Wiki search
-Wikis should be sorted into sections of type, content, etc. That way you could search for wikis based on your interests, etc.
-Enable an Elftowner to be able to use key words to search for all Wiki's that have that word in them, so they can find unlisted Wiki's they might have stumbled on previously and cannot find.
Update: You can now search for wiki-pages by keywords, if there are keywords entered into the keyword box found on the wiki-edit page.

If we could get a page going for this, it would be nice. We could give tips on drawings certain objects, or say, faces, and hands, tips on painting your drawngs, tips for writing, and more.
Update: See official wiki Elftown Tutorials.

Images as links
Being able to make a wikibanner a clickable link that leads to that wiki.
Update: Now possible with the 'wikiimg'-tag.

"Private" wikis
See cnetg9 on Locking Wikis/Creating Private Wikis.



Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The elftown_factory
-The list of places where you can contribute to Elftown
-The list of new suggestions
-The list of old or rejected suggestions
-The list of fantasy race suggestions
-The list of suggested languages
-The help index

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2003-03-10 [peura]: If you could read the instructions on this page, you would see that you should post all new suggestions in the Suggestions forum, if you want to be sure that someone sees them.

2003-03-10 [Hedda]: I also read this page, but I don't comment it that often.

2003-03-10 [peura]: I wrote some "how to post a suggestion" instructions, hope it helps...

2003-03-10 [Hedda]: You wrote it over me comments *grmbl* Well, nothing important was lost though.

2003-03-16 [the effervescent effulgence]: well, if you post all new suggestions in the suggestion forum, what's this page here for... ?_?

2003-03-16 [Hedda]: This is a place where you put your suggestions so that other people can edit them. If you have a half-finished one for example. It is also good to have your suggestion here because I often look at this page to see what I can do.

2003-04-27 [Amythest Cat]: maybe a line also for a current thought. Sometimes I want to make a mood obvious and a thought ovvious. 

2003-04-29 [Calico Tiger]: Man, that vampire race write-up is entirely too long! Someone should shorten it to 2 or 3 lines like the rest. Me? Heck no. I ain't touching it. I didn't suggest it so don't wanna muck that one up.

2003-04-30 [alpha wolf]: could u like make games or something

2003-05-12 [ange7snow]: I think a Guest House is needed

2003-05-14 [peura]: I nuked the long desc on the vampire race. Not entirely, though: you can still find it at vampire_desc.

2003-05-22 [Pippin]: please someone help me! is it possible for me to make a wiki text adventure thing? if it is can someone tell me how i start because i dont know how!? could you message me.

2003-08-07 [ravenna]: I added a different description for vampires.......

2003-09-11 [Taeven]: :( on this computer editing the wiki doesnt work for some odd reason... but i have a suggestion! ::cries::

2003-09-14 [Hedda]: [Taeven]: I think the page is too big. Someone might fix that, or you might use another browser. The best place to suggest new things is in the Elftown, suggestions-forum. Here you just write them, so that they will not be forgotten, or to add up the details.

2003-10-16 [Calico Tiger]: I removed the Furry poll and other advertisement stuff from my Fellnari suggestion. This isn't the place to advertise things... *whaps everyone with fluffy pillows*

2003-10-16 [CookieDough]: will we be seeing additions to the fantacy race personalities anytime soon?

2003-10-29 [hauhz brecc]: [Hedda], can u make it easier for people to know how to create wiki's of their own?

2003-12-22 [Elforia]: I'm not sure if this is the right place to make these suggestions but here goes.....1) maybe the buttons at the very top of the page could move with people click them.....not sure a small indentation when they are clicked on....just for fun? and 2) I'm not sure if it's my palce to say this, but the delete button for members to leave elftown doesn't quite do that. there's just a list of things and that's there's really no point to it

2003-12-22 [MathiasIV]: The delete member button is just for comedic relief. Its actually really funny :)

2003-12-22 [Elforia]: oh I seeeeeeeeeeee. no it's just someone I know tried to delete herself and when she found she couldn't got really really annoyed. I found it funny myself it's just a little weird for people who mean it

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