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2005-09-01 10:50:04
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Welcome to the Raven's Den Gods. Here, instead of being a rank, you can be a God Raven/Goddess Raven or both. Just choose which God you'd like to become. The Head Gods are the king, queen, prince, and princess of the Raven's Den and have the strongest Powers.

[RA\/E/\/]- The Ultimate Raven

[Feryanti]- The Raven of Chaos

[miniminx33]- The Raven of The Future

[blueplayboytiger]- The Raven of The Past

[aphrodizzeeack]- The Raven of Sex

[silkysmooth69]- The Raven of Money

[PHAT PANDA]- The Raven of Strength

[Xx_wiggatron_xX]- The Raven of Fire

[Wicked Devil]- The Raven of Music

[short_black_rose]- The Raven of Little People

[Emo Stripper Rock Star Rapper]- The Raven of Insanity

[Little-leena]- The Raven of Crime

[wounded_iguana]- The Raven of Humor


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2005-09-01 [RA\/E/\/]: if anyone wanna becum a raven god...lemme kno

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