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2007-03-26 00:48:06
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The Asylum For The Depressed


Please put this in your house. Remove the star to make it work:

This wiki is for people who have had enough feel as though no one cares. Nobody understands how you feel and all you want is a little affection. Is so bad you actually think you've gone insane, and its everyone elses fault, and you know what? It probably is their fault...

Feel free to add your name here because I feel like a complete loner and I want more members:
1)[Take off your clothes. ♥]
2)[Pango Pango cheese]
3)[Loneliness] the most deppressed of all
4)[JessieAnn] even more depressed than elte!!!!!!!!!!
5)[BLack Sheep 666] the most depressed sheep ever
6)[mort prevoyant]So depressed I developed schozophrenia, my voices say i'll get better on my last day here
8)[abigael cait] comes in waves, doesn't it?
9)[Tehrror] no one understands me... i try to make them understand.. but it just ends up wrong.. i need a way out.. but all the doors are bolted shut
10)[Damned One]
11)[fade_out]....*sigh*...why why why why WHY!
13)[.::Momma Meggerz::.] kill me plz
14)[Moreena]Pain and torment... and it's not my fault
15)[metallickittycat] ^-.-^
16)[Sarah Serenade] it all started with a guy named alex...
19)[Miss.Kayree] no one gets it...
20.)[Indigo Butterfly] i hate the world.
21.)[Elletine's Masked Fear] Humanity is inhumane. I need a padded cell. I'm SO bipolar.
22.)[Lidda_Flourhert] Not enough meds in the world to cure me.
24.)[stone roses] Just don't give me sharp things, and everyone will be ok.

25.[Alasia] im a cutter so what just don't judge me or be arogant and we will all get along
26. [stillicide silently falling snow.x] im a cutter and i dont eat for long periods of times ...
27.[Black and White Rainbows] im a cutter. if u keep things that are sharp and that can i can hurt myself *or others* with then im good...
29.[nijntje :3]......
30.[Cr0550utTheEyes] I am the one they communicate through.
33.[cYniCaL fUsiON] hey fuck you guys! you don't even know depressed!
35.[Suicidal Moon]I am a cutter and VERY DEPRESSED
36.[clownsies] i am depressed and pissed off.........thats why there is such things as cutters
37.[Elessania] im a cutter im here cuz well im not motivated enough to kill myself and im trying to be bored to death
38.[Suicidal Moon]I have been a selfinjurer since I was 5 and have felt like a loner since 5 to.And have recently tried to stop cutting and have atempted to take a overdoese of my depression med.,but my mom came home before I could try.
Go to The Asylum
39.[dont_b_sry_4me] i'm here cuz i'm a cutter, and i've tried to kill myself...but someone always walks in.....damnit
40.[godsmackgirl1989] If you care to know what my problem is message me....I dont really expect any messages no one cares anyway
41.[Floydian Slip] death cant come on swift enough wings......
42. [~Satanirary The Dead~] Been broken so many times, that it drives me into depression, I've been depressed for 5 years. Thoughts of suicide always come to me, I may become a cutter soon. If anyone wants to kill me please go ahead and do so.
43)[~Elvin Enchantres~] i'm hear 2 b eny1's agony ant
44.[Seize.The.Moment] hey no-ones alone when it comes to feeling depressed, just some feel it more than others
45. [Kyromanic] Depression: it could be a cry for help, to be noticed to be loved... or it could be an illness... an actual problem in the brain that effects your emotions and turns you into someone you don't want to be no matter how hard you fight it... which am I? I don't know... don't think it matters really since there's no help for either case... maybe I'm just weak and don't have the strength? I don't know... I don't know...
46. [MischeviousAngel 101] you know how depressed you get when your life turns upsided down because of one day that happened ages ago...and you want to cry your eyes out... but you can't because people think you should have gotten over * air quotes* the event... yep not much fun.. oh well i will stand by my prophecy... nobody dies a virgin... 'cause life fucks us all.... oh well better try to make the most of it... yeah like that'll ever happen.
47. [i yell at my monkey] everything u try 2 make work in life failed and leaves u all alone in a world that doesn't really care
48. [Summoner Wolf] I am the embodyment of depression.
49.[Sakuya] is it even possible to completely overcome depression?

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2007-03-19 [Eloura]: I was wondering if your girlfriends name was shelby...

2007-03-20 [i yell at my monkey]: ah no Jenny y???

2007-03-20 [Eloura]: Ahhhh ok, never mind. (i forget why i asked now)

2007-03-21 [i yell at my monkey]: lol ok then

2007-03-22 [Eloura]: Yea, sorry bout that.

2007-03-22 [i yell at my monkey]: lol its kewl

2007-03-22 [Eloura]: Thanks

2007-03-23 [i yell at my monkey]: yah so wats new and excitin

2007-03-23 [Eloura]: UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH The sky?

2007-03-23 [i yell at my monkey]: really it not all that new and it really isnt excitin how did u come 2 that conclusin

2007-03-24 [Eloura]: I am not sure. Lol....

2007-03-24 [i yell at my monkey]: lol ok then *shrugs*

2007-03-24 [Eloura]: *shrugs also and eats a marshemello*

2007-03-25 [i yell at my monkey]: eeewww marshmellows im sort of a health nut

2007-03-25 [Eloura]: Normaly i am to, but today is a day i wanted Marshemello, Plus better this then the chocolate in my opionion..

2007-03-25 [i yell at my monkey]: ah my weaknesses r taco bell, ice cream, and reese fast breaks

2007-03-25 [Eloura]: Awwww, you poor poor monkey. *looks innocent and then says* Well, Coke a cola, (chocolate in general...) and reese cups are mine...

2007-03-25 [i yell at my monkey]: lol i drink diet pepsi i need carbinated drinks lol i dont like reese cups but i do like fast breaks

2007-03-25 [Eloura]: I try to keep away from pop that's not diet but someday's it doesn't work... See i like the reese cups, but am not to much for the breaks.. lol

2007-03-25 [i yell at my monkey]: yah i treat myself like twice a month with a regular pop and sum junk food

2007-03-29 [Eloura]: Cool!

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