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Hannah watched the fight, then without thinking dropped her bag and notebook and approached the group walking past Devlin and Estidny until she was metres away from Elson.

Elson could sense the girl behind him, but didn't know if she held a weapon and one of his arms were currently unavailable, so he froze and said nothing, expecting the girl to speak.

Estidny saw the girl and recognized her from the precognitions he had had before his return to a human state. The girl would take care of things. She was reasonably adept with her abilities. Estidny put the last of his god power into the armor and passed away quietly, the disappearance of the Sword of Fate and Destiny Armor the only noticable indication that he had left this plane of existence.

Chance bolted up. He had felt something like a string snapping in his head and he had a horrible feeling. His mouth tasted coppery as if he had bit his tongue in his sleep, but there was no blood when he raised his hand to his mouth. Then it hit him and he was up and out of bed, taking the sheet with him. He hoped he was wrong, or they were all in trouble.

Hannah looked at Elson then spoke. "Let those people go..."

Elson shrugged, "And if I don't?"

"You'll have to deal with me.." Hannah replied.

Elson turned his head enough to be able to see the newcomer, taking care to keep his hostages in the way of any attack that may come from in front of him where the others stood. "How do you figure that one, you don't even have a weapon."

Hannah smiled at him then closed her eyes. She concentrated hard on what she wanted to accomplish and within seconds a puddle of water had formed at her feet. She opened her eyes and lowered her hands as if to reach something but before they touched the water a blue orb appeared from it, followed by an aquamarine handle. Hannah grasped the handle and tugged, pulling out the crush trident. She stood up straight to look at Elson, wielding the trident.

Elson growled slightly to himself. What the hell is up with all these people being able to summon some kinda damned magical weapon... This's really starting to piss me off. He stood his ground still, becuase he had no money and his main weapons were still wrapped around the two people he held in front of him. He needed her to attack. "Hmmm... I wonder... Do you really know how to use that?"

Hannah smiled. "I hope so..I would feel pretty stupid standing here with this weapon if I didn't know how to use it...want me to show you?" She lunged forward aiming for Elson.

Elson was waiting for it, and used it to break the chainsthat were surrounding the two older people while he spun away from the attack and used his momentum to carry himself a couple steps away. He pused briefly once he was out of her attack range. "No matter, I've done what I needed to do. I was sent to slow those others down. I'll be taking my leave of you all." With that said, he turned and was gone.

Chance stumbled out of the tunnel wrapped only in a sheet. He saw Estidny laying on the ground, and his teeth began to chatter, but not from the cold. Estidny's life was the one he had felt die. It was his life that had been cut from the weave of time. He sat hard on the ground. There was so much Estidny hadn't told them, and he was afraid that without him they were finished.

Hannah turned round still clasping the trident and looked at Estidny's body and the others. "Who was he anyway?" she asked about Elson.

Vala doubled over, her hand catching the counter's edge. Estidny is dead! She let out a strangled gasp. Slowly standing up, Vala felt a tug and knew something was wrong. Sprinting back to her room, she threw on some shorts and headed to the elevator.

Tank felt aweful. She wasn't crying, but something about what had just happened made her feel sick. She stood with surprising confidence, and without so much as one shaky step, strode over to her parents. "I.. I want to go home..." she said, the gears in her mind already working. The two adults hugged their child to comfort her, though Tank knew she didn't need it. Something just felt.. wrong. Her parents were nodding condolingly and murmuring calming words, but she barely noticed. She was far too deep in thought as her mother and father took one last shocked look around and hurried her home.

Hannah watched her leave then sat down on the curb laying her trident across her knee. The only remaining living soul now apart from herself was Devlin. She looked at him not sure what to say.

DEvlin stood completely still. He wasn't confused. He wasn't scared. Nor was he frightened. He turns and looks at Hannah. Then walks over to her standing before her unafraid of her weapon. "I'm Devlin. And I suppose I should tell you some of what was going on before you arrived. The Old man who died, was our leader. I don't know his real name but we as you know are gifted among Mortal's." Devlin gave a pause after using the term. he hadn't figured out exactly what they were yet. "I suppose you could call us Demi god's with power but not unlimited life. and the man he fought, was of our same... likeness in power to an extent. but not on the side of peace. For now we had all better move inside. Chance Go inside with her. I'll get rid of the body." Devlin says. indeed he knew what to do. In the Orphanage children died sometimes. he knew a cemetary. "Tell Vala I'll need to borrow her truck." Devlin says walking over to the body of the old man. He knelt and closed the old mans eyes.

Back inside the house Selena awoke with a chill. She reached for the blankets however none were to be found. Something is wrong. Selena got out of bed in an instant and began to yell for everyone. After checking every floor panicly she steped outside where she could make out shadows of people. Without thinking she ran towards them. From the distance she could see one of them on the ground. Oh no someones hurt. Must hurry.Is all she though to herself. As soon as she was close she realized it was Mr. E. She flung herself by his sided and began to try to revive him as she did with Tank. "Come on Mr. E you can make it." She wiped the blood from around his mouth. Her knees and hands were covered imeadtly. She wouldnt give up. She kept trying and trying.

"Selena he's dead. he was dead before you arrived." Devlin says grabbing ehr hands roughly. holding on enough it hurt but only just on the side of pain. he wasn't happy about all of this. and it was word seeing her try to fix it. "He left this plane." he says knowing there was no soul within the hucsk of a body. "Nothing to save."

Chance stood shakily as he nodded to Devlin. "He gripped the sheet closer around himself, and thanked the gods that it was dark. That thought made his... Sadness? Sickness??? Whatever it was, the thought made it stronger. "Umm, please... come with me and I'll show you our home." He motioned for the new girl to follow and began walking back to the base.

Hannah grabbed her bag and notebook, and followed Chance. She stared at the ground her long dark blue hair falling over her face. She wanted to say something but didn't know what.

Vala flew out of the doors and almost ran into Chance and another girl. She gave a weak smile at them, then her eyes trailed over to where Selena was kneeling, next to Estidy. "Devlin," she calmly said,"Here's my keys." She threw them to him. She walked over to Selena, and placed her hand lightly on her shoulder. Vala knew she couldn't say anything to make the situation better.

Devlin nods his head catching the keys. He of course let go of Selena. "I'll take care of everything on this end." Devlin says before picking up the body. he then hoists it over his shoulder and begins to walk to the truck.

Selena sat in the blood crying. She didn't realize untill then how much they needed him.

"Selena," Vala crouched down next to her. "Come inside...please. Devlin can take care of things here. Please come inside."

Selena got to her feet. She didnt realize what she was doing however she did let Vala lead her back to the house as her eyes were full of hot tears running down her face.

Chance led Hannah to the doorway, fumbling around for the switch. After leading her inside and showing her the switch for the elevator, he explained the floor plan. "The floors are numbered one to five, one being the top floor, the floor we are on now. There are dorm rooms on the first, second and third floors, a kitchen and infirmary on the fourth, and a computer room housing a huge computer and some smaller ones on the fifth. We haven't had a chance to mess with the computer yet, but you can if you want. I'm going to my room." Without waiting for a responce Chance turned and walked off to his room. He got dressed and went back outside, going the oposite direction of everyone else. He would get that damned sword and armor summoned tonight if it was the last thing he did.

Hannah watched him leave then turned to look at the elevator. She pushed number four and stepped in. When it stopped, she stepped out and entered the kitchen looking round it in silence. Her mind was racing, one minute she was walking along minding her own buisness, the next she's standing in a strange building by herself, after chasing off a man who had killed someone. She sat down at the dining table laying her bag on top of it and opened her notebook and started sketching pictures into it, trying to take her mind off things.

Vala led Selena to her room, made sure she could stand on her own, then went into the bathroom and turned the hot water on. "Selena, please come and take a shower. It will do you some good." Vala said from the bathroom.

Selena nodded and she walked into the bathroom. "Thanks Vala. I think I will be alright now. I think I have a pair of spare clothing in Chance's car other then that its all at home. Would you mind getting it for me? His keys should be on the night stand or he might have them." Selena waited for Vala to reply and leave before she undressed thinking that it would be very impolite for Vala to see. Not that Selena was uncomfortable with that. She had changed in front of many girls and taken showers too.

Vala nodded, "No problem." She takes her leave. She finds the keys on the nightstand, picking them up she heads to the elevator. Taking it to the 1rst floor she walks out again into the fresh air. She slightly paused at the blood, bowed her head and said a quick prayer. She found the car and unlocked it and grabbed Selena's clothes. She locked it and headed back inside.

Chance stood stock still and concentrated with his eyes closed. He was standing just outside the other side of the tunnel, trying to summon the sword and the armor. The hilt was all he could muster last time, before exhausting himself and passing out in the computer room. As he concentrated, he felt the hilt once again press into his hand, but the weight wasn't right, and so he dropped it. By the sound of it hitting the ground, it had been just the hilt again. After a couple more unsuccessful attempts, he sat down to think. Maybe I'm going about it the right way...

Hannah closed her notebook and sighed. Standing up she approached the elevator and pushed number five deciding to go and check out the computers. She entered the room and was imediately drawn to the large one. Pushing her blue hair from her face she started working at it, gasping suddenly when something appeared on the screen.

Estidny's voice broke the quiet of the room as he appeared on the screen. "If you are seeing this, then I'm dead. You guys are all in for tough times. This recording is everything I had time to record. It's not nearly everything I wanted to tell you, but this is all I...."

Hannah quickly pressed pause and ran from the room punching the number one in and entering the elevator. She ran from the elevator but skid to a halt when she was face by doors. Not sure where the boy was who showed her in she simply yelled for help. "Someone...quick..the computer...a message!" Hannah suddenly remembered the boys name. "Chance!"

Chance was in the middle of his thoughts when he heard someone yell for him. He stood and began walking towards the door. When he got to Hannah he asked what was up.

"I...I went to the you said I could..."Hannah said quickly. "And I used the big computer and...and there was a message...a message from the man that got killed, Mr Estidny...I thought you should know..." she finished, looking at him.

Chance stopped for a second and looked at Hannah. "Have you seen anyone else yet? Told anyone else?"

Hannah shook her head. "No..I felt I should tell you first.."

He nodded, "Yah, could you help me round everyone else up then?"

Hannah nodded. "Where are they all?" she said pushing her hair from her face again.

Chance thought for a moment before answering. "Vala and Selena are inside somewhere."

Hannah nodded. "what about that Devlin boy?" she asked.

Chance pointed to Vala's retreating truck lights. "Taking care of Estidny."

Hannah nodded. "Let's find the others then..."

Chance started to walk through the door then stopped, "Oh yah, if you're going to be around for awhile you prolly need to know how to get the main door open..." He grabbed her pointer and second finger and pressed them to the bump that was in the crack in the wall, "Use these two fingers to press on both sides of the bump and the door will open." He turned and walked into the base. "I'm betting Selena's in our room, so I'll go get her. You should go and try to find Vala." He nodded and turned towards his room.

Hannah stood and watched him leave then looked around.where should I look? I don't know who i'm looking for... She decided to just search the floors hoping to bump into Vala.

'Hearing' the new girl's voice in her head, she replied, I'm taking Selena her clothes. I'll meetcha there in their room." Vala took the elevator back to the floor where Chance and Selena roomed. She stepped into the bedroom and called out, "Selena I'm back, I'll put your clothes on the dresser."

Hannah stopped. "That was easy.." she whispered then smiled. She turned round and walked back the way she came.

"Thank you so very much Vala! This shower was a good idea. I feel so refreshed. I am almost ready to come out so if you dont wanna stick around I understand." Selena had just been rinsing her hair as Vala's voice sounded threw the bathroom. She just had to put conditioner in and let it set for a moment before she was finished.

Chance walked into the bathroom and saw Vala and heard the shower running. "Hey, perfect. I need you to go down to the computer room. Is Selena in there?"

Hannah headed to the elevator pushing number five. She entered the computer room and sat down, waiting for the others.

Selena squirted some of the conditioner in her hand and began to run it threw her long blond hair.

Vala gave a nod, "Yes she's in the shower." She left their room and headed towards the elevator. Why the computer room? She pushed the down button and waited.

Chance knocked on the doorway to let Selena know he was there. "I need you to go down to the computer room when you get out of the shower, Estidny left us something. I'm going to go on ahead." He waited for her to say ok, then took the elevator to the bottom floor. As he walked in he nodded to Hannah, "Ok, show me."

"What about the others?" said Hannah standing up and looking at him.

Chance shrugged, "They'll get here... Sorry, I'm kinda impatient. Ya know?"

Hannah nodded then turned to the computer quickly pressing a few buttons then stepping back as the message started playing.

Chance sat patiently as Estidny's message played through. He hadn't told them a lot of what Chance had thought he was going to, but he did give them a defenite mission. He turned to Hannah, "What do you think?"

Hannah looked at him a little shocked. "It's a lot to take do you feel?"

Chance supposed she would be a little more shocked than him. She hadn't talked to Estidny and been told some of of the message already, but he had so it didn't hit him as hard. The only thing that had really got him was the fact that it was the gods in a power struggle. That and the fact that they were the only ones that knew what was going on. It was a lot of responsability. "I think we all need to get to work. Right away."

Hannah nodded. "So what should we do?" she said looking at him and folding her arms.

Chance turned slightly red. He wasn't really a leader. Devlin would probably be better at this kind of thing... but he wasn't here. "For one, everyone else needs to hear this. Then we all need to talk it out."

Hannah pushed her long blue hair from her face and nodded. She paced round the room looking at all the computers then finally sat down letting out a long sigh. She hated waiting.

Vala had made her way to the computer room just as Chance and the new girl, Hannah if she remembered right, was just playing the message. She crossed her arms, and leaned against a desk. Talk about empty.

Selena finished washing the conditioner out of her hair. She turned the shower off and toweled off. After getting dry she put on the pair of tight fitting jeans and the purple tank top. She brushed out her hair and then put it up into a bun using a pencil. She walked out of her room and into the elevator where she pushed the button to go to the computer room. The elevator went down, and the doors opened. Vala was standing to the side. Chance and Hanna in chairs. "Hey." She steped out of the elevator. "Whats going on?" She looked at all three of them as she stood in front of the doors of the elevator.

DEvlin had finished the gruesome business of burying the old man. with the help of the cemetary caretaker. and a temporary marker of death. He then washed up in the caretaker's house and began the drive back to the hideout. Once the truck was parked with the E brake firmly in place. he goes to the door and opens it walking in. he was tired. but not to thoroughly. the first stop he makes is into his room to change clothes. once in clean clothes. He seek's out Chance. He had taken a slight stop somewhere and 'practiced' his power on a few stray's he found that were nearly dead of starvation anyways. and it scared him. He wanted facts now. something to face at least. He kept his hands firmly in his pockets with his driving gloves on though he didn't really need physical contact he had found out. but firmly in his pocket's they were going to stay.

Chance turned around and saw the other two standing there. "Here, listen." He pressed a few keys and the message played again. After it was finished Chance got back up and prepped it for when Devlin got there. "That's all it says, but it is a little more than we already knew. Devlin's the only one that stil has to hear it."

After he finishes saying that Devlin walks out of the elevator hands firmly in his pockets once more. "It's finished. I took care of everything." He says somewhat softly. Not like his usual self at all.

Hannah looked at him then at Chance. She felt as if she was intruding on something, as she hardly knew them all. Was she to be included in all of this? She decided to say nothing until she was spoken to.

Selena nodded to Devlin. "Well Chance atleast its something. We have a mission. I think that guy that killed Mr. E is one of them. Devlin should hear it too." She turned to him. "Its a message from Mr. E." Selena steped out of the way so that she was no longer in front of the door to the elevator.

Chance nodded his head and replayed the message once again. "Now, we've all heard it."

Hannah looked at him. "What do we do now?" she said unable to stay quiet any longer.

Chance shrugged, "I really don't know... How are we supposed to figure out what htey plan on? I mean... I know they want us out of the picture... but other than that, we have nothing..."

Hannah nodded. "If we all work together, we should be able to work out what to do.." she said resting her chin on her hand.

It had been the one of the messages of Estidny's message, but Chance just didn't know. They were left without the only person that really knew what was going on and a message that told them hardly anything. He was doubtful.

Vala looked at all of them, she hadn't said anything for a while. She took a breath, "I think we should get Hannah here settled before we jump right into this. Take a breather and unclog our minds."

"I'm getting something to eat." DEvlin says turning and pushing the button for the elevator before firmly placing his hands back intop his pocket's.

Chance nodded and wondered why Devlin was so preoccupied with keeping his hands in his pockets, but didn't ask. Instead, he decided that he needed some sleep. But first Hannah needed to be settled. "One of us can help you. Also, if you have anything you need to go get, my car is outside... It's kinda trashed I think."

"First I think we should wait until morning to go anywhere. I know myself I will need clothing and a few other essentials. Besideds that Vala was just out at your car Chance." Selena turned to her. "Was Chance's car busted up?" Selena asked her very very concerned.

Hannah shook her head to Chance. "My motorbike's not that far away...that's were I was on my way to when I know.." She made a motion like swinging a weapon then smiled when she realised how embarassing it was."Remind me never to do that again please..." Her face turned serious again as she spoke to him and Selena."and I don't mind getting a few things tonight..I really don't think i'd have any trouble...i'm a big tough girl, you know." she smiled again.

Chance nodded to Hannah, "Ok, guess it doesn't really matter right now if my car's trashed or not, I'll go look at it in the morning." He crossed the room to the elevator door then turned back around, "I'm tired and I'm going to bed. Hannah, do you remembe how to open the door?"

Hannah nodded. She pulled a set of keys from her pocket and walked to the elevator to take it to the first floor. Upon exiting the base, she quickly walked past the area where the earlier confrontation had taken place and turned at the corner of the street. She quickly rushed to the blue and black Harley Davidson parked at the curb, making sure to remember to put on her helmet before starting the motorbike, and rode home. The trip didn't take long, and soon she pulled up outside a house of grandeur. With a small leap off the bike, she ran inside without bothering to take her helmet off. She dashed up the stairs and into a bedroom that didn't seem to match the decour of the house- clothes lay all over the floor and huge band posters covered the walls- and without a second thought grabbed a bunch of the clothes and stuffed them unceremoniously in a bag along with a few other items. A small puppy ran towards her and she picked it up, tucking it gently inside her jacket. She didn't know if pets were allowed but didn't care much if they weren't. After hastily scribbling a small note to her parents, Hanna returned to her bike to attach her bag to the back of it.

Devlin had found something microwavable and tossed it in the microwave and sat waiting for it to finish. he was afraid to cook bare handed and so he kept his glove's on still and waited with them in his pocket's. He was now thinking about the message however. They would need a plan and most probably a leader to look over everything. And they needed to know who they were fighting. And just what they could do.

Hannah jumped on the bike and left her house, without a second glance. The small puppy wriggled inside her jumper making her giggle as it tickled her. She raced quickly back to the base the wind whipping through her long hair. Hannah screeched to a halt when she reached the car park, securing the bike then grabbing her bag. She entered the base removing her helmet and headed for the elevator deciding that before she would find a room she would grab some supper for her and the pup. She threw her bag outside the kitchen then entered carrying her helmet and cradling the puppy. She jumped slightly when she saw Devlin but smiled quickly. "Sorry..." she said setting her helmet on the table.

"It's fine. There's stew and steak strip's in the fridge you can heat up for yourself and the dog." Devlin says eating his own food with his biker gloved hands carefully handling the fork. He hair was out of it's usual pony tail and a few wisps were near his face framing it the rest all laying against his back. his shoulders were slightly hunched. He was slightly interested she had brought a dog. and had a motorcycle helmet.

Selena walked up to Chance. She put her hand in his and pressed the button to go to the first floor their bedroom. The doors opened and she lead them in. "Chance, in the morning. Well, later on after sleep we need to go to my house and get some clothing. Same for you. Is that alright if we go together I really dont want to go alone."

Chance nodded as he undressed for bed. "Yah, it''s a good idea to stay together anyways."

Being the first to take the elevator, Vala went back to her room. She opened, then closed the door behind her, her green eyes scanned the room. She didn't turn on the lamps, she went straight for the candles. After lighting them she sat on her bed, her eyes closed.

Hannah smiled to Devlin. "Thanks." She set the puppy on the floor then strode over to the fridge while it playfully started running around. Hannah placed the food in the microwave then turned to look at Devlin noticing him peer at her helmet. "Do you like bikes? I have a Harley, you should come check it out some time..." She ran a hand through her long blue hair and smiled.

"I have a Suzuki myself." Devlin says eyeing the dog as it tripped over his foot. He then moves his foot, not wanting to touch the dog, after burrying Mr. Estidny he had practiced his 'talent' on stray's on the street's that were in a bad way. now he was a little paranoid about all of them. especially having them around him.

Hannah smiled. "That's cool." She lifted the food out of the mivrowave and ate a little bit then threw a bit to the pup who chewed it happily. "This is a bit of a strange place, isn't it, i'm still not too sure why i'm here..." Hannah said looking at Devlin.

"Well I don't think your quite as normal as you'd like tyo beleive pulling a trident out of a nonexistant puddle." Devlin says shrugging. "All I know is they know who we are and want us dead. and I for one don't feel like dieing just yet." Devlin says sighing softly finishing his food. he stands and walks to the sink and gather's all the dishes and fill's one side of the sink with hot water and soap and grab's a wrag ignoring the dishwasher.

Hannah watched him. "Why are you here?" She asked whilst throwing another bit of food to the pup. "What amazing gift, if thats the right word, have you been possessed with?" She finished eating and walked to the sink holding the plate out for Devlin to take.

Devlin takes a step back away from her. " just drop it in the sink." he says softly ignoring for a moment her questions. "Cursed may be the better word for mine." Devlin says looking down then looking away as the puppy came over to investigate their feet. he had just that very night killed maybe half a dozen animal's it was far to soon for him to be comfertable around any animal's.

Hannah dropped the plate in the sink then picked the pup up. "Cursed? No one's tell me what you can do, please?" she said looking at Devlin.

"Death alright? I kill thing's... living things with my hands... all I have to say is die and poof they die!" Devlin says clanching his hands in fists before turning immidiatly to the dishes and scrubbing vicously. He was still wigging out inside and now she had forced him to admit that.

"I'm sorry..." Hannah said. " you must think i'm horrible..." she whispered softly. "You want me to leave?"

"No... no I... I'm just... Look I'm just worried and being incredibly stupid. It's just that I... never mind... what'd you think of the soup?" Devlin asks changing the conversation to something he did know.

"It was delicious, thank you..."Hannah said smiling. "You don't have to be worried you know, your here now with a bunch of people who are going through exactly what you are, ok? We're here if you need to talk, well I am anyway..." she said walking over so she was standing beside Devlin.

"no problem... no one's exactly alike another... and we are different further. above other's and of each other... we are... different. Some could say we all have a cursed blessing. but really I think the god's need to shove it and stop screwing around with human's... before something backfire's and get's to terrible that they... forsake us if you would... not that anyone know's about them anyways." Devlin sighs softly before turning to look at her somewhat shocked now. He hadn't paid attention to how close she was. she smelled of the night air... most likely from her ride wich would also explain the smell of gas and oil that hung on the edge of her scent as far as he could tell. he was getting slightly distracted.

Hannah smiled. "If you wanna go get some rest i'll finish up here, it's the least I can do..." she said looking at him.

"No... if you wanna help put down the mutt and grab a towel and start drying." Devlin smiles softly. turning back to start washing the dishes once more. Her blue eyes were very distracting.

Hannah playfully shoved Devlin as she set the pup down. "He is not a mutt..." she said grabbing a towel and starting to dry the dishes whilst laughing.

Devlin grin's. "Okay a cur then. He is a cur." He says handing her dishes carefully, after washing and rinsing them. He was the eldest next to the mother of the orphanage. most kids got adopted or grew up and left not coming back. so All Devlin had was the children, and Mother. It was a bit of a new experience for him.

"Your just being nasty now..." said Hannah pretending to be hurt. She dried the dishes carefully then set them to the side. When she had finished she folded the towel up and set it aside then scooped the pup up again tickling it under the chin. "Well I..ah suppose me and the mutt better find a room.." she said looking at Devlin.

"Want me to show you the room's instead of having you carrying your stuff through the entire complex?" Devlin asks drying his hands after draining the sink and washing it. then Putting his gloves on once his hands were dry as well. he put's them in his pocket's.

Hannah nodded smiling. "Thanks..." She said lifting her bike helmet and her bag in one hand then hooked her other arm round one of Devlins. "Lead the way.." she said smiling.

"uh right..." Devin says not entirely happy with her arm around his. but he walks to the elevator without saying anything about it. "there's two levels that have room's. the fourth and the third. those are the top two. it goes down from there. the kitchen is the second level and the computer room the first. The fifth level is entirely empty and it look's abandoned but it's our way out. there is no emergency exit as far as I know. I'm on the third floor in a dark blue room. they are all colored differently." Devlin says to fill her in so he wouldn't have to explain anything any other time. "what floor?"

Hannah let go of Devlin as the puppy started fidgeting and she had to take hold of it to keep it under control. "Third floor will be fine..." she said looking at Devlin and smiling."Want to have someone I know and trust close by... you know with the dangerous things we're gonna be facing soon, personally I think it's slightly exciting..." she said pressing the number three on the elevator. "Confronting that Elson guy was such a thrill, did you see his face when I summoned my trident! He looked so pissed! I wonder if he has a personal grudge against me now..." she said looking thoughtful then shrugging her shoulders. "Oh well, just have to scare him off again I guess, he doesn't scare me...." she said smiling. She suddenly looked at him. "Hey lets do something rebelious...lets sneak out, go for a walk or something...or go get a drink, what do you say? I'm already feeling trapped here..."

"uh..." Devlin says somewhat overwelmed by Hannah. he was looking down at her somewhat lost, very confused and slightly cautious. "how about... we put your uh..things in your room... and then go from there?" Devlin suggests not sure at all what to do.

"If you don't want to go out, it's alright..." Hannah said smiling. "But you have to promise to me not to say anything to the others if I go out, ok..." she said stepping from the lift when they had reached the third floor. "I might just go for a short walk in the park...get some air..." she said looking at him.

"no I'll go. It would be bad to go alone right now. come on." Devlin says walking to his room. "this one's mine." he says pointing to the door and opening it to show blue's and darker blues. and a sheet thrown over the T.V. and his bag at the end of the bed nothing else.

"Love the colour...and you don't have to come, i'm not weak, I can take care of myself..." Hannah said peering into the room then continuing on down the hallway. She stopped outside a random door and opened it smiling as she knew this was the room for her. The walls were a deep red with little black and white stars scattered around them. The furniture was a dark wood and the bed was the biggest she had ever seen. she threw her bags down and set the now sleeping puppy on the bed. Hannah stepped back out into the hallway and looked at Devlin. "I won't be gone've seen what I can do, haven't you...i'm not one to be messed with..." she said smiling.

"and if there are three or four of them? what then will you do? No I'm coming with you." Devlin says closing his door and taking her hand leading her to the elevator.

"I could take them no problem.." Hannah said smiling."And i'm glad to see you've taken your hands out of your pockets..." she said as Devlin took her hand.

DEvlin looks down and then frowns droppign ehr hand punching the button in the elevator. "I can't let you go alone. the other's would blame me anyways."

"I have a brain of my own, thank you very much..." hannah said folding her arms and leaning against the side of the elevator. "I don't need other people to take the blame for things i've done...and anyway just because we all have these powers doesn't mean they have the right to tell us what to do....." she said looking at the ground.

"no not they... they the one's who gave us powers... I imagine if you died they wouldn't be particularly happy with me letting you die...even...even if I am death." devlin says softly.

Hannah smiled then playfully punched him. "Hey lighten up..." she said stepping from the elevator when it had stopped.

Devlin rubs his arms looking kinda confused again. a small frown on his lips. "Are we waling or riding and whose and where." he says then ignoring the comment and punch.

"Well seen as my helmet is in my room, walk I think...and anywhere away from here..."Hannah said walking to the main door and exiting through it. She turned smiling at Devlin. "Hope I didn't hurt you when I punched you..." she laughed and walked on.

"no didn't hurt." devlin frowns more at being laughed at. he shoves his hands in his pockets walking somewhat behind her.

Hannah walked on humming a tune that she had heard earlier that day. She turned to look at Devlin. "I love walking at night, its so peaceful..." she walked backwards not watching where she was going. Her foot caught on a rock sending her falling to the ground with a crash. She lay on her back laughing at herself. "I can't believe I did that..." she said standing up and dusting her jeans down a big smile on her face. "So what would happen if the others, the ones who are trying to kill us turned up right here? Would we have to fight them..." she said slowing down to walk beside Devlin.

"I imagine so. and run try to give them the slip. We wouldn't be able to run back right away to the house." devlin says watchign ehr with a small frown. His usual face.

Hannah nodded. "I wish just one of them would turn up...I really have some tension I need rid of, and nothing gets rid of that quicker than swinging a big weapon in a fight..." she said smiling.

"I don't." Devlin says watching the excitable girl talk. something deffinetly strange about her. Most probably her giftedness.

Hannah stopped and looked at Devlin. "It's obvious you don't want to be here...don't let me keep you from whatever it is you usually you do..." she said suddenly, looking quite annoyed. "And don't you dare say you don't think its safe for me to be alone...because I know your thinking that because i'm a girl...think I can't take care of myself...just go back Devlin, i'm fed up with trying to be nice to people and them just thinking i'm weird, you have looked bored and annoyed at everything i've done and said, I don't want to bother you anymore..." She turned away from him and folded her arms whilst walking quickly, trying not to let him see the tears in her eyes.

Devlin sighs yeah things were turning out great... yet again. "I think everyone's weird. and I know ton's of girls who could probably kick my butt to tahiti and back. and I haven't been bored or annoyed. I'm just not good with... girls... or anything." Devlin says walking fast enough to be behind her. "and to tell the truth I wasn't tired and getting out of there is very... nice."

"Well I wish you would smile more often...just because you can do the death thing doesn't mean you have to act misrable all the time..ok...and it's alright to laugh at your self once in a while...laughter is good for you, you know..." Hannah said stopping and looking at him, staring into his eyes. "And girls aren't monsters you know, you don't have to be scared of us...unless she has a big bad ass weapon like me!" she said smiling again.

"I've never had much to smile about. your right your not a monster." DEvlin says looking into her eyes as well. he was making an effort to make his face not frown but not exactly smile either. It was kinda hard to do. but she didn't want him to frown and he didn't really have anything to smile about at the moment.

Hannah shook her head but smiled. "You don't have to smile if you don't want to...i'm just kidding around with you." she said. She once again wrapped her arm round his then started to walk. "So have you met any of the others, apart from that Elson guy? Any girls that deserve to be slapped by me?" she said shivering slightly from the cold.

"yeah... I mean! No!...well... I mean yes I met one of the others and it was a girl... but no she doesn't need slapped... she was a physcic and well... she didn't really seem to want anything particular from me other then to get me alone. Not for any reason you might think!! but to kill me... I think.." Devlin says blushing making him frown again.

Vala opened her eyes, a smirk on her lips. She had heard the whole conversation between Devlin and Hannah. So he is Death.

Selena walked chance into the bedroom as he was undressing. She shut the door behind her and got ready herself for bed in the bathroom.

"Sounds like she needs slapped to me..." said Hannah looking at Devlin. "I'll put that on my personal to do one messes with my friends..." she said smiling. She stared up at the old houses they were passing and shuddered. "It's slightly scarey round here, the houses just appear out of the darkness like their haunted or something..." she said clinging to Devlin's arm for comfort more than anything now. "I'm glad you came for this walk now...I don't like being alone..." she said looking at him then looking away quickly embarassed. " house is quite close..we can get my car from there and i'll drive us back."

Chance finished undressing and crashed into bed. He was so tired his eyes felt like they could crush his eyes and sleep overtook him quickly.

The story continues on Romance Among the Ruin??

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