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The 30 Day Contest


Run by [iippo] & [SilverFire].


This contest is based on an idea that was originally started on DeviantArt a few years back - it was a challenge to draw something every day for a month. Now we bring you a contest based on the same idea - each participant must draw something every day for 30 days. The winner will be decided by a points system - each participant will start with 50 points, for every day of art missed, you will lose five points - if ten days of art are missed, you will be disqualified. After that, a poll will be run and the votes of the poll added to the points you already have - the winner will be the artist with the most points. Just sign your name up and be ready when the 1st of March arrives!

Archive: 30 Day Contest - March 07
30 Day Contest - March 08



1. Media allowed: Pretty much anything - photos, drawings, paintings, digital art, sketches, pumpkin carving - all are allowed.

2. All entries for a day must be submitted by 12:00pm (midday) Elftown time. Elftown time can be found by looking at the top of the menu on the right hand side of your screen, above 'mood' and below 'seek' for usernames.

3. As obvious as it is: all entries must be your own work, no stealage of drawings and photos (or pumpkins) not done by you. Also, in case of any photo manipulation, any photos involved must be taken by you as well (so no including free-to-use pictures from the web).

4. The point of the contest is to get people drawing, or taking a new photo every day - so the drawing/photo you submit must be drawn or taken that day - obviously this is hard for us to monitor, so be honest with yourselves. Obviously, if we've seen the art elsewhere, we'll know you didn't do it that day. And we'll disqualify you.

5. When you submit your entry, set the image size to 200, please. For those of you who don't know how to do that, you need to insert '200' into the image tag after the 'img' but before the colon, like this: <IMG200:img_url_here>


30 Day Contest - March '08 Sign Up

Sign Up:

1. [Linderel]; Current Score: 15 
2. [Nevermore.]
3. [nehirwen]; Current Score: 50
4. [Mortified Penguin]
5. [stuffAEAmade]; Current Score: 50 
6. [blu.nation]; Current Score: 50
7. [Duke Devlin]
8. [Dint]; Current Score: 50 
9. [Hello Sunshine]; Current Score: 35
10. [Little Insane Cat]
11. [Sharky87]; Current Score: 50
12. [Mom]; Current Score: 40
13. [itoe]; Current Score: 50
14. [Chimes] ; Current Score: 20
15. [Falx]
16. [Yncke]; Current Score: 50
17. [Ryo-Oni]; Current Score: 50 


1. [Linderel] - 30 Day Contest 08 Linderel

2. [nehirwen] - 30 Day Contest 08 Nehirwen

3. [stuffAEAmade] - 30 Day Contest 08 DarKlawStudios

4. [blu.nation] - 30 Day Contest 08 blu.nation

5. [Dint] - 30 Day Contest 08 Dint

6. [Hello Sunshine] - 30 Day Contest 08 Panda_Manic

7. [Sharky87] - 30 Day Contest 08 Sharky87

8. [Mom] - 30 Day Contest 08 Mom

9. [itoe] - 30 Day Contest 08 itoe

10. [Chimes] - 30 Day Contest 08 Chimes

11. [Yncke] - 30 Day Contest 08 Yncke

12. [Ryo-Oni] - 30 Day Contest 08 Ryo-Oni

All credit & thanks to [Draugluin] for making these pages.

2866) Which artist(s) do you feel has produced the best overall art for the 30 Day Contest? You may vote for up to three artists, but to do so is not necessary. (Administrator: [SilverFire])

Number of voters: 21


The Prize:

A trophy with your Elftown username on, mailed to your address, free of charge. Failing that - if you don't want to give out your address, a donation to Elftown in your name.


Username (or number or email):


2008-04-30 [Yncke]: I'm better of here, then. I've had quite some practice with April rain this month.

2008-05-04 [Yncke]: *poke poke poke*

2008-05-04 [Duke Devlin]: Ahhh yes... Poking. :O
April rain is over.. It now just keeps getting stupidly hot. XD

2008-05-04 [Mortified Penguin]: I much prefer April rain to the Chocolate rain we have here occasionally...

2008-05-04 [Duke Devlin]: Chocolate rain? oO

2008-05-04 [Hello Sunshine]: Oooh, sounds yummy. But I highly doubt that it is.

2008-05-04 [Teufelsweib]: sounds like pollution has got its peak :P

2008-05-04 [SilverFire]: If anyone disagrees with those current scores, please say so, and point out what mistake you think I've made. I've just spent half an hour tallying and I'll be happily surprised if I didn't go wrong somewhere.

2008-05-07 [Duke Devlin]: Well done to the 50's! :O

2008-05-07 [SilverFire]: I'm assuming no one has a problem with the scoring so far then, so I'll get round to making the pages soon. Hopefully tomorrow.

2008-05-07 [Duke Devlin]: Yes! No doing it tonight.. Too late. =O

2008-05-08 [Linderel]: Oh my. I missed that many days? Shite.

2008-05-10 [Yncke]: Agreed with the score as far as I'm concerned. :) It's great to see many people succeeded in finishing the contest.

2008-05-27 [Yncke]: How does the next step of the voting go?

2008-07-08 [Dint]: Is it ok that I voted for...*counts* 5 people? (Of course I was a retard and didn't read the voting rules till after the fact. >_<) But I loved too many of the contestants' work! T_T
If that's a problem I can change my votes. (Though it will be hard to choose!)

2008-07-09 [SilverFire]: :P I suppose I'll let you off. :P It's more to stop people from voting for everyone (because that's just not useful for deciding a winner) :P

2010-08-09 [Yncke]: I was wondering if there would be another one of these. This was a challenging but fun contest...

2010-08-09 [SilverFire]: Hmmm... probably when iippo gets back. Which I think is March next year sometime.

2010-08-09 [Yncke]: Great! :)

2010-09-07 [kittykittykitty]: Was a winner ever announced for this? :P

2011-03-24 [iippo]: Dint looks like the winner according to the poll.
Should there be another one? *can't remember much of this contest*

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