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Page Title: Tavern Keeper - Raven

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Done for the RP Tyradias, which was created by [Eyden13]-sama:

User: [Yume Youki]

Name: Raven (real name is Sakura, but nobody knows that)

Race: half-elf, half-human

Kingdom: Kingdom of the Roc, however, she travels often, so she doesn't really call it her home. She's finally settled down when she became a tavern keeper, but she still goes places every now and again.

Alliance: Neutral, though somewhat biased towards Roan and her group of rebels.

Rank: Tavern Keeper - Roan's chief information source

Personality: Quiet, thoughtful, and cautious, she is generous, but does not do anything for free, since she needs the money she receives in payment for her helping hand. She does not ask much, however, and is anything but greedy.

She says very little, and likes to keep to herself. But even though she doesn't say much, when she does speak, people listen. She has the ability to lose herself in any kind of crowd, and disappear, which is a valuable ability when it comes to both info gathering, and throwing people off her trail.

Discription: She is pale, slightly tall, with long, waist-length black hair and full lips adorned with black lipstick. She wears a black top, skirt, pair of leggings, and black boots at all times. But it's not any these things that make her so extrodinaraly beautiful - it's her eyes, which are a clear, icy blue, and almost actually look like ice, or more accurately, like crystal.

However, when she uses her powers, they turn a deep, perfect gold color, which makes her seem unearthly and almost scary.

Weapon: She has a katana, and several knives, all of which she can use in combination with her powers, as they were specially made just for that purpose. Her agility is so great, that she can dodge even some of the worst attacks, and make a counter-attack, almost all in one swift move.

Abilities: She can control water and air, and has some talent for combining the two of them. She's a quick thinker, and is always calm, even when in a tight spot.

History: Her parents died in a fire when she was 15 years old, and ever since then, she hasn't said a word about it. After their death, she started traveling, and it was only after she turned 25 and became the owner of her very own tavern. To make up or not going anywhere very often anymore, she became a sort of "resource agent" - meaning she provided resources and information to those who asked and payed the price for it (in cash - she won't accept any other type of payment method, since she doesn't want to risk being ripped off).

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2009-10-21 [Eyden13]: Okay its ok, but Elves can only control one elemnet, two at most. read the beatiraty if your confused. And could you please come up with a name for the tavern?

2009-10-22 [Yume Youki]: Oh...

Okay then. Let's see, she can control water and air...

and the name of the tavern can be... The Black Lagoon. ^^

2009-10-22 [Eyden13]: Great then your done. ^-^ I just need you to create a discirption of your in so I can make the wiki page

2009-10-23 [Yume Youki]: Okay then...

Should I just add "Tavern Description" under "Name of Tavern", or do you want me to do it some other way?

If you do want it done some other way, just tell me, but until then, I'll just stick it on there the way I mentioned before. :)

2009-10-25 [Eyden13]: nah, just write a discription then send it to me any way you want. amd I just found out that ther is anouther wiki page named the Black lagoon, so do have a back up by any chance?

2009-10-29 [Yume Youki]: Hmmm... >.<

Ok, I've got it.

How about Keeper's Tavern? Not sure if it's used already, but I can look...

Anyway, the description's the same, I just need to change the name of it...

Hold on, give me a sec, and I'll message you with it...

2009-11-01 [Eyden13]: it's great

2009-11-01 [Yume Youki]: Thanks

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