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The Blessed District

This district is dedicated to the churches of the many Deities that the common folk of the kingdom worship. Not present are the churches dedicated to the evil gods or those of great violence.

Lok awoke refreshed, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed. As usual, he opened his eyes at the first light of dawn. He quietly made his bed, and then grabbed his pack to find a spot either within the temple or around the temple's garden to pray to Pelor for his daily allotment of spells. By the time he was done, his mind was teeming with the excitement of new spells should he be in need of them.

A friendly half elf male was sitting on the floor leaning on Neradine's bed. Jerrit was thumbing through a book, his legs crossed, tapping his foot at odd intervals on the floor.

Nathaniel woke early and went to bathe the stink of the night from his skin. By the time he returned, both his comrades were up. His eyes sought the room for the fair Lady's form, but find her he could not. Before his heart dared to slow from missing her, his eyes fell upon his friend Jerrit Sahlia. He smiled and walked to the man, raising a hand in greeting. "Fair thee well, Jerrit Sahlia?"

"As well as can be expected," Jerrit replied, looking up with a smile. "I take it you slept well?" He placed the book on his lap as he looked up at Nathaniel, an open and eager expression on his face.

Lok was eager to get a start on the day. He hoped he could get a head start on the day's activities, and if possible to check them out before he participated, to glean whatever information he could about them. As he was gathering his things (yet again), he again noticed Nathaniel busy in conversation - this time with Jerrit Sahlia, whom he remembered from last night's bard's song. Nathaniel seemed to be constantly in talks with someone. The cleric offered a polite smile and nod in greeting to the gents. But, not wanting to disturb their chat, he found an acolyte in the temple and quickly scribbled a note and instructed the acolyte to deliver it to either Nathaniel or Neradine, and he gave descriptions of both.

"As well as can be expected also." Nathaniel said with a nod. He raised his hand in greeting to Lok as he passed by. Nathaniel was constantly in talks simply because it was the greatest way to assure people that he wasn't an orc. "I had a nice evening of discussions with the Lady Neradine last evening." He explained and gestured towards Jerrit's book, "Are you reading, or writing?"

Jerrit held up the book so Nathaniel could see the leather cover. "We...that is, us who belong to Madam Rhen, keep a joint journal. I was updating my portion and reading that which the others have written. It keeps us close and helps us to understand."

"What an interesting manner of communicating between yourselves." Nathaniel said quietly, thinking to himself what it would be like to do the same thing.

"Saves on time, really. The only problem is that while I can write adequately and draw, we also have one who can only write, one who prefers pictures, and one with questionable writing skills." Jerrit folded the book and slid it back into his bag. "Although I will admit that seeing Madam Rhen's artistic renditions of people is quite entertaining."

Nathaniel nodded, "I could only imagine." He sighed and looked around the room, there were many people gathered for this tournament. "Do you believe this tournament will be individual combat or will it be done in groups?"

"With any luck it will be in groups," Jerrit replied. He pushed himself up off the floor and straightened his cloths. "Should we head off an find out?"

"Indeed." Nathaniel stated with a nod, throwing his bag over his shoulder. As much as he trusted men of the cloth, not everyone here served the church.

Jerrit took the time to adjust the straps of his own bag, glancing around for a moment. "Where do we head to?"

"I imagine that we should ask one of the priests. Certainly one of them should know something about this tournament." Nathaniel suggested with a shrug

"Good thinking," Jerrit said as he made his way to the main part of the building, eyes searching for one of the priests.

His search was very short lived as the main hall was full of priests going about their daily morning chores.

Nathaniel approached one of the priest. "Good morrow, good priest. Might we trouble you for a few moments?"

"You would not be troubling me at all." the priest said as he paused in his duties, "How can I help you?"

"I am Nathaniel Alastair Kenneth Helefern, my companion is Jerrit Sahlia, we were wondering where one might head to gather information about this tournament." Nathaniel asked him, bowing his to the priest as he introduced himself and his comrade.

"Well, Nathaniel and companion Jerrit. The best place would be The Royal District as that is where the tournament is being held." The man said with a kindly smile.

Jerrit nodded and smiled at Nathaniel. "Shall we, friend Nathaniel?" he asked, waving towards the door before turning to head towards it, hitching his bag up a bit higher as he went.

Nathaniel nodded and smiled as well. "We shall! Onward to adventure and glory!" He struck a dramatic pose and then headed for the door.

Mrath Teeg
The Kingdom of Mrath
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2012-06-06 [Lord Josmar]: Lok has met Jerrit.

2012-06-06 [Avaz]: Oh, that's right. I forgot. Well, that changes everything. I'll edit my post.

2012-06-08 [Lord Josmar]: Where is Lok goin?

2012-06-08 [Avaz]: I assume there would be a throng of people headed in the general direction of the tourney, no? He wanted to go where the crowd's going and check out what events are happening.
The note he wrote said about as much.

2012-06-08 [Lord Josmar]: Ok, then go ahead and have him post in The Royal District.

2012-07-01 [Lord Josmar]: Ahem.

2012-07-01 [Flisky]: I'm gonna say they went to the royal district now, but have no idea what to post.

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