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2004-11-11 19:27:29
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Taking over the World 101

World Domination in many many many easy steps!
by [Sundrop] and [WackyCaptain]

Teaching you how to become the villain of your dreams!

Note: We are not responsible for any actions taken by anyone using these helpful tips and tricks when deciding to take over the world.

Think of the greats: The Joker, Dr. Evil, Mojojojo, Pinky and the Brain, Cat Woman, Richard Simmons, and... shudder Martha Stewart...

We know these evil villains, and as an evil villain trainee, you can learn from them. Watch them closely if you see them on television so you can learn from their mistakes.

Wait-a-minute-wait-a-minute! Don't go anywhere before you read Our Wiki Rules.

6-23-04: In honor of my Birthday...I updated this page! :o
6-7-04: Started major renovation of Wiki! Check out the tidy-ness of it all! Now we just need some awesome graphics! *hint hint to all artists out there*

The Classifieds
by [Sundrop]
I'm looking for a permanent artist to help out the wiki and get up some graphics!

List of Evil-ness: Join by adding yourself to the list!

[Eugenidies] took the liberty of creating a banner without being asked! (And it's much better than the one I made XD) So now it is the official Taking of the World 101 Wiki's banner!

The Basics-
Becoming an Evil Villain

by [Sundrop]

Techniques and Tips
by [Sundrop]

Ha, ha, ha, ha, Stayin' Alive! (For the first sequel, anyway.)
by [WackyCaptain]

Weird Science or: Zen and the Art of Mind Control
by [WackyCaptain]

Step by Step: Sundrop's Latest Plot
by [Sundrop]

Spotlight of Total Domination
by [WackyCaptain]

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[Sundrop]: I just found the song so I can listen to it. ^^ I like the violin soloist! Thanks for the reference!

[The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: yay for Queen! Bohemian Rapsody rocks!

[The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: hey people! why no talk? :P

[Sundrop]: ^^; Because School started up again, unfortunately. I'm being loaded down with work. *plots to take over the school* >.<

[Cina]: Uh..wackycaptain? may I join your quest for world domination? I can um..cook dinner for you while you're out conquerin'

[Eugenidies]: Hmmm...I...I mean we should take out schools in a part of plan, that way in the future, every kid will thank us, yet will never be smart enough to overthrow us.

[Sundrop]: B) You know they would. We would totally dominate. Then, we would train some of the brighter ones to follow on in our footsteps.

[Sundrop]: I'm dead serious when I say that all people who delete wikis must go down.

[Davorah]: Fixed! ^_^ Have a nice day! I'll deal with this punk who messed up your wiki... ^_^

[Sundrop]: Thanks a million Gaia-Selaria!! ^^

[Davorah]: hehe no problem! just doing my duty to bring on the justice for all! ^_^ *dons her red cape, sticks her arms straight out if front of her and runs very fast, pretending that she's flying away* ^.^ Whoosh!

[Erata]: I want to be Mr. Tinkles from "Cats and Dogs" :))

[nokaredes]: I'll do some stuff for this wiki as long as you don't mind that I'll be in the hospital for two weeks...

[Sundrop]: Ooooh! *likes the quiz* :P

[kmnkmlkwgtf]: I like the quiz too....but why is it only made for guys!? I'm an evil genius who is going to rule the world.....ok I'm evil and I'm going to rule the world. Being female no one will suspect me. MHA HA HA HA!

[bluepluto51]: There was a book called the CAST OF SHADOWS by Cramer D. Alocost that was all about world domination. Sort of a political thing though. You/yall might want to read it sometime. Its pretty good.

[Sundrop]: I'll have to get my hands on a copy of it. Thanks for the tip, [bluepluto51]

[The Luggage]: Good day fellow evil doers. I'm looking for a new lackey. I left my old one in my evil lair for half an hour while I poisoned the hero. When i got back it was to find he'd cleaned all the windows. It took me ages to get them like that! So i burnt him, as was suggested in this very wiki. But now i need a new lackey to dirty my windows. Any volenteers?

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