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The Town Herald


The netpaper about Elftowners, by Elftowners, for Elftowners.


.::Gothic Nightmares::.


Cover Image by our Featured Artist, [Dr.No].

TH 16 Special Edition - Bidding A Fond Farewell



The Town Herald - Issue 16

-TH Issue 16 Index

--TH 16 Features
---TH 16 Letter From the Editor
---TH 16 Special Edition - Bidding a Fond Farewell memoir to Fallen Heralder [Kileaiya]
---TH 16 Featured Artist -
---TH 16 Feature:Prose - Song of the Vampiress by [Chrysilla]
---TH 16 Feature:Story - Victorya's Story by [silent_voice]
---TH 16 Feature:Interview with Moonknight by [All_Most PUNK]
---TH 16 Art Corner
---TH 16 Poetry Corner

--TH 16 Articles & columns
---TH 16 Article: Trip to ComicCon by [irulan]
---TH 16 Article: Fall of the House of Usher by [Lady of Lore]
---TH 16 Article: The True History of Dracula by [Mordigen]
---TH 16 Article: Origins of Gothic Nightmare by [Kaeirdwyn]
---TH 16 Article:Inner workings of NanoWriMo by [Kaeirdwyn]
---TH 16 Column: Silent's Horror Corner by [silent_voice] **
   **WARNING - content advisory, may contain language or descriptions some may find offensive**

--TH 16 Reviews
---TH 16 Review: Quickie Reviews by [Mordigen]
---TH 16 Review: RobinHood Prince of Thieves by [Chimes]
---TH 16 Review: CMX – Talvikuningas by [iippo]
---TH 16 Review: Lasher by [Chrysilla]
---TH 16 Review: Underworld the Movie by [Kaeirdwyn]
---TH 16 Reviwe: Blood Ties by [Kaeirdwyn]

--TH 15 Fun & Games
---TH 16 Horoscopes by [Mordigen]
---TH 16 Comic - Gorilla Warfair? by [iippo]
---TH 16 Trivia 
---TH 16 Games

--TH 16 Lifestyle
---TH 16 Recipe: Squash Time! by [irulan]

The Heralders
The people responsible for this madness!



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