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NOTE: Sweep is not entirely true. Things have been added for dramatic effect. If you would like to know more about it add a comment and I'll answer the question to the best of my ability.
Hi this is a page where you can write about the Sweep seires. Their will be polls and stuff.

         Sweep Inrto written by [Joey18]
      Morgan falls in love with a new boy named Cal. Little does she know that he is a witch. Morgan and her friends go to a party. Then Cal tells them that he wants to hold a circle. Only thirteen people remain. This seires is very good. It is filled with romance and magick. I highly recomend this seires to anyone who likes books full of drama.

 Character Bios-
Morgan Rowlands- Blood witch. Memeber of kithic. Woodbane. Red hair. Irish. Adopted. Sibilings: Mary K (adoptive), Killan(half), Iona, and Kyle. Good at starting fire with her mind.

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