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2005-08-28 08:03:57
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Welcome to the Ranks of the Raven's Den. If you'd like to join a rank, message the King and let him know what rank you would like to be and thats it.oh! and one more thing, i have secret service peoplein my wiki so i wouldnt be doing anything you're not supposed to.






Nobel 1:[silkysmooth69]

Nobel 2:[PHAT PANDA]

Nobel 3:[Xx_wiggatron_xX]

Nobel 4:

Nobel 5:

Commander 1:[Wicked Devil]

Commander 2:

Leuitenant 1:

Leuitenant 2:

Adviser 1:[short_black_rose]

Adviser 2:

Adviser 3:

Lawyer 1:[Emo Stripper Rock Star Rapper]

Lawyer 2:[Little-leena]

Lawyer 3:

Soldier 1:

Soldier 2:

Soldier 3:

Soldier 4:

Soldier 5:

Soldier 6:

Soldier 7:

Soldier 8:

Soldier 9:

Soldier 10:

Peasant 1:

Peasant 2:

Peasant 3:

Peasant 4:

Peasant 5:

Peasant 6:

Peasant 7:

Peasant 8:

Peasant 9:

Peasant 10:

Peasant 11:

Peasant 12:

Peasant 13:

Peasant 14:

Peasant 15:

Peasant 16:

Peasant 17:

Peasant 18:

Peasant 19:

Peasant 20:

Joker 1:[wounded_iguana]

Joker 2:


Username (or number or email):


2005-08-18 [miniminx33]: is a princess!...^_^...cheers babes! NOW GET ME SOME COOKIES!! DAMNIT!! heehee...

2005-08-18 [RA\/E/\/]: fuck off the god damn king, u treat me wit respect...

2005-08-18 [RA\/E/\/]: lol

2005-08-18 [miniminx33]: lol....but im the princess i get to whine n bitch so GET ME MY COOKIES king...=P purdee puhleasee!! lol

2005-08-18 [miniminx33]: hey you ass!! lol whyd u remove my damn comment..just for that I WANT COOKIES AND ICE CREAM!! oh oh,....and lollipops...=P lol

2005-08-18 [miniminx33]: oh wtf? lol i didnt see that...u comment page is acting wierd 0_o

2005-08-18 [miniminx33]: some twilight zone shit is goin on here *twilight zone theme*...0.o..

2005-08-18 [RA\/E/\/]: i dint remove shit...LOL...dnt wry it is still ther...

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