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The Bandwagon

a wiki of links for all the wonderful people who
like to say wonderful things about
other wonderful people!!!

so join
The Bandwagon
and spread the wonderfulness!

"Cia is..."
Slavorkje is...
squee is
Linderel is...
"Daya is..."
"Jitters is..."
Franzie is..
Atay is..
"Doom-El is..."
Lizz is...
Elegy is...
Sunrose is...
True is...
Lerune is...
zab is
Elfy is
Knighty is
Naph is..
Juju is..
Firenze is...
Blood is
Bun-Bun is...
Hige is...
Ikko is...
red is...
Toboe is...
Rikki is...
shi-chan is...
Kasi is...
Asalli is
Tsome is...
Armand is...
Kitty is...
Chimes is

so if you know a friend who is needing a dose of wonderful words then make a wiki and add it here.. we all love to spread the wonderfulness!!!!!

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2006-12-20 [Cia_mar]: we should export? ok

2006-12-20 [deus-misereatur]: mine is sad and lonely :(

2006-12-20 [Cia_mar]: you added pretty piccys!!! i like the dividers!

2006-12-20 [someelf]: Eep :O

2006-12-20 [deus-misereatur]: :D

2006-12-20 [Veltzeh]: Key is not... XD

2006-12-23 [Lerune]: I didn't even know this page existed! ^^

2006-12-23 [Sunrose]: It was made 3 days ago ;P

2006-12-23 [Cia_mar]: yeah i thought it would be a fun way to keep up with all of these... and maybe inspire some niceness to be spread!

2006-12-23 [Linderel]: I have a really bad itch to make it alphabetical. xD

2006-12-23 [Cia_mar]: if you feel that it would be easier that way then go ahead that is fine.. if it gets too big we can always make sub wikis by each letter or groups of letters

2006-12-23 [Cia_mar]: the only thinkg is that the way it is now, people know who has been added, just go to bottom of list, you know?... perhaps if we date the new entries?

2006-12-23 [Linderel]: Nah, it's not about whether or not it's easier, it's just an obsessive thing that I have. <_<

2006-12-23 [Cia_mar]: ah lol.... well organization is never an obsession for

2006-12-23 [Linderel]: For me it kind of is, though pretty selectively. Most of the time my room looks like a miniature hurricane went through it...

2006-12-23 [Cia_mar]: well with a house full of 5 kids it almost always looks like that here

2006-12-23 [Linderel]: Hehe. I'll take your word for it.

2006-12-23 [Cia_mar]: lol

2006-12-23 [moira hawthorne]: view diff button should show what was added

2006-12-23 [*(.Randi.)*]: Hullo-ullo-ullo!

2006-12-24 [Cia_mar]: hello to you too!

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