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Talkingpage for broken hearts unknown


Here you ask for help with anything you want without ever having to tell who you are.
We're just here to help.


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2006-01-24 Good idea, this page. really well done Christine!

2006-02-22 woot woot! [Daemeon Arkenyon Zane] says this is a good bugger off if you dont like it :P

2006-02-22 lol thanks...

2006-03-12 this is a good page to have [angela01]

2006-03-12 yeah...but i'm kinda glad noone have needed it yet... i just thought we should have it, cause some peoblems are bigger than just a broken heart. [MyWings]

2006-06-12 *clears throat* Geez, I feel dumb. Oh well. You know what's worse than a broken heart? A broken heart you feel guilty about. You beat yourself up still love someone who used you. And then you see things that remind you, people kissing, lyrics to a song, and you feel worse and you bad about feeling worse.

2006-06-12 i don't know how commen that is, but i know i've felt the same way. so you're not alone about it. there are many ways of having a broken heart, and some hurts more than others. yours is one of the most painful. i wish i knew what to do about it, but i don't. it all depends on so much. if you are willing to let go or not, if you want to stay in love with that person or not, if you can manage to let it all go, if you can accept that you feel the way you do, and if you can, if you also can let others know about it. i hope you work it out, and then, if you do, please tell me how you did it, cause i think i really need to know...:S [MyWings]

2007-04-07 i was dating someone and they asked me how i truely felt about them and i told them i loved them and they broke up with me, they said that i came on too strong and they werent looking for a commitment, after all we had been through together they broke up with me just because i told them how i felt

2007-04-07 long had you been dating?
many get scared when things get serious, or more serious than they thought it was. it seems that's what the person you were going out with thought. i don't know if there's anything to do that can fix anything, but just...don't give up. there's always a chanse they'll change their minds... i don't know if there's anything to do but keep on talking to the person and see what time makes of things. but that's just what i think... i can be wrong. :/ good luck no matter what you do. [MyWings]

2007-04-07 *gulps* Okay..I have a major problem. I am what most would call a swinger. Not because of the inability to fall in love, but because I fall in love too easily and too often. Then, when the guy/Girl tells me they want to be with me, I am so scared to hurt their feelings or to lose their love that I tell them that I will be with them. I never once say ANYTHING about any of the other lovers that I have. I wind up cheating on everybody. Currently I have 2 girlfriends and 6 boyfriends. I want to stop this madness that has become my love life, but I've dug myself so deep into each relationship that I don't know how. I don't want to hurt anyone, and I don't want to lose anyone's love. Thus, My broken heart.

2007-04-07 Yeah...that souns like a big problem indeed... way too many people... you should always make sure you like someone before agreeing to be with them, and never with more than one at the time... you should find out who of those you like the most, and stick to that person, because eventually they'll find out that you'er with so many, and then hell's gonna break loose. :S You don't want to hurt anyone... well, that's kinda too late. someone's gonna get hurt no matter what you do. so what's gonna make a differense is how you let them get hurt. by being honest or lying to them. I'm sorry, but that's all i can say. don't know if that'll help at all. [MyWings]

2008-01-22 im broken hearted...

2008-01-22 And why is that? - [MyWings]

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