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The Adventures of the Audacious Septet

The Quest for the Golden Bath of Nyame

It is the 19th century and the Industrial Revolution has taken the world by force! Steam technology is steadily improving by leaps and bounds! The world is full of inventors and adventurers, of military geniuses and hopeless romantics! Anyone who is brave and foolhardy enough can earn a place for themselves in the wild, dangerous continent of


Legend has it that there exists, nestled in the Gulf of Guinea, a veritable Fountain of Youth that bestows not only strength and vitality, but enables anyone who partakes in its precious waters to seize complete hold of their destiny! The power of these sacred waters over wealth, fortune, and fame have been lusted after by many a traveler, but only a few will succeed in retrieving the priceless waters of the GOLDEN BATH OF NYAME!

We join the Audacious Septet now as they venture into this treacherous land, seeking adventure and excitement, fame and fortune, but above all, the GOLDEN BATH OF NYAME!

We Join Our Heroes Now...


1. A sense of humor is required; silly things will happen! Just roll with it as it comes!
2. No computer talk in the rp, which means no saying "u" as a substitute for "you" et cetera. That's fine in the comments though, but we might end up hating you.
3. RP is to be done in STORY FORM so that it reads like a book. Past tense.
4. No wise guys who know everything. Everything you read in the story part of this page your character DOES NOT KNOW until your character is INFORMED by SOMEONE.
5. Cussing is not allowed, that's just lazy roleplaying. But swear as many oaths as you like, such as "Great Scott!" or "Jesus wept!" The more creative, and the longer the oath, the better!
6. Never get lazy and just say..., "and... stuff" and things like that, FULL OUT descriptions. Finish what you started.
7. Always stay in character, no OOC comments in the description or in parenthesis anywhere in the RP
8. Check your spelling. If you make a mistake and notice it later, going back to fix it is OK. Little mistakes are no biggie, but things you do repetitively get annoying.
9. The low limit to an entry is ten words. No less than ten words, but you can go as high as you like.
11. You don't RP, you don't stay.
12. THIS IS A STEAMPUNK ROLEPLAY! You should stay WITHIN THE GENRE, which should be fairly easy because it's such a broad-spanning genre. What is steampunk?
13. Because this is such a large RP, and because the players live in such different time situations, each player is restricted to five posts a day to avoid running too far ahead and leaving anyone behind. (Thank you, [Jeesum Crowe] :) )
14. Bilbo Baggins! :D

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2009-02-21 [Chel.]: A Pnel-made rp!? :)

2009-02-22 [Nite_Owl]: Sweet :D You know, I never even knew "steampunk" was a genre until a year or so ago, I just thought stuff like this was cool heh. I'm pretty sure its the only genre I haven't RPed yet :D I'll have to think of something good and not too stereotypical haha

2009-02-22 [Pnelma Tirian]: Looking forward to it! ^_^

2009-02-23 [Elwyne]: hmmm... looks interesting. Might have to read up on steam punk but I have an inventor character that likes to act insane. Would someone like that fit in here?

2009-02-23 [Chel.]: Reused characters FTL...

2009-02-23 [Pnelma Tirian]: Oh, hush, Chel. He certainly would, Elwyne. Write him up and I'll have a look-see. :D

2009-02-23 [Elwyne]: I reuse character cuz I like to learn more about them. I get to understand them better the more that I rp with them, besides Deltira is really hilarious sometimes. Mechanic Deltira Amriel I have my own page of the characters that are my favorites.

2009-02-23 [Pnelma Tirian]: would you mind fitting it to the format provided? Just to keep things coherent--you don't have to rewrite her completely. :) Other than that, she looks good. Please note though, this is a strictly human rp.

2009-02-23 [Elwyne]: No problem with that. I'll write her up for you. That's what I like about my favorite characters, I know them well enough that I don't have to think too hard to remember the answers. Although I occasionally change some things like age and species.

2009-02-23 [Elwyne]: well, I've got the page started, but I want to make sure I've got the full idea of steam punk before I go into details on her.

2009-02-23 [Nite_Owl]: I'm thinking of making an eccentric writer/philosopher :P Inventor sounded too stereotypical-steampunk for my taste, and I always like making the random character possible haha

2009-02-23 [Elwyne]: well, I didn't really make this character for this rp, I've had her for a while now. By the way she's finished. Would you like me to put up her picture in there, even though she's not entirely human in the pic? Deltira Amriel There's the link.

2009-02-23 [Pnelma Tirian]: Please! We're open to all characters, whether unique to the point of bizarre or cliche'd to the point of hilarity, or a brilliant mixture of both! :D She looks great, Elwyne! I'm looking forward to your character, Nite_Owl!

2009-02-23 [Trennas]: i did some more reading into your RP and thought it was great heaps of fun ^^ I'd really like to join the adventures ^^ ahhrr:p (no, not as a pirate:p)

2009-02-23 [Pnelma Tirian]: alRIGHT! :D awesome! Please do! I can't wait to see what you come up with! ^_^

2009-02-23 [Trennas]: something fun! the name is the hardest part though XD

2009-02-23 [Nite_Owl]: Oh, I already have an awesome name XD That's the easiest part for me.

Question: Is there a limit to how many total characters there can be in this RP? And a limit o how many each person has? (I don't have more than one in mind, but I was curious if I'm on a deadline :))

2009-02-23 [Trennas]: im taking a stab in the dark here and guess that there will be seven main characters, the septet being a septet and all XD

2009-02-23 [Nite_Owl]: That's why I asked, of course :P

2009-02-23 [Trennas]: naturally ;)

but to tell you the truth, i'm quite curious as well:p

2009-02-24 [Pnelma Tirian]: Welllll

there will be seven main characters, and each episode will have cameo's. :D I am also looking for ANTAGONISTS, because I think that would be a lot of fun to play. ^_^

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