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2005-11-12 23:14:55
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This is for all you dudes and dudettes who miss our beloved SuperTed.




Now remember, this took valuable study time 2 make..... yeh yeh, needed a distranction anyways........


For all the fans put this banner on your page to show your support!!!



1. [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]<---- Owner. SuperTed will return!!
2. [Rattie] Superted rules....rock on the Ted Master!!
3. [Dorian Gray] He made road safety videos with my daddy - "not behind the bus spotty!"
4. [cavegirl] My little brave heart.... do teddies hav hearts???
5. [psychekiller] i miss super ted but hell be back i just know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. [Nymphette] - yaaaaaaaay i <3 and miss superted :(
7. [Blasphemous Rumours] Yeysome...Super Ted!! Worship him!
8. [Avarice] superted rules!!!!!
9. [Ghost the Hybrid] I miss you superted and so does my brother^^
10. [Alfirin Lindlea] - Oh hurrah for superted!
11. [Monday is my favourite time of year] Whey hey! Holy shit! it's texus Pete...oh no...just Olive :P

Thanks and remember...

It needn't be hell with Super Ted!

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2005-11-10 [cavegirl]: eye of the beholder.... eye of th beholder...

2005-11-10 [psychekiller]: right you said you had none

2005-11-10 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: No cause I was using one!!!!!!

2005-11-11 [psychekiller]: but you just said you had 3 altogether

2005-11-11 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: i have lots

2005-11-11 [cavegirl]: me 2.... y dnt u jst get 1.... then u 2 can hav sum...

2005-11-11 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: pretty pointless argument

2005-11-11 [cavegirl]: yupski! u said

2005-11-12 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: Hmmmmmm.....many apologise for and incowinience........too much blackadder pur moi :P

2005-11-12 [Monday is my favourite time of year]: Is her nose as pretty as mine?

2005-11-12 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: Because if it is, I'll chop it off and then you'll have to marry someone without a nose. And that won't be very nice will it Edmund?

2005-11-12 [Monday is my favourite time of year]: Imagine the mess when she got a cold! Yuck! I had a pretty dream about ponies....

2005-11-12 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: DONT GET ME STARTED! I'm gonna have to go watch them shoud know better than to start me off on shit like that

2005-11-12 [Monday is my favourite time of year]: You should know better than to ignore me for two days straight........i <3 u really :P

2005-11-12 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: hmmp..not listening!!!!!

2005-11-13 [cavegirl]: do do do do do the funky gibon

2005-11-13 [Monday is my favourite time of year]: That's the bird dude isn't it?

2005-11-13 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: Bill Ody

2005-11-13 [cavegirl]: dunno... its Rossi tht sings it, thts where i heard it anyways

2005-11-15 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: Oh...Billy Oddy used to be on a TV show called the Goodies and he was in teh group of peoples that sung songs....and one of those songs was called Do the funky gibbon........holy shit! I'd better take off my anorak now :P

2005-11-15 [psychekiller]: *sadly* hi

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