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2009-08-21 [*micky*]: Thank you dear^^

2009-08-21 [sweet.tx.tea]: XD I love it! Thank you for entering. :D

2009-08-21 [*micky*]: No problem I like contests^^

2009-09-23 [Uboater]: Should the photo show lust or create it? lol

2009-09-23 [Uboater]: Great photo micky. Sexy but not lewd

2009-09-23 [Cillamoon]: It can either show it or create it. XD

2009-09-24 [*micky*]: Thanks [Uboater]!! I now wonder what you come up with xD

2009-10-13 [BlondeGoth]: wooooaaaah micky I really like!!!! Is it a doll???

2009-10-13 [*micky*]: Hahaha thanks so much! What do you think it is^.~

2009-10-13 [BlondeGoth]: Well she does look like a doll!! But I'm not sure... looks like a very pale very japanese doll that just sets off the red colouring wonderfully!!! But I'm not too good at guessing so I'm probably wrong!!! lol <img:44166_1164145197.gif>

2009-10-13 [*micky*]: Hahaha no, you're right dear xD I wouldn't get anyone to pose like that for me^.~Wait...maybe I do! She's a Asian Ball Jointed doll^^

2009-10-13 [BlondeGoth]: Of course i sure would!! Well if I had such nice boobies!!! lol I'd like being a muse... although I must admit I'm nearly never one!!! lol
and yaaay i'm right!! lol

2009-12-04 [sweet.tx.tea]: Micky, your image has been moved to the photo section. :]

2009-12-05 [Skydancer]: The Muse is within, much more than without, its more about the inspiration of you as a person than you as a body. :) My faery folk are from all sorts of muses.

2009-12-05 [sweet.tx.tea]: I agree with you, there, Sky. :]

2009-12-05 [*micky*]: Thanks [sweet.tx.tea]^^ And I agree about the muse! But [BlondeGoth] if you want to you can be my muse 2^.~

2009-12-06 [sweet.tx.tea]: SCANDALOUS!

2010-01-07 [Capt. Howdy]: I would love to submit something but I'm pretty computer

2010-01-07 [sweet.tx.tea]: If you would like to submit something, you can send it to [Cillamoon] or I and we can post it up for you, if you like. Or, I can tell you how to post.

2010-01-07 [Capt. Howdy]: cool will do. Now I just need to go take some pictures somewhere or go through all my old

2010-01-07 [Cillamoon]: It would be preferred that you take a new photograph, however if you have one that was taken in the past year, I think that would suffice as well.

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