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The Believers Coffee House

Sit and be cool with us. Feel free to discuss, ask questions, and be your dorkish selves!

Art Corner

Here's a place to share your newly uploaded artwork. You can also request or submit your name to do requests. Feel free to add at any time. Categories are not restricted.
The pictures are changed newest daily. Please have name and date underneath image and/or requests.


Simply post your newest uploaded artwork!

by [Tynuka-Rhytishy] uploaded on 10/10/2011

by [Tynuka-Rhytishy] uploaded on 10/01/2011


Simply post your newest uploaded photograph!

by [Tynuka-Rhytishy] uploaded on 10/04/2011

by [Tynuka-Rhytishy] uploaded on 10/03/2011
by [Tynuka-Rhytishy] uploaded on 9/30/2011


Simply post your newest writing material! These can be poems and/or stories! If story please post link to wiki page.

"The Plague"

For the blood of the human is taint,
and would surely make one faint,
The hunger must continue to burn inside,
and the pain and suffering I must hide.
To feed would be certain death for me,
but to starve also shall be.
The decision I am forced to make,
is the one that could also break.
Should I drink the tainted blood to quench,
or starve myself and have my body wrench?
This black plague has certainly been harsh on this being,
who needs this blood to continue seeing,
the world go down on this very night,
with all the puny humans in a fright.
One by one they drop to the ground,
with one loud thumping sound.
The blood pulsing through their veins,
carrying the disease that brings everyone pain.
Not one drop good enough to drink,
and that makes me stop to think,
"How much longer is left for me in this world,
with everything gone crazy and unfurled?"
Then I close my eyes and go to sleep,
never again to make a peep.

Written by [FamousPanda]

Looking for someone to draw what's in your head? Maybe you're looking to get some inspiration to draw something new? Request artwork or post that you're looking to do requests at artistic enquiries !


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2008-08-10 [Mortified Penguin]: I think you might be overdoing it a little... *eats ramen*...

2008-08-10 [Ramirez]: I think I can overdo it if I so choose. Whether anyone wants to participate in this part of the wiki is up to them. This place is made for conversation. As for the title, I didn't know what else to call it and it could very well change. I was actually going to call it "I believe in miracles" with the spirit of that one song... no idea what it is... but I figured I'd be the only one who got it.

2008-08-10 [NOOOPE]: Hush mort! GOD!

No, I just this moment wrote a comment and then deleted it about how there totally needs to be a brainstorming room where we can think of ways to encourage people to be creative. Then I glanced up, saw this and was like, "Ah, so she beat me to the punch, eh? Already got it figured out, eh?"

I mean, we're brainstorming in the comments, but it would be fun to post our ideas here... or something leading off here so we can all discuss the possibilities. It's clear we've all identified the problem, so it'd be fun to think of ways to try to solve it or at least improve things. Heck, if we think of something really awesome, any of the crew members can just stick it in our forum.

2008-08-10 [Ramirez]: lol, yes. I just haven't had time to organize this place. I've been working, preparing for college (That I leave for on the 22nd), and preparing for [Byne] who is coming here on Wednesday until the next wednesday. So within the next couple weeks, I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have to put stuff together, which is why I would really appreciate some help and brainstorming...-eyes hopefully-<img:44166_1164903263.gif> lol =P

2008-08-10 [NOOOPE]: Oo! Oo! Oo! I can do that! I am bored!

2008-08-10 [Ramirez]: HORRAY!!!! May I give you the title "The Believers Coffee House innkeeper"? You can do whatever you feel needs to be done to get this place hopping.

2008-08-10 [Ramirez]: You can change the name of this section too, if you'd like.

2008-08-10 [NOOOPE]: heeheehee! I like titles!

I like the name. It makes it seem all cozy.

2008-08-10 [Ramirez]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif> Hehe. Okay. Awesome. If you want more help on putting this together, go ahead and tell me and I'll keep bringing it up in I believe in Elftown News.

2008-08-10 [Ramirez]: I couldn't have organized it better myself. Love the updates. =D

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