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             The Blacksmiths



This place makes an assortment of things.
It smells of sweat and smoke from the smelting pits.
Items finished and unfinished line the walls and a large anvil dominates the center of the room.

The City of Dowen

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2008-10-26 [Night Prowler]: Sylge walks inside and begins looking around at all the neat things on the walls, "Wow, haha this looks like my kind of place! Doesn't smell too good...but I like it!"

2008-10-26 [Silver Moon]: "need anything?" the smith asked

2008-10-26 [Night Prowler]: "N...actually yeah there is something I need help with, if you know anything about it that is." Sylge digs around in his bag and pulls out a small paper with something written on it. "Have you ever seen or heard of a man called Angel Azcort?"

2008-10-26 [Silver Moon]: "Hmm...I tell information to paying customers."

2008-10-26 [Night Prowler]: "Why only paying customers? If you tell me what I need to know I'd be tempted to come back and buy something if it helps me."

2008-10-26 [Silver Moon]: "Money is tight I need an assurance now

2008-10-26 [Night Prowler]: "I know he's some sort of crony for that Warlord guy you people are all afraid of..If you can tell me anything else about him, like where he can be found, I'll buy something.I'm a mechanic of sorts, and it just so happens you have a few things I need."

2008-10-26 [Silver Moon]: He frequents the inn, and rumor has it he has a lady friend that he sees just outside of town, a witch pf sorts, or so I've been told."

2008-10-26 [Night Prowler]: "Ah, thanks a lot mister! Now..I need about 4 sheets of metal, a 14 nails, a good hammer, some water, a small anvil, and a sack of potatoes if you've got 'em.Oh, and I need it all bagged up, except for the anvil of course."

2008-10-26 [Silver Moon]: I don't have potatoes but I have the rest *grins and gives a reasonable price for the items*

2008-10-26 [Night Prowler]: "Well...I'm sure I've got more than that, so here you go" Sylge tosses the smith a pouch and turns toward the door "If I don't come back to pick them up by tomorrow keep the change but hold the rest until I do return." he walks out the door and heads for the inn

2008-10-26 [Silver Moon]: ***************

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