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Teddy Lovers <img:stuff/Football%20Teddy%20tiny.psd.gif>"WELCOME!"<img:stuff/Football%20Teddy%20tiny%20rev.psd.gif> <img150*0:stuff/GraphicFloralsInvExcVar-E295X75_test.png><img150*0:stuff/GraphicFloralsInvExcVar-E295X75_test.png> May God Bless You All! <img:><img:><img:>


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...Teddy Lovers...


<img:stuff/Beary%20Fairy%20tiny.psd.gif>~~~TEDDY BEAR MEMBERS~~~<img:stuff/Beary%20Fairy%20tiny%20rev.psd.gif>



Thumbnails of the Teddybear Art on Teddy Bear Art
Thumbnails of the Teddybear Photos on Teddy Bear Pictures</b>
<b>[These are not banners, just pic's & art!]


<img:stuff/Beary%20Fairy%20tiny.psd.gif>To join, just add your name to the list, under the row of ♥'s! (*_~)<img:stuff/Beary%20Fairy%20tiny%20rev.psd.gif>


1.) [Artsieladie]-owner....this is the person to ask questions to about this wiki... I wub Teddybears!

2.) [bluefarie]-daughter/helper...:P

3. [Fire-n-Ash]- teddy bear fanatic!

4. [NotMeantToBe]- I wub teddy bears! :

5.) [gruffybear] I love teddy bears, especially my
  big, black one!

6. [starlightgirl] awww=)

7. [Arlin_Aster]

8. [Willow Darkling] Me loves my TeddyBears, and theys loves me.... CUDDLES

9. [farawaygone] My son is like a teddybear he is soft,cuddly and cheers me up when I hold him close. I love teddies especially mine.

10. [Tawnee.] yay

11.) [Artsie_ladie] I love my teddybears! *hugs*

12.) [Akayume] what would the world be without teddy bears?

13.) [Misty Lady] I have loads of teddies but my special one is hubby bought her for me...she is so huggy and lovely just like him.

14. [Morningstar Rising] Gotta love the teddy-bears they is so cute.

15. [Dark Side of the Moon] I looooooove teddy bears!

16. [Grandamelf] I have lots of Teddy Bears, but my favorite one is a cuddly bear named Paisley. She has paisley paws! when I was a child I had one filled with sawdust!


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2007-08-08 [Artsieladie]: *grins* That's a cute, unique, & original name. How did you come up with the name? :D

2007-08-09 [Morningstar Rising]: I was thinking, you know how I run the regular poems contest on elfpack, what do you think if I start one here, I can run them at the same time and the first theme could be Teddy Bears

2007-08-09 [Artsieladie]: Hmm..sounds good. :D We could, perhaps, have a theme about dreams, too. Wow! This idea/theme we started talking long ago? :P)

2007-08-09 [Morningstar Rising]: for me it was just the other day, but from what I have read, it has been some time. LOL

2007-08-09 [Artsieladie]: I'm talking about the 'dream' idea. :P)

2007-08-09 [Morningstar Rising]: Oh that yea that is a good one, have a few poems I created from dreams. LOL

2007-08-09 [Grandamelf]: I was very young when I got it for Christmas,it was pink and wooley, I ask mother to read the tag! It said Woolenuff! So that is what I called my bear! I was shocked to find out many year later, the My little pink bear was suppose to be a lamb!

2007-08-09 [Morningstar Rising]: that is a great story.

2007-08-09 [Artsieladie]: I agree. :D

2007-08-13 [Grandamelf]: Hi Teddybear lovers! My Teddybears sure get more sleeps than I do these days! It is so hot, I am about to dry up and blow away!<img:stuff/mood15-gif.gif>

2007-08-13 [Dark Side of the Moon]: ugh! Isn't this Midwest weather awful?!<img:stuff/br22-gif.gif>

2007-08-13 [Artsieladie]: It's not only in the Midwest. I live near the eastern coast & the heat is just awful. Even Canada has been sweltering. We're embarking on some cooler weather for a few days & I will be glad to turn off the AC. :P

2007-08-13 [Morningstar Rising]: Well here in Florida, we have to keep the ac going like most of the year. Sometimes for a short period of time we don't need it, cause it does get a bit cool during the winter. I like those days the best.

2007-08-13 [Artsieladie]: I could never live in Florida. Summer by me is enough hot & muggy weather for me. :O

2007-08-13 [Morningstar Rising]: Female, yesterday I stepped outside into the balcony and almost died. I mean all I was breathing was hot air and that sucked. I was more then happy to come back into the nice cool ac apartment. 

2007-08-13 [Artsieladie]: Hmm... This is exactly what I couldn't take year around. :P

2007-08-13 [Grandamelf]: I am basically an outdoor lover, So staying inside drives me up the wall! I have lived in an apartment now for several years, AC or not, if I can't go outside, I freak out! Just the short walk from the building to the car this week has been overwhelming! :0 Gasp!

2007-08-14 [Morningstar Rising]: *laughs* I am getting used to the heat, it does not bother me as much as when I first came to live down here. But these past few days have been like, oh my god, no way am I going to stay outside.

2007-08-14 [Dark Side of the Moon]: ditto. It's like being smacked in the face with a wet sock.

2007-08-14 [Artsieladie]: Yeah, & the heat gets to ya after awhile. You feel tired, logy, & irritable. :/

2007-08-14 [Morningstar Rising]: Yep, but today is a good day, it is raining and the heat is down and I love storms. hehehehehe

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