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2006-08-05 22:34:32
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Super Kool Weird Art


Duhn ...Duhn ...dun dun dhun.....

*Dramatic Pause*


The Wiki you have been dreaming,Day Dreaming,and HAlusinating about has Finally come to reality ...well this reality!!!!!! haha

This is the Wiki for the waky, un converntional, weird and really F@#%$ed up art!!!!
normal art MAY be put up but not Garenteed to be put up.

I dont know how you think of art but i think that jsut normal "Convetional" art is not very interesting or origanal, for me new and outside the box (or your mind) is the best thing(s) out thier.

ok this is the Low Down :

-you ask me to put your art up( message me at my elftown page at [mildrid])
-I reveiw your art( just to be sure, i bet your a Fabulus artist!)
-I put it up and peeps here WORSHIP you(or just construstive coments/critisms)

You dont HAVE to say you like it , but you cant go bashing people Ego's with a 2 by 4 with a big rusty nail in it.

I am Zach, the crazy homeless guy who was given $10,000,000,000 by BIll Gates for washing his windsheild in traffic on a Saturday night, and i opened this Art Gallery to have everyones "Un-Convetional" Art Viewed, and to have a place to sleep were its warm.......hey it get cold out side in the winter.

A gllery for our artists has been set up at Super Kool Weird Art Gallery


-Day Maneger:[The sun keeps fading away.] faithful and obervent....a great person to know

-Night Maneger:[Selena_Evy]rocker till the end..gaurded by a teddy bear...

-Door Man:(Open)

-Head Of Security:(Open)

-Security Gaurd:[Violet-jane.] I trust her you BETTER!!!

-Security Gaurd 2:(Open)


-Design Consultant:[fjdka] a little crazy....... but always in good taste!!!

*feel free to sugest more jobs


wroking on it(spelling too)


Username (or number or email):


2006-10-27 [im no long here]: love the drawing would love to make it inceramics if thats ok with you

2006-11-02 [mildrid]: go for it!

2006-11-02 [fjdka]: moew!!!!

2006-11-08 [im no long here]: i will mildrid

2006-11-13 [mildrid]: lets get more popel to join kool?


2006-11-13 [fjdka]: i will try my best...

2006-11-14 [Disconnection]: oh, dear Randa, I think the best I could do here would be being the lazy guy sleeping in the corner that no one knows why he's there at all. >.<

2006-11-14 [fjdka]: AWW... no. you could could be a critique... observe the other's art and such. *licks you*

2006-11-15 [Disconnection]: but I only like to judge when I'm feeling cynical... and then it's just because I like to point out the flaws of people I don't like and shove 'em down their throats....

2006-11-15 [fjdka]: oh come now! i'm sure you would be a great critic... find flaws and perfections in the art. go look in the gallery... *licks your nose* silly goose....

2006-11-19 [mildrid]: ok now i dont want any children to say" my momy and daddy met in Super Kool Weird art Wiki" k?

2006-12-08 [mildrid]: anyone here?

2006-12-09 [fjdka]: yeeeeeeees... but there is not topic to converse about.

2006-12-11 [mildrid]: yes, i love that movie, but did you know its outlawed in the UK?

2006-12-11 [fjdka]: that's nuts. i'm reading the book right now... it has much more violence and crazy words...

2006-12-17 [mildrid]: well the book and lines in the movie use the dialect of old english, think newage shakspear kinda talk.

2006-12-18 [fjdka]: some more great movies i saw this weekend: Helter Skelter (original) and Citizen X
both very fascinating. i did watch Fight Club.. again. i really would like to the book though.. i've heard great things. i've done some new art.. i'll have to get it scanned.

2006-12-25 [mildrid]: i wish i had a scanner , but of caorsew the same godamed exscuse ... TOO POOR!

2006-12-25 [fjdka]: i'm too poor, but we have a printer/scanner. we're REALLY poor now. us three 'kids' got my father a surround sound system for about $650... and my dad just bought my brother that stupid playstation 3. oh goody. now he'll be obsessed with that.

2007-01-21 [mildrid]: were does the money come from for this stuff... I mean when I was really poor we just went without things if we didn't have money .... I didn't have a TV for about 4 years

2007-01-22 [fjdka]: i have no idea where that money is coming from. it shouldn't be coming at all. it SHOULD be being saved for our trip to England this June. I'M not spending any of my income except for gas and ciggarettes.

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