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TAR Index

The Accidents Rp-Main page

  -Somewhere in the cosmos....-Prestory
  -Somewhere in the cosmos....2- The gods are conversing again... and what they
       have to say could tell of trouble coming for the accidents.

  -The Rules of Accident - Rules of Rp

  -Member pages

       *The Accidents-Good guys page
       *The Others-Bad guys page
       *Power of the Gods- List of gods and what god chose what character.

  -Accident's Chapters

       *The City High-Good guys starting page
       *Base of Operations, Accidents-Second part of the story.
       *Base of Operatons, Accidents2- Continuation of first Base page.
       *Getting Settled- Estidny has revealed that they may have to live here sooner
            or later and has shown them a peculiar room. What is the point of it all?
       *Unforseen Disaster - A new girl is found, a new enemy awaits, and Estidny
       *The Aftermath- A new ally is found and the accidents deal with Estidny's
  -The Other's Chapters

       *The Other's Hideout-Bad guys starting page.

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