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All images on this wiki, and in the wikis on this page, are ©copyright to Amanda "AJ" James. All rights reserved.


The good pirates were the first pirates to come into being. The "Good Pirates on Deck" picture was the first picture I ever did with any anthro pirate. The good crew, in it's intirity were the first to be drawn. The evil pirates idea spawned from this, after Carmen of course, and were all drawn as counterparts for the good pirates. Each pirate has her own wiki, so feel free to comment on them if you like!




- Sandy -
- Shela -
- Rochelle -
- Ronsa -
- Opal -
- Ping Pong -
- Penelope -
- Nim -
- Fiona -
- Mindy -
- Vicky -
- Cindy -
- Bonnie -
- Chi Chi -
- Fedora -
- Liss -
- Cabela -
- Sequoia -
- Amelia -


- Good Group Pictures & Other -


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2005-06-27 [Orouriel]: if evil is good than it isn't evil anymore :-O

2005-06-28 [Paz]: no no no. Evil is good for us just not the rest of the world

2005-07-03 [Adam Zero]: Without Evil there is no good so evil is a nessecy...evil... balance rocks...

2005-07-03 [Ace118]: evil is a part of life

2005-08-16 [Ace118]: I am back

2005-08-25 [runnybabbit]: Hrm....I just wanted to say that I think your artwork is wonderful, and you will go very, very far with that talent.

2005-08-27 [Adnama]: Thank you! ^_^

2005-08-31 [Ace118]: i just figuerd how to use paint shop pro but thinking it would be better if i had photoshop too? check my house I was soo crap at art

2005-09-25 [runnybabbit]: -drools over Fedora-

2005-10-19 [Ace118]: what

2005-10-23 [Black_Dragon_123]: NO! MI-wait... Fedora? I'm... ok with that.

2005-11-12 [Ace118]: you are well you have to wait a while for her reply

2005-11-14 [Sweet Solitude]: mmmmmm..captain Carmen!! *drools*

2005-12-09 [-Opi-]: They're absolutely wonderful anthros!!

2006-03-14 [live=evil]: beautiful

2006-03-16 [Black_Dragon_123]: Carmen be mine.

2006-04-01 [Boldly Going Nowhere]: THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!

2006-04-06 [Black_Dragon_123]: YEAH, they are.

2006-06-07 [Ace118]: very

2006-08-13 [Dragonthryth]: would you mind if i inked in some of your skethes?
and your pictures are very nice.

2007-07-06 [Adela Leafshanks]: Arrg...It's between Fedora, Nim, Bonnie and Mindy...hehe, crazy Scottish sheep anthro XD

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