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2005-12-19 03:16:20
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I created this wiki because i know what it is like to be blundering through life with no one that is willing to listen to what you have to say. Its always nice to have someone that you can talk to get advice or just let your feelings out.

Here is how it works: If you have any thing you need to talk about just post a comment and me or one of the counslers will message you and talk about it ASAP!

Counslers: If you are planing to help them out post a message saying that you are so that none of the others will message them too.

Any good avdvice givers? Just sign the list of counslers.
1. [WinglessFairy] Counsler
2.[cyber_mad] counsler
4.[Lillith Winchester] counsler
5.[Kiche] patient

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2006-01-25 [Kickers Livin Loud]: Suppose so :)

2006-02-01 [Lillith Winchester]: hey welcome :D...its always better to have another opinion on the table :)

2006-02-01 [Kickers Livin Loud]: Thanks, might be back and fourth im sick right now! Really bad but its getting better

2006-02-02 [Lillith Winchester]: awww bless ya... there are loads of people sick where i live too, its scary... 27of my teachers were sick today n werent at school lol

2006-02-06 [Kickers Livin Loud]: haha yes that is crazy, I am stuck with coughing and a runny nose is all

2006-02-06 [Lillith Winchester]: aww me too, but im not feeling as bad as the rest of them lol

2006-02-07 [Kickers Livin Loud]: Well it has gotten worste overnight so i am taking Thera Flu

2006-03-13 [Lillith Winchester]: awww sorry bout that *hugs*

2006-03-13 [Kiche]: Awww.. *smiles*

2006-03-20 [Lillith Winchester]: i might not be on for a while my pc is broke sorry :(

2006-03-20 [Kiche]: *hugs* Its alright!

2006-03-20 [Kickers Livin Loud]: What is wrong with it?

2006-03-21 [Kiche]: .........

2006-03-21 [Kickers Livin Loud]: *frowns*

2006-03-21 [Kiche]: O,o;;; Ummm.

2006-03-27 [Lillith Winchester]: it wont turn on anymore lol im hoping to get a new one soon so i can come back n talk to people ^_^

2006-03-27 [Kickers Livin Loud]: If it wont even get power then its your power box its out or disconnected from the MotherBoard but if it wont come on as in starting up and running Windows or whatever OS you use then its cause your Harddrive crashed

2007-11-30 [NukleaЯ EveЯgloW™]: -sigh-

2008-01-19 [MACCANATOR]: dose any one no any scretes to gaining more confidence

2008-01-20 [NukleaЯ EveЯgloW™]: just believe

2008-05-12 [Lillith Winchester]: gaining confidence doesnt have a secret... it comes from a random act that you wouldn't usually do.... after that you think to yourself... hey that wasn't so bad and eventually you will become more confident.... i started off that way and i slowly started gaining friends who were a little more confident than i was and i learnt so much from them about making myself feel better and not being afraid

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